Let the Idea Free

You are stupider than you think. So am I.

I may not like it, but I are wrong a lot. You were wrong about Twitter, I was wrong about Facebook, and we’ve all been wrong before about a huge number of things. This is normal.

The bad news is that we’re not geniuses. The good news is that the world doesn’t care what we think and will move along without us. Successes become huge and failures are unseen and forgiven. It’s only natural, then, that we shouldn’t listen to ourselves, or our judgment when deciding whether to try something new.

There is only one answer as to whether you should try an interesting idea, and it is the following: “Sure, what the hell.” It’s the only way we’ll really ever know if we were right or wrong– not by taking part in some weird thought experiment, but by doing it.

Our brains don’t have gravity or any other laws. Nothing is real just because we think it.

Next time you tell yourself that something will not work, remember how many times you’ve been wrong in the past. Then do it. Simple, right?






4 responses to “Let the Idea Free”

  1. Andrew P. Avatar
    Andrew P.

    Trolling is a art?

  2. John McLachlan Avatar

    Simple, yes. Easy to accomplish, not so easy.

    On a side note, I read your facebook post from 2007. WOW, has the conversation level on your blog ever gone up a few hundred notches from then. 🙂

  3. Martyn Chamberlin... Avatar

    Dude does this totally mean that you’re not on Facebook?!

    I deleted my account a month ago. Feeling waay better since.

  4. Jason Berek-Lewis Avatar

    “Sure, what the hell” is 100% the right answer. I have just kicked off a new site http://www.healthystartups.squarespace.com – it’s not the first ‘great’ idea I have had for a website, but I have always feared what would happen if I just start something: will it succeed, will it fail, will people think I am stupid?

    But, then I thought, as you typed, “Sure, what the hell” and I did it and things are moving slowly, but I am not going to die wondering if this was a great idea or not…

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