I am an Idea Machine

I have one purpose: to manufacture interesting, thought-provoking objects.

I do this every day, diligently. If I succeed at this task, my owner will make more of me. If I fail, I will be dismantled, put in a warehouse, and replaced by a more effective machine.

I take concepts from many different places. I digest them, reassemble them into different shapes, and spit them out into an object someone can use.

How do I become more effective and, as a result, stay alive and able to make more?

My materials are different, of course– and I am more delicate with the process. I am more precise. My guarantee is better, so I will last longer.

Every other machine in this factory makes ideas, too, but I am better.

I am special.





3 responses to “I am an Idea Machine”

  1. James Avatar

    It’s posts like this that make “in over your head” a different, better blog. You might not learn practical tips, but will become a smarter thinker, marketer, and adaptable.

    I’ve recommended to post graduate students in the humanities. I run a blog called selloutyoursoul.com, a blog about adapting from Ph.D.’s in the humanities to a changing world, and think that your blog is very inspiring for people looking for new ideas and new forms of success. I hope my readers will take some of your advice.

    “If you take the same steps as everyone else you will end up in the same place as everyone else” –@julien


  2. Mike Abasov Avatar

    I am special too!… Oh wait, I guess not so special anymore :'(

  3. Mudd Lavoie Avatar

    I am SO happy to have committed to reading Seth Godin’s, Chris Brogan’s, and your blog posts regularly, faithfully, passionately.

    Merci beaucoup 🙂

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