It’s Saturday

You probably shouldn’t be on the internet. Here’s a little tool to help.

I downloaded Freedom about a year ago and it’s helped me gain access to creativity and tranquility over and over again since I downloaded it. It does this by wiping out the ability for your computer to connect to the internet for up to 8 hours. It works with either Mac or PC.

You can also download OmmWriter if you want to get some writing done while you’re offline. It just came out with a new version that has all these calming sounds and colours. Combine both of these apps and I promise you’ll have an interesting day.

(Photo by Christine Zenino)






4 responses to “It’s Saturday”

  1. DK Avatar

    Have you checked out ‘plaintext’ for the iPad (if you have one)? Very Omniwriter-esque (which I’m a big fan of btw)…

  2. Joe Sorge Avatar

    Whoa, back up man, put that thing away.

  3. Jorgen Sundberg Avatar

    I use StayFocusd for Chrome which is great will check out Freedom now. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Martyn Chamberlin Avatar

    Heard you mention on Twitter that your comments aren’t working. Has everything resolved yet?

    I LOVE OmmWriter (first heard about it from you, again on Twitter.) Since then I’ve tried to write most of my posts in it. Of course, when trying to share a bunch of links it can be a pain and I resort back to TextEdit.

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