Choosing Invincibility

You’ll never change the world until you start thinking “I can change the world doing this.”

That is true whether you are in home equity or homeless. Something happens when you think you’re invincible, that you can do wild things where you are and make bigger change than anyone has ever been. Eventually, with a little bit of luck, some faith, and a lot of hard work, it can become true.

An architect will never make an incredible, mind-blowing building if he thinks of himself as a construction worker. But if a construction worker thinks of himself as an architect, he can make amazing things happen.

Your job is to do your job, but it is also to realize that your job is bigger than your job description is. (Nice sentence huh.)

If you take responsibility for your house, that is the only part you’ll think of to clean up. If you think of your neighbourhood, the same thing happens.

Whatever piece of the world you claim, that is the part that is yours if you want it.





6 responses to “Choosing Invincibility”

  1. Jay Avatar

    I agree that mindset and imagination are so important. Thinking beyond the norm or your job description helps you get past limiting beliefs and take a creative approach to what you do.

  2. Colleen Clifford Avatar

    Sometimes we need to tell ourselves little lies to help us create bigger truths.

  3. seanrox Avatar

    Agreed. There’s something potentially romantic about a skilled craftsman and his imagination…

  4. Momekh Avatar

    There is no charge for awesomeness. 🙂
    God bless…and good luck in your conquests and queries…

  5. dusty Avatar

    earlier i used to read seth godin a lot, i thought he was most diffrent from all the other bloggers *cough*annoying guy at zenhabits*cough*…. after i found your blog i have stopped reading seth…. you are fucking awesome 🙂

  6. TVD Avatar

    Go BIG or Go Home!

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