Do Not Apologize

You have no choice but to be yourself– so you can do it reluctantly, or proudly.

Either apologize as you do it, or do it with all your heart and every faith in yourself you can muster. That’s the choice.

In learning to do this, you might transition from being awkward and uncomfortable to strong and certain. That’s natural. Take your time, and don’t expect to be perfect.

Small successes will lead to small confidence, which will lead to bigger successes. And so on.

No matter how you feel today, keep on going. You’ll get there.



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11 responses to “Do Not Apologize”

  1. 40deuce Avatar

    I’m only me and I make no apologies for it (although I sometimes think people want me to).

  2. Sandi Amorim Avatar

    This so resonates today. Just got off the phone with a client who’s been struggling with not being himself. The cost of living that way is too huge. Perfect reminder to “do it with all my heart” and keep going.

    Thanks Julien!

  3. Mia Avatar

    You are so right. There are always people that tell you what you can’t do. In the end when you just get on with doing what you do … no one cares if you tick the boxes, have tattoos, work as a pole dancer on Saturday night or attend a enthusiastic charismatic religious service on Sundays … the battle for the right to be yourself is in your own mind.

  4. Leisa LaDell Avatar

    Yep! This is right on. Also just read a post on a similar theme stressing that when you “fit it” you essentially become invisible, because you don’t stand out. Now that I’ve learned how to fit in, it may be time to play at sticking out like a sore thumb. Or something. : – )

  5. Kevin (TheDADvocate) Avatar

    You have become one of my favorite people recently. I love how you talk to me from my RSS feed. Thanks.

    1. Julien Avatar

      You’re welcome Kevin. 🙂

  6. Sylvia Lima Avatar
    Sylvia Lima

    I agree with Kevin. I read the post and immediately thought “dude, seriously, get out of my head.” =) — Muchisimas gracias.

    P.S. I just saw your profile pic. Scary. Is that the one Google had as your default 😉 way back when?

  7. Joe Sorge Avatar

    Julien, thank you.

    This may be my most common comment here, but so often it’s all that’s necessary.

  8. Hank Avatar


    Your blog post has given me inspiration which will lead to me being successful today!

  9. Teri Conrad Avatar

    I love how you express yourself Julien ~ you are one of my favorite positive uniquely YOU people! xo

  10. CT Moore Avatar

    “Never apologize, never explain…”
    -Hunter Thompson

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