Just send the goddamn email

You know you’ve been delaying it. You know it needs to get done.

It’s on the top of your list, and yet somehow, you just never manage to make it happen. You’ve been saying it isn’t the right time, or telling people that you just got overwhelmed. But you know what? Today is the day.

It’s time you sent the goddamn email.

Is it work? Are you late on a project and don’t want to admit it overwhelmed you? Are you thinking that they’ll forget about you if you just don’t respond? Or perhaps you’re just feeling that you need a bit more time, and everything will take care of itself? Well, it doesn’t matter what the reason is.

Send the goddamn email.

Maybe it’s personal? Is there someone you’ve been meaning to reconcile with, or someone you need to apologize to? Do you need to get together with the guys for a game of poker on the weekend, finally? Or maybe you’ve been putting off the trip because you’ve been having trouble asking for vacation time? Well that’s great– know why?

Today is the day you send the goddamn email.

Life is hard enough as it is. People are trying to make cool stuff happen, and they’re trying to have a little fun while having to work harder than they ever have before. They’re doing it while managing their finances (or keeping afloat in them), while trying to raise a kid, or planning out how they’re going to make it all work. Your dilly-dallying is simply not helping. But you know that already.

Please, for the love of God, just send the goddamn email.

Email is easy. Everybody knows you have an iPhone, a Blackberry, or what have you, and that you have access to your email at all times. They know you’ve read what they sent, and they know you haven’t responded. They’re not idiots, so they’ve probably even theorized as to why.

Yet here you are, lost in some kind of forest of denial that’s whispering “maybe they haven’t noticed,” or “maybe I can make it up.” Well, you can.

You can do it by sending the goddamn email.

This post is designed to be bookmarked. You can also send it out, and use it frequently– as often as needed until it does the job. Make it your homepage. Maybe print it out. Put it on the office corkboard. Whatever works.

If you haven’t sent an email by now, I’m clearly not doing my job. Still, you should send one now. Seriously.

You know the one I mean.

Just send it already.






30 responses to “Just send the goddamn email”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    Have *you* sent an email?

    1. Julien Avatar

      lol. yes, I have. that’s what prompted this post.

  2. Gareth Avatar

    Genius, and a timely reminder. I’m on it!

  3. Mark Robertson Avatar

    “for the love of God, just send the goddamn email”–love the lingual irony in this header.

    Thank you for taking the phrase “send the email” to the symbolic (for me it’s “grade the World Lit essays”).

    On my tombstone let it be said: “He sent the email”

  4. Leah Avatar

    Yesterday, I sent the goddamn email! And what a tremendous relief it was. What’s better, I got the outcome I had hoped for!!

  5. Dave Delaney Avatar

    You know, I was actually going to email you. That’s how much of a wise guy I am.
    I have a bad habit of reading email with a plan to reply later. You’re right.

    Why read the same message twice?

    Inbox Zero baby!

  6. Ryan Critchett Avatar

    Interesting post man. Pretty unique. Hmm.. do I have one of these?

    Maybe I could send the email to one of my old bosses, telling him and the rest of the upper level management team that they suck at being leaders and should learn human psychology.

    I once sent a tweet to T Harv Eker that said “quit posting quotes and start talking to people,” which ended up in him following me and saying “thanks for the kind words.”

    Anyhow, all kidding aside, I have an email that fits into this, I’ll just send it.

    Cool post,


  7. Tamsen McMahon Avatar

    I just sent an email. I am, however, still missing one from you.

  8. Heather Rast Avatar

    For me, the obstacle (today) isn’t an email. It’s a phone call. Or rather, two.

    They’re obstacles because they represent tough conversations. Exposing vulnerabilities and weaknesses. I’m all out of “contrived happy” this week. But I hang my head at the thought of slopping my gray stuff over onto others. But it can’t be avoided. So I’ll stop.

    I’ll go make the call.

    Thank you.

  9. Rajesh Setty Avatar


    Thanks for sharing this. Guilty as charged. I was probably a repeat offender on this one until I started feeling the pain on the receiving end.

    Honestly, it is painful on both ends. The person on the receiving end would be happy to receive a “No Progress” Report than not receiving any report at all.

    My take is below:

    Have a great day.


  10. Andrew Hyde Avatar

    just write the damn comment.

  11. Piper Larson Avatar

    I adore this damn post!

  12. Ricardo Bueno Avatar

    @Dave: I make the same…mistake…sometimes. I put a message aside to think of a response I can send later. But I’ve learned something. Brevity rules. The faster you reply and down to the point, the better. Every. Single. Time.

    No beating around the bush or “dilly-dallying” as Julien likes to say…

    I used to over-think it ya know. Now, it’s sent. Done. Ball’s in your court I”ll wait your response sorta thing.

    Is that a good tactic? I think so. Things get done quicker that way (for me anyway).

  13. janet hall Avatar

    Here I was just doing other things instead of sending the email and I did it! THEN your email comes in – Serendipity!


  14. Chelsea Avatar

    Yep, this happens to me all the time… along with the stack of mail I’ve got sitting here.

  15. Sue Anne Reed Avatar
    Sue Anne Reed

    I went through this thought process earlier this week. I should have sent a follow-up email to someone a couple of weeks ago, and spent a few days beating myself up over it when I realized I hadn’t sent it. I was worried that there was going to be a lost opportunity and dreading what the return email would say. Finally, I realized that the longer I delayed, the worse the outcome was going to be, so I sent the email. Turns out, outcome wasn’t that bad.

    I think we spend a lot of time in our head about these things when we could free up a lot of that space by just getting things done.

    Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  16. Juli Avatar

    I sent the email last week. I took this as “Just submit the damn resume.”

  17. Grace White Avatar

    Your raw honesty always hits home and most importantly makes me smile.
    BTW, I sent the email…now I’m the one waiting…~wink

  18. Peter Paluska Avatar

    This post speaks bushels of truth! I like to think of it as communicative karma.

    Any time you find yourself waiting on a reply from someone, be it a phone call, an e-mail, a letter, a text, just be aware that whatever you are waiting for won’t arrive until YOU send out an e-mail, return a phone call, or a letter, or whatever to someone else connected to a completely separate communication thread. Once you do that, it frees up the karmic channels and the person you have been waiting on finally gets in touch.

    Just gotta do it. Thanks for the always timely reminder, J!


  19. Chris Eh Young Avatar

    I just sent the email. What do you mean you haven’t got it yet?

  20. Azzurra Camoglio Avatar

    I sent that goddamn email yesterday and you know what?
    Today I get the goddamn reply I was waiting for since ages now.

  21. Ray Bishop Avatar
    Ray Bishop

    Pure twaddle, Julien, but I admire the attempt at humour. I avoided hours of misunderstandings and lost productivity (today and every day) by using the phone or just walking up to people and relating to them.

    30 seconds Face-to-Face unsnarled what could have taken half an hour of pointless texting or worse with emails.

    There’s so much crowding in one’s life, one’s day, one’s schedule.

    Send the email? Utter twaddle.

    Do you really need another email? Ask yourself if you can’t get it done another way, a more personal way. Aren’t we supposed to all be Connected?

    Personally, I never let my email get out of control. My Inbox is perpetually zeroed. It’s just a sensible reaction. Answer it effectively and immediately, ignore it at your peeril or use another medium…phone, in person, whatever, it’s common courtesy. Clients, friends, family, complete strangers: treat them all with equal (and by this I mean Highest) importance.

    Procrastination sends a definite message. Ask yourself : Is that the message you (The Universal, Generalized You) want to be sending?

  22. Maya Paveza Avatar

    I have not had the time lately to tell you how much your blog has been affecting me and resonating with me. The truth you speak so often is what I think, and it needs to be said. People don’t do, say, or act as they should, keeping things bottled up and not confronting the lies in their own realities. It is so toxic.

    I admire you more than you can imagine for taking complete ownership of your life and world. It takes real courage and a quest for knowledge to see the subtle truth of life, you embrace life in a way that most people never will. You’re my hero, your strength, passion and convictions are so evident and honest, thanks for being truly awesome.

    Life would be so much better if people could be honest with themselves and others, and spend the time to reflect on what life is about and what they want out of life, celebrating everyday and finding the joy in even the worst moments, celebrate the victory of the gift of life. I have been bottling up my own feelings on this for a long time, and I think it is time to rip the box open – or maybe nuke it really.

    Keep it up Julien! You f-ing rock my friend!!
    Maya =)

  23. Julien Avatar

    Wow, Maya, thank you!

  24. Ray Bishop Avatar
    Ray Bishop

    Bra-VO Julien,

    So this is what you mean by “Just send the goddamn email”:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Julien Smith
    Date: 21 March 2011 11:45
    Subject: Re: [In Over Your Head] Comment: “Just send the goddamn email”

    >Who goes onto someone’s blog and writes “twaddle”? >This isn’t how you act in person with me, so please >don’t do it online either.
    >I don’t know if you’re snarky like this with >everyone, and I don’t care. The way you act online >with me does not become you. Stop it.

    Censorship. Condescension. Curtness. Anti-social, personal insults to the way I choose to express myself.

    All in one tidy email that could have as easily been a rational reply to a post by which I meant no particular harm or snark.

    My gentle poke at your post was sincerely meant to provide an alternate viewpoint to your own.

    I wasn’t expecting vitriol and I wasn’t aware that this was a one-way broadcast medium in which we’re all supposed to always agree.

    I find this relevant to your interests: http://unrforliberty.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Our-Discussion.jpg

    I’m impressed, though, you’re certainly living up to your motto.

    Well done! Keep sending those emails! You f-ing rock my friend!! Your raw honesty always hits home and most importantly makes me smile. Amen!
    I adore this damn post! Genius, and a timely reminder.

  25. brad Avatar

    ok, i stopped reading half way through to send the email. Then came back and continued.

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