Two Great Local Business Uses for Foursquare

These examples are simple, but they prove a point.

Uses of social media have to be timely or they lose their value. The stuff below works, and impresses me, right now, but it’ll become common later. Use them before that to leave an impact, ok?

  • FAIT ICI, a local shop that focuses on local, organic food is opening next door to the café I sit in every day to write these blog posts. Last week, they put up the banner and I got curious as to what store was going to open. When I checked my email a few days ago, there was an invite to their opening. Jackson Wightman saw that I kept logging in nearby, saw my tweets about organic meat and eating paleo, and figures I’m interested. I am impressed, and tell him so.
  • COSSETTE, a pretty huge an marketing agency in town. There are enough employees using the service there that it keeps trending when they login. I see this because I use 4sq multiple times a day. This paints Cossette’s as being on the cutting edge, and aware, of what’s new in social software. Who would I hire if I saw this and wanted to do LBS stuff? Right.

None of these things lead to profit directly, but all of them leave an impression and help me see these businesses differently. All of them are cheap or free, and if you have a business, you can use them too.





3 responses to “Two Great Local Business Uses for Foursquare”

  1. Joe Sorge Avatar

    Two really great examples of the power of the foursquare share and the inherent social aspects of the built in system. I read them both twice to be sure I grasped the full impact.
    Seems you’re saying in #1 is that 4sq allowed that new store to make a more personal connection with you (because you chose to share your checkins – key) and Agency #2 lucked into trending as a matter of course, I’ll bet that they
    didn’t realize the effect that the “trending” has on the outside world as a marketing tool, really, I wonder if they realized it.
    I have so much fun with 4sq for business and so many others just don’t see it’s potential, it really is quite something.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ricardo Bueno Avatar

    They’re creating awareness in a language we speak. Makes sense to me.

  3. Fabrice Calando Avatar

    Good to see my neighborhood and my old employer rocking it! Cossette does have some good people!

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