Life Doesn’t Start Tomorrow

There isn’t a single thing in this world that’s made better by starting tomorrow.

Everything you care about, everything you are about, needs to begin today or it may never happen.

If you don’t want to do it now, you clearly don’t want it bad enough.

Momentum comes from pushing, not from planning. Confidence comes from scars and risk, not from indecision.

Q: What is a five-minute action you can take today that will make tomorrow better? I don’t care if it’s cleaning your house or writing one paragraph. You’re going to do it now.

A: Drop everything right now, act on that for five minutes, and then come back and tell me what you did.

I am like your conscience, except I don’t accept bullshit. So I expect you to comment here today, or you clearly aren’t actually reading.

Do it now.



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152 responses to “Life Doesn’t Start Tomorrow”

  1. steve cunningham Avatar

    Ironically, the “also of interest” shows that “MUTEK starts tomorrow” 🙂

    I’m off to the gym, for the first time in an eternity. Right now. I won’t be 5 minutes, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Brendan Cosgrove Avatar

    Just wrote part of a major community announcement for our new social site for our customers.

    Thanks. 🙂

    1. Julien Avatar

      Steve, Brendan, nice job guys. 🙂

  3. Jeff Goins Avatar

    Making a phone call I’ve put off making for two days.

  4. Azzurra Camoglio Avatar

    Right now, I’m working on a translation I delayed too long. And I want to finish it today. Today, not tomorrow.

  5. Marcella Chamorro Avatar

    Right now, I set aside 5 minutes to finish a section of the e-book I’m working on. But really, I’m setting aside much longer than that – because many times once you get rolling on something you were dreading, you end up realizing it wasn’t half bad and just continue doing it.

  6. Simon Tooley Avatar

    Right – life is NOW! Thanks for the reminder. No excuse to keep running from what I always say is my dream. Go after it or keep running from it? JFDI – Just focus and do it!

  7. Tamsen McMahon Avatar

    I tested my best attempt so far at an apt self-descriptor with a group of trusted confidantes. May not seem like much, but the lack of a descriptor I was comfortable with has been my biggest hurdle in pursuing aggressively a new direction in my life.

  8. Joseph Doughty Avatar

    This post just got me so pumped! I love the picture. It was on my schedule to do today, but I’ve been procrastinating. I’m off to do 30 snatch reps @ 135 pounds for time (Olympic lifting for those not in the know) I weigh 185 and 140#’s is the max weight I lift for this movement. It should take a bit over 5 minutes though. I’ll report back with my time…

    1. Julien Avatar

      Good job guys!

      Simon I’m still waiting on you!

      (In case you’re wondering, I’m working on the new book with Chris right now.)

  9. Carl Coddington Avatar

    Actually I started doing it before I read your post 🙂

    .. Finding new blogs, reading their posts and commenting.

  10. Isis B. Avatar
    Isis B.

    Going to publish some long awaited prose. Damnit…was hoping to put that off a little bit longer. 😛

  11. Rosanna Avatar

    Since I started reading your articles I have been looking at my work differently and witnessing how much easier it becomes every time I make the hard choice to do what needs to be done, not tomorrow, but NOW. I look forward to the fun choices without guilt. They are right on the horizon.

    1. Julien Avatar

      Rosanna, you are the second person to tell me that today. Thank you, it means a lot.

      Now what did you GET DONE???

      Rick, if you’re interested I can help you a bit with that– I helped my sister and others lose 20+ pounds each. But I don’t want to be pushy, so no worries either way and good job. 🙂

      1. devitheresa Avatar

        Can you help with losing 20+ pounds. I just started drinking the first sip of drinking more water.

  12. Rick Avatar

    Started the diet this week. Continued today. Not next week, not next Monday, not “after the holidays”. Eating smaller portions, bringing leftovers from home, drinking water instead of Coke (okay, that was because I had no change, but still). Good call, Julien. Today’s the time – “I’ll do it later” means it’s just not important.

  13. Long Wang Avatar

    Ahahaha nice title man! Got that demo done at 4 am, woke up feeling like shit, got to work. I’m on my lunch break right now, tell me how you like it. I took your advice to heart because FUCK IT! It all starts now.

    I’m going to have this done by my birthday (tomorrow), celebration of the Genesis of my life and my podcast right?


  14. Tim Avatar

    Got up off my rusty dusty and went for a walk around the work campus – thx Julien

  15. John McLachlan Avatar

    I just posted a post on my blog that I’ve “almost” posted so many times but chickened out on every time for fear of who it will offend.

    It’s about how the arts granting process could be changed in my sector. Not sizzling to most people, but for me it could be. 🙂

    You pushed me, Julien.

  16. Marc Vaillancourt Avatar

    I set up a community page on Facebook titled: NO PASSPORT REQUIRED: Discover the World Around You! and sent invitation to everyone in my network. It’s an idea I’ve had for several month and did nothing with it.


  17. John Anyasor Avatar

    I’ve started a 30-day experiment to become more responsible as a man. I may be 19, but I’m starting now (actually, I’ve already started) to become financially independent by the time I graduate college.

  18. Joseph Doughty Avatar

    Just as I expected 20:34 LOL Snatch is my weakest O-lift.

    Now back to writing copy and managing 14 blog sites. :O

    1. Julien Avatar

      Every O-lift is my weakest dude. 🙂

  19. Shawna Cevraini Avatar

    Thanks for this!! I just spent some quality time working on my copy for a program that I’m putting together! I’d been making excuses!

  20. Joseph Doughty Avatar

    LOL That’s okay, it’s a niche sport with an acquired taste. Like escargot (which I hate : )

  21. Ian M Rountree Avatar

    My five minutes was bullet points for a program specification I’m pitching at the end of the week. Tiny details – but a first. Nervous as hell. Pitching anyway. 🙂

  22. Jeff Sutherland Avatar

    Filled out, and sent off a Commercial Listing Contract that has been on my list for . . . an undisclosed amount of time. Thanks for the prompt!

  23. Jeff Sutherland Avatar

    Oh, the other thing that helped. I needed a bathroom break, pretty bad-like, at the start of the 5 minutes. I made an additional rule that I couldn’t take my bathroom break until I finished the task.

    Don’t worry, all ended well.

  24. Courtney Avatar

    Alright…I’ll do my stupid screencast already! Just finished the script, now all I have to do is record it.

  25. Jean Avatar

    Sent email: Confirmed my interest in starting up a Latin reading group with one of my professors at school.

  26. Tim Kastelle Avatar

    I made some revisions to an academic paper that I has been sitting in my inbox for 3 weeks. Now we can submit it to a journal. Took more than 5 minutes though…

    Now I can move on to revising another paper that is much more interesting and likely to have greater impact.

    Thanks for the push Julien!

  27. Mitch Joel - Twist Image Avatar

    I’ve been meaning to leave a serious comment on your Blog for months. I always say to myself, “Julien and I are close friends. I don’t want people to think that it’s nepotism or some such.” Well, those days are done. I am so impressed with both the frequency and quality of your posts (including this one). In a day and age where most people are abandoning their Blogs, you’re a ray of light/hope. Thanks for putting it out there and for the constant kick in the brain.

  28. Ray Hiltz Avatar

    Mitch told me to read this bog so instead of bookmarking it for later, I’m doing it now.
    Read you regularly. You’re right, you are like my concious – a lot of times uncomfortable to live with but usually right.

  29. Brent F. Barrett Avatar


    I shot the first episode of

    Been a long time reader of the blog, big fan of Media Hacks and just had to finally post a comment.


  30. darren hanser Avatar

    I started running. Tonight ran 2k, and am running the CIBC Run For The Cure on Oct 3 in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Always watched other people running and was envious, so I committed and now that others have made donations on my behalf, I’m IN! If you want to support me, that may be a first for someone else!! Here’s my personal Run page…

  31. Mike McAllen Avatar

    Navel hair ball gone!

  32. Jodi Henderson Avatar

    Well, I removed my navel hair ball yesterday, so I can’t count that. (Thanks Mike, for that bit of comic relief!)

    In all seriousness, had just an inkling of an idea earlier this evening for something that could possibly become an ebook later or even a preso at SXSW. Took 5 minutes to start writing about it.

    Thank you very fucking much, Julien, for making me do that. And you didn’t even have to twist my arm!

  33. Dave Avatar

    Damnit, I totally meant to comment on this yesterday. Sorry.

    It took me five minutes to come up with that joke.

    But seriously, I just spent some time coding a DVD label that’s part of a gift for someone.

  34. Ken Brand Avatar

    Thanks for the shove. Nothing tonight. Tomorrow morning I’ll reread it, the I’ll make stuff happen.

  35. Tom Webster Avatar

    Live the dream, Mike 🙂

  36. Susan Murphy Avatar

    I made up my mind to stop worrying about everything I need to do and just focus on the doing part.

  37. Tim Bursch Avatar

    I’ve been lurking here for months. Finally jumping in. Thanks for the kick in the pants. I’ve been putting off a blog post on hearing vs. listening in social media. DONE. Posting tomorrow. Thank you.

  38. Yuval Avatar

    Thanks, good did you just did, reminding me what is important.

    Kids – need more than 5 min…Done
    sports – need more than 5 min…Done
    Time out – 5 min is just about what it takes …DONE !!

    Good Night.

  39. Shane Avatar

    Great post. Joining the gym today to lose those pounds I was getting rid off tomorrow

  40. yi shun Avatar

    i’m leaving to start my master of fine arts program tonight, so i’ve made tomorrow better for my fiance by really cleaning up the kitchen–and i’ve made tomorrow better by listing everything i’ll potentially need on my 9-day residency. awesome post, dude: boot camp for your brain. 😀

  41. Alex Greenwood Avatar

    I just finished and sent two long-put-off follow-up emails to potential clients. Thanks J!

  42. Kathleen Jaffe Avatar

    I love it – way to make us cut through the excuses that get in our way. 🙂

    I just wrote my top-level outline for my first ecourse (or ebook – haven’t decided which it’ll be just yet).

  43. Ivan Hernandez Avatar

    Hi Julien,

    Man! that was a great wake-up call! Excellent post. Short, powerful and straight to the point.

    Congrats man! you are definitely making a difference.



  44. Wendy Avatar

    Right now I am going to send an email to my teammates about something I would love to implement in our company related to my area of work. Thanks!

  45. Angie Avatar

    Made myself get up at 5am and did the things I can’t seem to make time for: pray, exercise, and a little housework.

  46. Rick Avatar

    @Julien – part of my “now” is counting the cost, including the getting healthy part. Starting with “eat less, do more” to make lifestyle change, with side benefit/goal of losing 100#. I have to look at it that way, rather than accountability to the goal and instead having zeal for the change that should then result in the target. Going around my elbow to get to my nose, but want this to “take” and be meaningful. Any help along those lines? 🙂

    1. Julien Avatar

      Guys, I am super proud of all of you. Keep it up!

      @Rick — sorry, I got lost in the metaphors there. 🙂 Email me if you want some pointers and cheers. 🙂

  47. murelle Avatar

    oh alright…

  48. Deborah Avatar

    Oh boy do I want to talk to you about push and pull. You need the pull to inspire you to push… Hmmm.

  49. Melissa Cooley Avatar

    Well, my task will take longer than five minutes because I am going to bed right now. How will this make tomorrow better? I will get the sleep I need so I can function at a more optimal level and get more things done. I’ve got this bad habit of staying up all hours of the night and then having to get up early because my kids don’t sleep in — and they don’t let me, either.

  50. Martyn Chamberlin Avatar

    Well Julien, you’re a hard man. I cleaned out my dresser drawer before coming back here. It’s been needing to be done for a long time…that’s something that will make tomorrow better. I threw a bunch of junk away too. Yeah, took about five minutes.

  51. Joe Sorge Avatar

    My fingers are crossed that a solid RT also counted towards my proof of reading. Last thing I need is some sort of curse, nay, hex put on me by Julien.

  52. Fabrice Calando Avatar

    I made myself a little more unemployable 🙂

  53. Selina Avatar

    I journaled out my problems and can finally see the answer on the horizon. Thank you for the push.

  54. Greg Avatar

    Just listed the action steps to start a cross country relocation – which we’ve been debating for weeks – which will happen 4 years from the first cross country relocation. Maybe back to the cold and humidity, but back to family, friends, and the vast pool of opportunities for this “bigger” fish…Thanks!

  55. Scarborough Dude Avatar

    I finally changed the air filter on our furnace, something the entire family can appreciate without knowing it. But I did it just before reading this post, so it’s a bit like reading the new car ads for the model you just bought. I’m only replying because I want to echo what Mitch Joel wrote earlier; I missed your podcast in the beginning, but am getting much more value from reading your blog. Thank you Julien!

  56. Florina Avatar

    Started with more energy another day looking for a job! :)Other things planned for today, no more delaying.

    Thank you Julien!

  57. Ramblings of a Woman Avatar

    First time here, Julien! Love your blog, you pull out all the punches, lol! Which is good because we all need a kick in the ass now and then!
    Finally went over to Hostgator to check out hosting for wordpress. Need to make the switchover from a
    Thanks for the push!

  58. Steph Avatar

    Hello – kept accidently going to your blog every time I was trying to go to the BBC website. So finally I started reading it. Pretty cool. Today I am going to clean my house, run 4 miles, then cook for a friend who is moving house tomorrow…..Thanks for the pep talk!

  59. Rosie Avatar

    I got up and sorted out the huge pile of mail and papers stacked on the right of my desk. I always ignore them and then my boss starts yelling and I discover some invoice at the bottom of the pile which should have been paid 6 months ago… or he asks me for a contract and it hasn’t been filed because I haven’t got round to creating a file. I’ve organised and thrown out anything I don’t need… next I’m going to actually file things. I already feel better because I have a neater desk with more space! thank you…

  60. Renee Avatar

    My Mom tells me that my grandfather said to NEVER START ANYTHING NEW ON A MONDAY because there’s a bad monday in every month. HIS SOLUTION? To start things on Saturday afternoon so he’d still get to it on Monday. My Monday’s are all about continuing and finishing.

  61. Raquel Avatar

    beautiful text.. I followed your advice. I started now!

  62. zach revell Avatar
    zach revell

    im texting my dad for the first time in weeks
    im arranging myself some extras work
    thank you

  63. Heanes Avatar

    I saw this site by mistake. But in a moment that I really needed to read everything you wrote here. I started right now… and it’s working…

    congratulations from Brazil!

  64. adam Avatar

    Its one in the morning so I’m not actually sure what to go out and get done. I came upon this site totally by accident so I’m taking this as my sign because once again whoever is looking out up there has made their presence known. These are words to live by JFDI… Just fucking do it

  65. Katharine Avatar

    This is the moto I want to live by every day. I stumbled upon this today by mistake, and it looks like it was supposed to happen.
    I took a year off of school after I graduated college, and lived it up the way a 19 year old should. Then I started college and met my absolute best friend and she took me to England that school year. So that was one check in the “always wanted to do” list. Since then, her and I have been going on multiple adventures and living as though we might die tomorrow.
    Then reality hit me and told me I needed to finish up my degree to actually get anywhere in the world. Now I am stuck in school taking 12 credits, and working as a waitress 45 hours a week. There is no adventure at all right now and I am going stark-raving mad. I have planned a trip to Vegas next month, and a trip to New Orleans for Spring Break. But that might be changing to Costa Rica possibly…
    Is there any way I can get more adventure right now as I work myself to death? I need it to feel alive, and I am feeling more and more like a zombie at the moment. Help?!?!

  66. Tiffanie Avatar

    I keep saying tomorrow will be the day I start working out. I have kept putting it off for sooo long. So why not start today?

    So when I get home after work, I am putting on my tennis shoes and my iPod and going for a run around my complex. And tomorrow I will do the same thing.

    It’s time for change. And change starts today.

    Thanks for the motivation!

  67. Nei Grando Avatar

    Now I just relaxing, it is hollyday here.
    I am checking tweets, reading this article, and thinking: Huauuu, I will have a family lunch soon: me, my wife and my doughter – yes this is a real success.

    Thanks, you right, we need to act more in the right direction to do what we want and we need to do.

    Nei Grando

  68. Ana Avatar

    It is funny, a very long time I say tomorrow I’ll do this or that. But it never happens, perhaps I don’t want to or it isn’t important to me. I hope things change in my life, but now and not tomorrow…

  69. Jeff Harbert Avatar
    Jeff Harbert

    I wrote a draft of the sales copy for the IT training I’m developing.

  70. RalfLippold Avatar

    Make reconnection with second potential client from last year on opening this morning. Tweeting about it, spread the word – just for the joy of it.

  71. Yirssi Avatar

    It started with five minutes and turned into four hours of productivity. I’ve officially finished and launched my website! (and plenty of other little things).

  72. Madeline Avatar

    Not five minutes, but I have been delaying starting a pushup, situp, running regiment for a potential job. Didn’t do the running, but I will. I MUST. Thanks for the push.

  73. Mario Rodriguez Avatar
    Mario Rodriguez

    I’ve officially started a blog for my eyes only, so that I may reflect on it when needed. It is a wish of mine that this helps me become a better person than I am today, but most importantly, that this creates my new momentum.

  74. Mark Avatar

    Stopped what i was doing to write that letter to my Grandfather that I’ve been meaning to do for week. Thanks for the lift, Julien.

  75. Alan Avatar

    I’m writing posts for my blog tonight. They’re in various states of editing right now but I’ll have 3 posts lined up to be published. I’m making it a point to work on it every day (even if it’s only a paragraph or 2). I’ll get them done. Thanks for the inspiration.

  76. alice wonder Avatar

    sent an email I’ve been putting off all week.
    goodness knows i needed this reminder.

    thanks 🙂

  77. Dave Sohnchen Avatar

    I’ve been putting my online schooling off because I got a new job. Problem is that my job doesn’t really relate to what I want to do for the rest of my life. It’ll be longer than 5 minutes but I’m hitting the books and taking control of my career as opposed to being tossed around like a row boat on the ocean.

    Thanks for the push and if you think this is bullshit, push me harder.

  78. Mark Robertson Avatar

    Your post/words : comment/words ratio speaks, well, volumes.

  79. Chris Avatar

    great and inspiring article.
    I love the “do it now or never” mentality.
    Greets from Berlin

  80. Wayne McEvilly Avatar

    All my life I have known – “Wayne, your are absolutely awesome.” Hitherto I have allowed the voices of the world in to intrude on this sublime truth. I am going to go right now (not tomorrow) and proclaim my awesomeness in a blog post. It’ll take less than five minutes. Why have I put it off? Not wasting a second considering that useless question.
    Thanks. Your conscsiouness rocks. So does mine.

  81. Julie Davis Friend Avatar
    Julie Davis Friend


    What a great article! Many thanks for that aha moment! I stopped “working” and went to play with my daughter. Something I have been doing less and less of lately, but love to do.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


  82. Jared Avatar

    I decided to stop being indecisive about what I’m doing after college. I will be moving to Los Angeles from Boston. Thanks for this post, Julien.

  83. Jen Scaffidi Avatar

    Five-minute free-write, to unlock potential lyrics for band practice tomorrow.

    (We’ve been stuck for two years: in the process of creating and “shipping” a full-length album, I’d forgotten my writing process. Kept reminding myself, “free-write for just five minutes and you’ll remember how to write.” Turns out it was true.)

    Thanks for the push.

  84. Toni Avatar

    I took 5 minutes to read about proper sleep cycles on the Internet, and am going to take a nap now. I’ve been neglecting it because of things I felt took priority. It will make tomorrow better.

  85. Shireen Avatar

    I oiled my hair… Lol! I have been putting it off for a few days.

  86. Brennan Langva Avatar
    Brennan Langva

    Cleaned my room some. Hell yeah.

  87. nayth Avatar

    interesting. i’m going to tweet this to the 19 friends that i have. yeah, it’s not much but at least I’m fucking doing something right?

  88. Edyta Avatar

    I stopped eating the chocolate biscuit in order to start “eating healthier food habit”.

  89. Ried Avatar

    Starting to take more risks

    Thank you

  90. MaRRLLy Avatar

    Just made 2 beats i like hip hop

  91. Sawyer Avatar

    This is the most persuasive article I’ve ever seen.
    Finished an assignment due tomorrow, now I have time for other things

  92. Val Avatar

    Kick me in the ass again – thx! I will(tonight) reinvent/re-develop my website to brand me and my business.

  93. Jesse Cleaver Avatar

    Just started writing again, working on a blog about reexamining the meaning of success.

  94. Catherine Avatar

    Woke up feeling really low and stuck today. Linked to your blog from another and just went and read The Flinch. I feel like you just struck a match in a dark room. Thank you so much!

    Just wrote a letter to my Dad I’ve been wanting to send and made my lunch for tomorrow. Just the push I need to get some momentum. HUGE THANKS!

  95. distr0 Avatar

    leaving a reply. thanks mate

  96. Álvaro Avatar

    The five minutes turned into a three hours of productive work on an overdue project.

    Awesome post, thanks! I am sharing it with friends.

  97. tony Avatar

    I wrote the first paragraph of a short story i’ve had an idea for for weeks but not got round to. Then I wrote a few more! Thanks

  98. angie Avatar

    I don’t why, but I decided yesterday to learn to cook and go to culinary school. It’s what I’ve always wanted anyway. And I’m gonna make a trip out of it and go to a culinary school in another country. I also started reading your blog this week..soo…not that they’re related but weird right?

    Anyway, what I did today was pick up shifts at the restaurants I currently bartend at, but in the kitchen. Super exciting right?!

    Thanks dude!!

  99. dani Avatar

    I was going to do things, but then I got linked to this blog…

  100. Rachael Avatar

    Sounds lame, but I’m going to clean and organize my room. We’ll see how far I get in five minutes… Great blog by the way. Awesome ways to kick college-student laziness in the ass! 😀

  101. Ed Avatar

    Just spent five minutes reading about Mohr’s circle of stress. Fell like spending more time on it now..

  102. Jacob Green Avatar
    Jacob Green

    I just cleaned my whole fucking house…

  103. Bryan Avatar

    You are so right! My motto is “Failure is the act of doing nothing!” and I do my very best everyday to do something, anything, instead of standing fucking still. Why you ask? Because standing still gets so boring!

  104. Fiona Avatar

    I finally decided where I’m going to start my long term travels – Valparaiso, Chile!

  105. Dianne Avatar

    I finally went through boxes of ‘stuff’ lying here from a recent move … I ended up going for over an hour – threw SO much crap out – years of stuff. Feels good! Thanks Julien! 🙂

  106. Melissa Avatar

    This is along the same lines. I got emotional watching this. Check it out guys – “Don’t you dare waste your fucking time”

  107. Ludovic Urbain Avatar

    I started a list of all the things I was putting off, reading comments to get inspiration.

    And man are you right, I have only started and I have twenty lines of stuff I should’ve done long ago with why I’m avoiding it in the other column.

    Never thought just honestly writing down your fear could do so much
    ( example line “My Blog – Social anxiety”).

    That just made me remember the best way to fight something is to be brutally obvious with yourself: i.e. I should be posting my 93Kg no exercise statistics everyday just to put me to shame and get me in motion.

    The less you hide, the more you face, the more you win.

    Really thanks, I’ve been reading blog for ages, been motivated and all, but this one is just what I needed.

    Have a nice day Julien.

    1. Ludovic Urbain Avatar

      And here’s my way of saying thanks, I’ve been troubled by the z-index issue with your youtube embeds for a while – shocking with such a nice website indeed – so here’s the fix (tested and working):
      “?wmode=transparent” to the youtube url (can be done in live jquery or from source – no difference really).

      Also while I’m at it, in your books article, books hide behind the heater, is that intended ?

      Anyway, very nice website and content –

      1. Ludovic Urbain Avatar

        And I’m also annoyed by the separation line between the wooden floor and the wall (of text) – just drop me an email and I’ll make you a corrected version that also displays in standard 1080p monitors correctly 😉

  108. Charlie Avatar

    I have (very successfully) started writing an essay I’ve been putting off for weeks. Funny thing is, words just flow once I sat down determined to do it. Hadn’t I procrastinated for so long, it would’ve been done ages ago. A lesson learned. Thank you!

  109. Bravo Avatar

    Got my room cleaned and 10 mins weight lifting…fully refreshed…Thanks for the post!

  110. Korina Avatar

    Julien, you are indisputably one of the most awesome guys out there. Very inspirational posts. Congratulations!

  111. Rhonda Avatar

    Meditated for ten minutes. Needed that — thanks!

  112. Mae Lorette Avatar
    Mae Lorette

    Well, thanks for the stiff reminder…it was just what I needed. A month ago I set aside my completed novel, started on the second, BUT I promised I would go through the completed one with a fine tooth comb in a month. Well it’s now a month and the novel is up on my screen waiting for me to stop feeling sorry for myself (I was, until you drop kicked me) and now I happily look forward to doing what I promised. Thanks!

  113. George D Avatar
    George D

    Did the exercises in a statistics text I’m reading. Felt good, I’ll do it again tomorrow.

  114. Alex Avatar


    Just emailed three well connected acquaintances I’d wanted (and been requested) to contact for MONTHS.

    Also writing an overdue translation.

    And finally, I crappily (but lovingly) did a printout version of this post, so we can all print and strategically place right by the screen, and use it to snap out every time we start to procrastinate.

    1. Alex Avatar

      Yes! the link works. Awesome. It’d be really nice to share it with everyone who needs it. Which is, basically, everyone who reads you.

      Julien, your blog is magnificent. Keep it up.

  115. Sri Avatar

    Dope advice, which I’ve been following along with other bits from your blog. Thanks and good luck Julien.


  116. Matt Avatar

    Hell yes.
    I made a phone call to a client that has been the bain of my existence for more than half a year.
    I have been hiding for lots of that mixed with waiting for stuff from them.
    Congrats to the un-pussyness of the 100+ other people.
    After work today-crossfit day 1.

  117. nurismarsyah Avatar

    this is really inspire me, give a little enlightment for my dark ages now.

  118. Laks Avatar

    Just wacked on a song for five minutes and blitz my room and BAMN it’s done. It wasn’t as horrific as it usual is but I’m glad I managed to sort it out now before it got to that stage.

    Although tidying a room may not be so trivial to some, to me it really puts on a downer among the several things that needs to be done if my beds a horrific mess.

    Thank you Julien I feel good. 🙂

  119. ibekwe, Mkpouto Avatar
    ibekwe, Mkpouto

    Tidying my bedroom in five minutes.
    Next is to draw up a questionnaire for my business idea.

    Thanks hommes

  120. Jocelyn Avatar

    I stopped reading, and went and painted for 5 minutes. Every inch of me doesn’t want to paint or keep working on my little pet projects, because there’s no guarantee they’ll be successful. What bullshit!

  121. Helen Avatar

    Great post. Will take 5 minutes out from nursing my cold in bed to reactivate a blog I love but don’t make time to work on.

    1. Helen Avatar

      Haven’t written the post yet but did ask a blogger to guest post so I got it moving again. Thanks for the kick in the ashcan.

  122. kausheilia Avatar

    I messaged my brother.

  123. Marius Narcotistul Avatar
    Marius Narcotistul

    Just dropped everything and started to learn VBA. Been putting it off.

  124. TheKingandI Avatar

    Went to School, where I learned nothing. Damn government run school system…

  125. Paweł Avatar

    I was actually reading. Thanks for this article

  126. Orling Avatar

    Just opened the metal big closet to clean it up of old art materials I am not really using or will ever used… thanks for this post, just the boost I need it today to finally do it!

  127. Falon Hubbard Avatar

    This got me to start editing photos from the soccer game I went to on Wednesday.

  128. Monty Avatar

    this article helped me found my lousy clothes and a freakin awesome book to read, thanks Julien

  129. ExpHP Avatar

    My graphics card has overheated thrice this week. You’d think I’d want to do something about it, but my excuse just alternated back and forth between “I’m too busy” and “it’s too late to clean my computer.”

    So I finally did it.

    And there I was, in the garage at 11 PM, going to town with a can of compressed air. And the world didn’t end.

  130. JD Avatar

    i took a shower and washed my fucking hair. that’s what.

  131. Blake Avatar

    I just swept for the first time in probably a week even though my mom is always nagging me to do it.

  132. Simon Heikkila Avatar
    Simon Heikkila

    I know this is an old post, but I am working on being a doer. So I spent 5 minutes working on my reading list this year (I plan on 1 non-fiction and 1 fiction book per week this whole year). Thanks for the push.

  133. Ron Avatar

    Working in a positive direction… needed to hear this one !

  134. Ron Avatar

    Actually needed to write…. and I did for 5 min.

  135. James Avatar

    My last two assignments for the last year of a BA. Thank you for this post, and this entire blog!

  136. Karabo Avatar

    Very convincing and motivating!!!

  137. Seth Avatar

    I just reviewed some calculus I need to remember for my upcoming PCAT.

    I love this blog, Thank you.

  138. Phoebe Avatar

    I sealed up the crack in my bedroom wall that I’ve been meaning to do for weeks. I had the stuff right outside my door so it was easy.

  139. gerald Avatar

    Hey Julien

    Love your blog,your no shit approach to self pity,growing a pair and just doing it whatever it is.your the reason why im going to give blogging,a shot.I love helping people in general with problems,ie weight,emotional,low self esteem,life in general,my freinds say I should be in this line of work and that I would be great at it.I love seeing people happy and enjoying life no matter what there( baggage) consists of they
    get on with thanks for the inspiration,throw some luck my way on my new escapade.hey someday you might be reading my blog!. 🙂

  140. Justin Avatar

    I am becoming a huge fan of yours very quickly. The next five minutes will be spent working on an electronics project I have neglected for years.

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