Take It All In

There is no piece of knowledge, anywhere, that is useless.

Everytime you read a book, a blog post, or have an insightful conversation, you learn more than. Each piece of knowledge is applicable in certain circumstances, but also leads towards a broader understanding of the world, showing patterns in human behaviour, systems or more if you look for them.

Everything in the world works at patterns. We are pattern machines (in fact, all of life is) so for good or ill, we see them everywhere. If I learn about retail businesses, then biology, and then stereo equipment, I will learn things in each that apply to the others.

Most of the highly valuable information falls into two structures: people and systems.

An understanding of human beings means understanding emotions such as fear and greed and others, how people view themselves and those around them, as well as how they behave and for what reasons.

A knowledge of systems means that you know the math of how things work, how to use leverage and how to invest, how to debug and find solutions to technical problems.

Often, the two overlap. They’re also masculine and feminine, yin and yang, etc. You can view them through any lens and apply archetypes to them if you like– the trickster, the magician, the king… whatever. It’s all the same stuff with a different shell, so the more you absorb from the largest variety of sources, the better off you are.

That is when you can find the patterns in human behaviour, and in systems– which means the patterns in everything.

I guess that’s kind of like being psychic… sorta.






2 responses to “Take It All In”

  1. Ryan G Avatar

    Some would argue that we are “meaning making machines” in that life happens (events) and we apply our own meaning to these happenings. Events are truth bc they really did happen, but the meaning we assign these events are not truth, except to ourselves who assigns the meaning. If you can identify the patterns in people and systems as you suggest, i.e. the recurring events, then maybe you are one step closer to understanding the meaning of life. Maybe. I don’t know.

  2. Drew Hawkins Avatar

    There’s no such thing as useless knowledge. I couldn’t count how many times random things that I’ve learned along the way have helped me out on several occurences. Totally on board with your post

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