What We Can Learn From Conditioner

What exactly is conditioner? This is something the average man does not know.

Conditioner is a failure of the system, a basic misunderstanding in which companies do not know how to speak to regular guys and say “your hair will look somewhat reasonable afterwards instead of being a poofy mess.”

No girl can teach them this, because guys won’t listen to girls about this issue. They need to learn from a man, like the kind in the Old Spice commercials. (Extra points if he’s black, white people love to listen to black people.)

(Only a man like this could tell regular guys to use something like shower gel. Nothing less will do.)

What you do needs to be like conditioner– a blind spot where people most people don’t look, and don’t see anything wrong, but with massive opportunity. They are everywhere, but nobody sees them.

The first hair company that can figure out how to get men to use conditioner wins… huge. The rest follow behind. It’s that easy.





2 responses to “What We Can Learn From Conditioner”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    The men who can figure out how to listen to women about things with which they have more experience…well, THAT man/CEO/Company will win huge. And the rest will follow behind. It’s that easy.

  2. Une femme libre Avatar

    WOW! What a man! He could just sell anything. Gorgeous!

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