The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck


Ok, I have a confession to make.

I have spent almost my whole life– 31 years–  caring far too much about offending people, worrying if I’m cool enough for them, or asking myself if they are judging me.

I can’t take it anymore. It’s stupid, and it’s not good for my well being. It has made me a punching bag–  a flighty, nervous wuss. But worse than that, it has made me someone who doesn’t take a stand for anything. It has made me someone who stood in the middle, far too often, and not where I cared to stand, for fear of alienating others. No more. Not today.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, is different.

We’re going to talk about the cure. We’re going to talk about what’s necessary. We’re going to talk about the truth.

Do you wonder if someone is talking shit about you? Whether your friends will approve? Have you become conflict-avoidant? Spineless?

Well, it’s time you started not giving a fuck.

FACT NUMBER 1. People are judging you right now.

Yes, it’s really happening right at this moment. Some people don’t like you, and guess what? There’s nothing you can do about it. No amount of coercion, toadying, or pandering to their interests will help. In fact, the opposite is often true; the more you stand for something, the more they respect you, whether it’s grudgingly or not.

What people truly respect is when you draw the line and say “you will go no further.” They may not like this behaviour, but so what? These are people don’t like you anyway, why should you attempt to please people who don’t care for you in the first place?

Right. Then, there’s Internet trolls. That’s a whole other thing.

Regular people are fine– you don’t actually hear it when they’re talking behind your back. But on the web, you do see it, which changes the dynamic drastically. They have an impact because they know you have your vanity searches, etc. But the real problem with Internet haters is that they confirm your paranoid delusion that everyone out there secretly hates you.

Thankfully, that’s not actually true. So the first noble truth is that most people don’t even care that you’re alive. Embrace this, my friends, for it is true freedom. The world is vast and you are small, and therefore you may do as you wish and cast your thoughts of those who dislike it to the side.

FACT NUMBER 2. You don’t need everyone to like you.

This stuff is crazy, I know, but it’s cool, you’ll get used to it. Here’s the next thing: not only do most people not know that you exist, and some are judging you, but it totally does not matter even if they are.

How liberating this is may not even hit you yet, but it will. Check this out: when people don’t like you, nothing actually happens. The world does not end. You don’t feel them breathing down your neck. In fact, the more you ignore them and just go about your business, the better off you are.

You know when they say “the best revenge is a life well lived”? Well, this is true, but it isn’t the whole truth. A life well lived is great, yes, but it cannot happen while you are sweating about who your detractors are and what they think. What you have to do, what you have no choice but to do, is accept it and move on.

So not giving a fuck is actually a necessary precedent to create a good life for yourself. It can’t happen without it. That’s why you have to begin today.

FACT NUMBER 3. It’s your people that matter.

Ok, so you’ve adjusted to the fact that most people in the world are barely aware of your existence, and you’re also conscious of the fact that those who don’t like you are in the obscenely small minority and don’t actually matter. Awesome. Next you need to realize that the people who do care about you, and no one else, are those you need to focus on.

Relationships are weird. Once we’re in one (with family, a spouse, whatever), we promptly begin to take the other person for granted and move on to impressing strangers instead– say, our boss. Then, once we’ve impressed our boss, we start taking him for granted too, and so on, in an endless cycle of apathy. It’s like we always prefer to impress and charm the new than to work on what we already have.

But these people– your champions– they understand your quest or your cause. They make you feel good when you’re around them, make you laugh or make you feel like you can just be yourself. They make you feel relaxed or at ease. You’ve shared things with them. They’re important. Focus on them instead.

FACT NUMBER 4. Those who don’t give a fuck change the world. The rest do not.

So I’m reading this horrible book right now by Stephen King called the Long Walk. It’s a contest where people walk without sleeping or resting, and if they do stop, they are killed. (That’s actually every Stephen King book– “there’s a clown, but it kills!” “There’s a car, but it kills!” etc.)

I suspect this book is a metaphor for war, but it also captures perseverance very well. What it takes to move past anything is to simply realize that your obstacle is unimportant, and that it can be dismissed. This is true whether you’re running a marathon or trying to get to Mars.

If you dismiss the things that do not matter; if you remove those things from your mind and focus on what must be done; if you understand that your time is limited and decide to work now; only then will you be able to get to the finish line. Otherwise, you will be dissuaded into living a life you aren’t interested in.

Side note: You need to handle failure and obscurity better. You may be in a tough place right now where you feel lonely or like a loser. No worries, we’ve all been there. But it’s time for you to realize how common these things are, and that they’re experienced by even the most successful and happiest people in the world. Those people get past them, and you will too.

The eye is watching

You want to know something? This actually has nothing to do with anyone else. It has everything to do with you.

I had a discussion with Jonathan Fields the other week that was about the use of swearing (and “true voice”) on blogs. I watched him on a Skype video as we did this, and I could actually pinpoint the moment where he was about to say “fuck” but almost stopped himself. It was amazing. So I called him out on it. “You felt it just now, didn’t you?”

Everyone has an internetal eye. It always watching. It has been slowly constructed by society at large and by your friends and family, and it checks you for unacceptable behaviour. If you have had it around for long enough, you actually start to believe that the eye is you, and that you’re “being reasonable” or some other rationalization.

But the eye isn’t you at all. It is a prison, and you have justified its existence by obeying it. It’s strong because you let it be strong.

But the secret, the part that’s amazing, is that it can’t do anything to stop you, even if it wanted to. It’s an eye. It can only watch. The rest of you is free to act as you wish.

How to get back your self-respect in five easy steps

STEP 1. Do things that you consider embarrassing.

My girlfriend and I have been breaking in Vibram Fivefingers in preparation for the massive walk we are doing. Have you ever seen these shoes? They’re amazing for you knees and give you no blisters, but they are the ugliest thing imaginable. Yesterday, I wore them with a sweet bowtie I put on for Easter. I looked like a crazy person.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I am deeply aware and can become quite upset by people’s judgment– I think a lot of people are, but don’t admit it. But as I walked by people in my techno-clown outfit, not a single person looked at me. Nobody cared, and it slowly dawned on me that even if people did look at me weird, they just walked by. Later, they would forget about me entirely.

You must try this. Find your internal filters and break them, one at a time. Notice how society, like an ocean, smoothes over the waves you make, until what you do gets eliminated, or becomes the status quo. Work with this.

STEP 2. Accept, or deal with, awkwardness.

It’s widely known that interviewers get their best material by being quiet and allowing silence to force words out of a politician or celebrity.

You may be uncomfortable with silence. I know I still am. But I have been working on it and have to say that it is a much more serene state to be in than trying to cover it up with random babbling just to fill up the air. This is one type of awkwardness, a kind that you should feel comfortable about and learn to live with.

Another kind of social awkwardness is this in-between space where you might have done something wrong or been wronged, but don’t say anything. I’ve been given a few harsh lessons in my time and come away realizing that the freedom that comes from talking about an uncomfortable truth is better than the comfort of avoiding that talk altogether.

Someone told me recently that the Clintons’ method for earning respect in politics is this: if someone pushes you, push back twice as hard. This is much better than awkwardness. It’s clear, it’s not passive aggressive, and you know where you stand. Start doing this immediately.

STEP 3. Refuse boundaries.

The video above was taken in 1970, right when the Front de Libération du Québec had killed Premier Pierre Laporte and put his body in the trunk of a car. Trudeau’s “Just watch me” is one of the most famous phrases in Canadian political history. The journalists are trying to trap him into choosing on-camera between a safety/police-state and civil liberties/freedom but Trudeau refuses their boxes.

The Liberal Party of Canada no longer has any balls, but for us, there’s still hope. Walk where you want to walk. Don’t accept false choices. Don’t let people dictate how you should live your life. Definitely don’t listen to the eye.

STEP 4. Tell the truth.

You don’t need to be an asshole, but the world does not need another conflict-avoidant, evasive person. No one wants another individual who steps in line with everyone else. The status quo is doing fine without you, so it’s up to you to call bullshit if you see it.

Don’t mind-read either. Telling the truth means seeing the truth, not adding your own layer of sugar coating or suspected emotion on top of it.

STEP 5. Begin your new life.

This step can’t happen without the others, but once you’ve gotten here, you can safely begin to explore a whole new world– one where anything you do is fine as long as it isn’t seriously hurting anyone else. Wanna explore old abandoned buildings? No problem, as long as you’re ready to live with the consequences. Feel like hanging from hooks or get whipped by a dominatrix? Go ahead, but be safe about it.

Once you begin on this path, you start to discover that practically everyone is capable of understanding the weird things that you do. In fact, it makes you interesting and worth paying attention to, further feeding into your plans of world domination, should you have any.

But none of this fun can happen without you recognizing, and walking past, the eye. Doing this is a powerful act of control which builds momentum and makes you strong.

Take back your self respect. Do it today– try it right now. Wear something ugly. Do something stupid. Tell someone the truth.

It doesn’t fucking matter.

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  1. John Bell Avatar
    John Bell

    Good on you. Sometimes there isn’t a better way to say it.

    1. Matt Harper Avatar
      Matt Harper

      Really good post. Sometimes I need a swift kick in the ass to remind my sorry ass what is really important to me in life. Living life afraid is no way to do business.


      1. Robert Ostrander Avatar
        Robert Ostrander

        I want to learn how to not give a fuck and just live my life not worry about who gives a fuck which won’t be me!!

    2. CoolBreeze Avatar

      This shit woke my game up! I have always been about it… it as in anythang.
      But lately I had not been being 100 with everything. There are some basics and all of the content herein covers it in a way you all can comprehend. I’m almost ashamed of myself but then again im a gangsta libra and this is essentially a call to arms for the semi aging mediators who know damn well we process the situation and not nearly just be processed. IDGF

      1. D.B. Avatar

        Thats probably the most ghetto/intelligent shit ive seen. Pick one. Hoodrat or Harvard bro… They look stupid together though.

        1. GoFuckYourself Avatar

          Who the fuck are you to come to this wonderful site and critize comments? THIS ISN’T YOUTUBE asshole. Also take notice how I dont care about grammer or anything else. why because who gives a fuck. Take the advice that was originally posted on this site and go fuck yourself asshole.

          1. twotone Avatar

            the actual advice in these series of posts simply in a nutshell means to go about your own way and not worrying about other peoples insults or ways of life an not give a damn fuck about anything except wat matters most to your well being..enough said..stop the bullshit people that’s my opinion you don’t like it I’m sorry i don’t give a fuck

          2. Elaboo Avatar

            Good call 🙂 I really enjoyed reading this. Everything you said is on point. Thanks for the pep talk I feel like I want to tell a few people to go fuck themselves right now.

          3. YouTellHim Avatar

            Niiiice. I happen to like the blend of quasi-philosophical and profane honesty in what you say. Thanks.

          4. thewang Avatar

            GoFuckYourself, go change your fucking tampon

          5. pumpkin Avatar

            lol @ yr comment.

          6. Joris Driepinter Avatar
            Joris Driepinter

            “Who the fuck are you to come to this wonderful site and critize comments?”

            So, mr GFY, who da fuq are you to come here and criticise comments?

            Ooohh.. meta! Visions of snails biting their own tail or something along those lines.

        2. LastCareBear Avatar

          But by doing that, he would be giving a shit what you think. Which is counter productive to this article.

          1. portertones Avatar

            Yes, but not giving a fuck about being told to go fuck himself is exactly what we would expect from someone who just read this article. So, to truly be unique DB would, in fact, be required to fuck himself.

          2. misty Avatar

            haha, thats some funny shit

        3. paul Avatar

          go fuck yourself db
          how you like that shit and my eye says go fuck yourself also the only thing we ever agreed on

      2. j r stein Avatar
        j r stein

        I’m finding that people don’t like my truth and doing my best not to offend is exhausting.

        1. loren Avatar

          you’re living your life right then, this means you are being yourself and calling people out on what is wrong. kudos to you

      3. tb Avatar

        Thats some real shh u just wrote. Im a g,libra as well and im really feeling this.

    3. Maggie in the low ground Avatar
      Maggie in the low ground

      Forget all the advice, even though it’s good.
      The only reason I read this is because I thought the title was hilarious!

      1. Linderson Avatar

        Maggie, what you just did was defend being a slave to the world.

        You should be ashamed of yourself for giving up on life.

        1. omni_vorous Avatar

          On the contrary, Linderson, Maggie just said, “I don’t give a fuck about this article!” Why do you give a fuck about what she gives a fuck or not about? 🙂

          1. tash Avatar

            Nicely caught there, omni_vorous 🙂
            (not that you should give a fuck about me complimenting you ;))

        2. Anton Avatar

          Maggie shouldn’t have to give a fuck about your petty judgements.

      2. Lis Avatar

        Actually, what Maggie just said was that the advice was good, but what brought her to read the article is that the title was hilarious. She just worded it funny.

        1. Collonel Sanders Avatar

          Which she actually the one who does’nt give a fuck if how you guys picture whatever makes it hilarious for her. She just tell the truth of how she feels (Step 4)and probably enjoy reading this conversation about her which leads her to (step 5).

    4. Sarah Jackson Avatar

      Bad time Marriage 😀

    5. Froggit Jibjab Avatar
      Froggit Jibjab

      Fuck ’em! Fuck ’em all! All that matters is you and your family. I got made redundant 3 years ago and spent 18 months shitting myself about everything. I gradually adopted the “not fucking arsed” attitude and it worked wonders! Fuck the fucking lot of ’em! Not bothered! So fucking what! Who gives a flying fuck! Best regards!

    6. De Avatar

      I needed to hear/ read every word you wrote in this article. It felt as if I had wrote it on the day I discovered how to be free from the jail I placed myself in trying to fit in and please others. Thanks for being so courageous and standing up to yourself so I could do the same!!

      1. Melissa Avatar

        True that! THX! love this!

  2. Matthew Kimberley Avatar

    “Once we’re in one (with family, a spouse, whatever), we promptly begin to take the other person for granted and move on to impressing strangers instead”

    – I hadn’t thought of this before. But it’s spot on. And fucking ridiculous. In fact, entirely insane.

    Good man.

    1. GOLIGHTLY Avatar

      I totally agree. It’s one of the main reasons my relationships suffer or I leave. I’ve called out my parents on this one and we have worked together to build a radically new relationship where we are mutually happy. Our significant others are supposed to be the most special people to us… taking them for granted and paying more attention to other insignificant people all the time is not really investing in what you deem important. We would all see improvements if we got this right. I was out with my bestfriend (since age 5) the other night and at one point, I looked at her and filled up with love for her inside. I know who is important to me. Spread the word!

      1. Maralyn Owen Avatar
        Maralyn Owen

        Love this whole thread. I had what I call a really good new friend. We did everything together…I never texted, called, emailed exchanges so much in my life and one day she just stopped. Never heard one mention why….couldn’t imagine what I had done…..was driving me crazy…then I just realized…obviously, she wasn’t a real friend. (And I’m over 40 so new friends don’t come along everyday).

        1. Me Avatar

          This happened to me too! These types of people are parasites and approval driven. As soon as things get tough, they disappear and run to their next victim. They’re like friendship nomads. I can now spot them early. Because they try to fasttrack the friendship. RED FLAG. Retreat quickly.

          1. Me Avatar

            Not everyone is, you’re generalizing. Some people went through shit in their life and are very on guard. I’ve dealt with them before and it’s annoying but most of them are just very vulnerable or insecure.

          2. Lark Avatar

            Have you checked if she’s still alive?

        2. Ken Suitor Jr Avatar

          Reminds me of the girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy the lead elizabeth was a strange character

        3. I Avatar

          The same thng happnd to me.,. Had a frnd wid whm i hv shared evry fckn secret, n worries n evrytng, bt nw i realsd dat i was dumb. She jst used me foe her, jst treatd me as her best buddy, bt nw i knw d truth.., its hurtng….!
          Jst wnna learn to live my lyf on my own, its fckn hard bt i knw i vl do dat some day.,. Hope.

      2. Piotr Golecki Avatar
        Piotr Golecki

        Your words are like a perfect suit tailord for me. I often find myself satisfying strangers , arseholes, cads because i fear them or their opinion. Also I always worry whether I am proper well -beheved, submissive and stuff. Let.s face the truth =these are not the times to make pals with everyone. You should care for your loved one’s , friends, and people you consider important for you and particulary not exerting agression on them because some shithead pissed you off ( please do not censor internet is a free medium). Merry X-mass and a lot of happines in days that’ll come Peter

    2. Nunya Avatar

      I’ve often told my wife and kids that it’s beyond ridiculous to be nice to the stranger in line at Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger’s or wherever, then go outside and yell rudely to each other. If you can’t be nice to the people who supposedly matter the most to you, don’t be nice to the idiots at the 20 items or less checkout lane with a full basket of groceries.

      1. Alexandra Avatar

        I would say, *especially* be nice to people in low-wage service industries, like checkout workers, taxi drivers, and call-center employees. People like that are considered low-caste, as it were, and take shit all day long from stressed-out customers perpetuating some cycle of abuse or another. Be polite to your family *and* people in stores.

        1. Dubya Avatar

          You can always tell a TRULY low class person by the way they treat the “low-caste”. I love the old imigrant woman who cleans the restrooms in our office. Those who mistreat her are the true garbage among us.

          Well said Alexandra!

          1. kathie Avatar

            Wow so true Dubya!! they are Garbage

    3. Rain Avatar

      That was my favorite part too! The tenancy to assume they’re there, they always be is easy to take for granted, but putting it in those terms is a fantastic wtf to the back of the head XD

  3. Sandi Amorim Avatar

    As I read this I felt like a trap door had opened up behind my eyes and a tsunami of tears came through. Your posts often have that effect on me. I think it’s because they exhude universal truisms that not many people have the balls to share. Thank God you do.

    1. zoo Avatar

      You know that make you fall directly in that category of people who try to impress (or get good) with their “bosses” right ? 🙂
      Probably the crying part was a bit too much.

      And the best part of commenting those posts? Well, I don’t have to give a fuck.

      1. Eleonor Avatar

        zoo= rat

      2. Josh Avatar

        While you may THINK she’s one of “those people”, you’re a different kind of “those people”. The people that are assholes to random strangers for no reason. Could be considered a “troll”

        1. Luke Avatar

          Trolls are fucking hilarious. And you know what? They’re often right. I think because they’re not afraid to speak their mind.

          1. ariadne Avatar

            Zoo and Luke were covered under Fact #1.

          2. airk Avatar

            True. I may consider myself to be a young troll; and i don’t really give a fcuk.

      3. stadium Avatar

        I agree with zoo. Being ‘affected’ by a blog that advises to do the precise opposite, to not give a fuck, demonstrates to me that Sandi missed the point entirely.

        1. Ash Avatar

          You might want to re-read the whole thing. It’s not about not giving a fuck about anything, it’s about not giving a fuck about what others might say and think, and even your inner “eye” for what’s socially acceptable.
          From where I’m standing, you failed, not her. She was brave enough to expose herself without fear of people like you.

        2. Patrick Avatar

          Yeah, I think you missed the point.

          1. Marie Avatar

            I think Sandi is the one who “won” here as Ash brought to surface. LOL Not giving a fuck about what people who don’t matter to her say or their opinion by not even responding. LOL She told you.

      4. Joshua Avatar

        So you pretty much think she’s a kiss-ass because she praising Julien’s article, right? Well, let me say this: Julien’s article deserves praise. We all apparently appreciate the article, and I’m sure she (he?) appreciates the praise, but if sh(e) doesn’t give a fuck, well Sandi doesn’t have to either.
        Every once in a while, just like yourself, we all gotta put something out there.

        1. Chris Avatar

          Fuck you for trying to argue about something that has absolutly no meaning to you or the world around you. Because someone expresses themselves you judge them eh? Quite childish by any means

          1. twotone Avatar

            well Chris you just judged someone who judged someone else with negative ambition to offenzse but if I may pointout your only adding to chain of insult an ignorance ..if the situation is relevant to you tthen try offering your opinion without rude negatory comments

  4. The Naked Redhead Avatar

    This post aligns nicely with what I call “Killing Your Inner Critic.” Because really, at the end of the day, the only person standing in your way is you. It’s actually quite Stephen King-esque, wanting to kill that part of you…but you gotta kill it before it gets you first.

    Good stuff.

    1. bryan Avatar

      I like that.

    2. Jeff Avatar

      Yep, that’s what he’s describing when he talks about “the eye is watching.”

  5. Jon Marks Avatar

    I stumbled on to this post today while browsing the internet with my innocent seven year old son sitting next to me. He said “Daddy, what does ‘Don’t give a Fuck’” mean? Needless to say, I was appalled …

    Only fucking joking. Although I get that kind of thing all the time on my blog. Keep it up – the world needs more well respected potty mouths.


  6. Chicaderock Avatar

    Loved it 🙂

    1. ron Avatar

      from the ole school; the ole addage ”SHIT HAPPENS” Well it still does open your eyes and ass and look around, see all the shit that is happening 2 u n your love ones,kiss them and tell them u love them…just for the hell of it.You might be surprised, you might even get laid.These are words of wisdom from ,palm coast,fl

  7. Shanna Mann Avatar

    Yes! I just got done an epic email outlining why I will not step out of alignment with my nature just to make it comfortable to be around me. Sorry, my peace of mind is worth more than any relationship. If you can’t handle it, I’ll be sorry to see you go.

    Thanks for being more clear and less personal, so I’ll be able to reuse this link over and over! 🙂

    1. Maralyn Owen Avatar
      Maralyn Owen

      Love that “I will not step out of alighment with my nature just to make it comfortable to be around me” AWESOME!!!

    2. Brice Wildorn Avatar
      Brice Wildorn

      If people who love you are telling you that your behaviour is offensive, then you should think about changing. Not giving a fuck doesn’t mean it’s ok to be selfish, obnoxious, violent, offensive, arrogant, etc. E.g. if you think your nature is to beat people about the face and head or to abuse them verbally then society will want to punish you. Not giving a fuck means not living in fear, avoiding ambiguity and pretense, it’s not an excuse to be a selfish idiot or a criminal.
      And you say your peace of mind is more important
      than any relationship. If society in general doesn’t want a “relationship” with you, because you hurt people, then you will be put in a cage.
      I don’t give a fuck that you will judge me for writing this. I do give a fuck if you think its okay for you to hurt people.

      1. Bonnie Parr Avatar
        Bonnie Parr


      2. Kristina Avatar

        People will have different opinions on where assertiveness stops and offensiveness begins. Somebody might be harsh by nature, but with good intentions. So should they try to adopt approach to people like Mother Teresa had when she would be doing acts of kindness, thereby making themselves uncomfortable? I think we should accept and deal with the natural deviations from the point between what we see as assertiveness and offensiveness. People have different lives and experiences and everyone communicates from their vantage point, whether or not it is similar to yours.

      3. Lark Avatar

        Correct. It’s about giving fuck to things that really matter and zero fucks to trivial issues. Just because youre not giving fuck means you have the right to be rude.

  8. Jessica Avatar

    This article was amazing. I’m glad I decided to follow you on twitter.
    I’m going to try living my life this way

    1. stadium Avatar

      You already failed 😉

      1. ahmet Avatar


      2. wazz Avatar

        I think you failed for giving a fuck that she failed.

        1. Loo Avatar

          ^ agree, total fail on the judgements. Be a little human and let people be who they are, even if that’s merely “inspired.”

      3. cuntface mcgee Avatar
        cuntface mcgee

        and being a fuckin’ troll means you pretty much fail at life altogether, so i would stop calling the kettle black if i were you, bitch.

        ‘not giving a fuck’ is not equivalent to ‘being a random asswipe for no particular reason’, just fyi. learn and grow.

  9. Radman Avatar

    Love the post. With one fist up in the air – “Right on man!”


  10. Jon Suk Avatar

    Well said. Been working at it recently to not wrapped up by the angst of second-guessing the possible negative reactions of people. Interesting inverse relationship results: the less worrying about externalities beyond control, the more positive feedback and interactions with people, with whom meaningful connections are made. Cheers!

  11. Jeff Goins Avatar

    I like FACT #2.

  12. Richard McCollum Avatar

    One of may favorite sayings by a close friend is:

    Not only do I not give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck about not giving a fuck.

    I have always loved this saying.

  13. Hamish Knox Avatar
    Hamish Knox

    You’ve been working towards this post for sometime, Julien. I really like the results.

    One thing I found missing from your steps to getting back self respect is asking questions to clarify what you see or hear from the people with which you interact. You briefly mentioned, “no mind reading;” however, I wanted to to expand on that thought further.

  14. Justin Avatar

    You write like a well grounded pimp ninja.

  15. Brad Avatar

    Yeah, I don’t give a fuck about your blog today, and when I read it tomorrow, I won’t give a fuck either.

    Also, the word “fuck” is fucking awesome, but I’m sure none of you give a fuck.

    Life is good, Live it up!

  16. Tanya Avatar

    Thank you for boiling down my entire life since early college. After a huge betrayl by some “close friends” I realized that sitting around in my apartment feeling depressed about it was a total waste of time. Instead I went to the foreign exchange office, signed up for a program overseas, took a job as a foreign nanny for a family of highly successful entrepreneurs and since that point have a lived an unpredictable, fun and authentic life.

    Trying to read everyone’s minds is a huge waste of energy. Putting that same level of emphasis on learning to communicate and live with clarity and authenticity has far better results emotionally and materially.

    As a woman entrepreneur I reteach myself this philosophy on a daily basis. Every time I start to feel on the outside with the bros the smart part of me says, “Dude, who gives a shit? They don’t want you in their clique (for WHATEVER reason) then form your own damn clique or just get on with the business of living.”

    It’s so easy to get caught up in little resentments. Truth is though there are just as many positive and energizing things to notice and making the effort to train the mind toward the positive stuff leaves me feeling happy and upbeat most days.

    1. Talia Avatar

      I love your response, and aspire to do the same thing!

  17. Pink Robe Avatar

    Yes. Very yes.

  18. Mike Avatar

    Good shit. You ever realize that people who don’t give a fuck tend to get more respect. If it’s in business, socially, or from the opposite sex. There is something appealing about it.

  19. Jack Bennett Avatar

    Very inspirational!

    Since most people perceive the world from their heads (after all, four of our five senses are centered there) it’s hard to get out of that perspective.

    But once we do, and realize that:

    – most people don’t really give a damn about what we do
    – of those that do, very few of their opinions should be taken seriously

    … well, then, life becomes a blast, and much less serious, doesn’t it?

  20. Mario Avatar

    You are wrong. The cure is love.

    1. joshua lance Avatar

      Maybe “love” and “fuck” are both needed, like ying and yang. Both words mean a lot on many different levels, depending on what context they are being used for. Food for thought.

      1. nirali Avatar

        no.. i dint think love can ever replace friendship…and i think most people make the mistake of thinking that it does..thts wen other people are left alone..thts where the loneliness of the biggest reasons why people are so lonely today is because their friends have forgotten about friendship love has been so hyped up that friendship is lost..and wht do these people do when their “love” dsnt work out? thy remember their old friends whom they left stranded..and thts when the friends should not give a fuck..

    2. DoomRater Avatar

      Love means caring for yourself. And sometimes that means not giving a fuck about something else so you have the strength to take care of yourself. See? Love can actually be not giving a fuck!

  21. Joseph Ratliff Avatar

    Wow, this one hit me straight in the gut…and these facts listed here put it all in perspective for me.

    As was said in an earlier comment “Very yes.”

  22. Mark Dykeman Avatar

    Minor quibble: LaPorte was Deputy/Vice Premier and Education Minister. Nonetheless, Trudeau was pretty damned bad ass.

  23. becca Avatar

    Is there an easy way to get a printed version of The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck?? Thanks

    1. Selena Avatar

      Maybe just print it off from the web then tape each page to every single telegraph pole within a 5 mile radius. That way, everyone else can read it and no one will give a fuck that there probably isn’t an alternative printable version?

      Just a thought 🙂

  24. Cherszy Avatar

    It’s good to learn that you are standing up for yourself and you’re helping others do the same. We can’t please everybody, and everybody can’t please us, so let’s not get all screwed up just because somebody doesn’t like the way we are. To being a strong person! 🙂

  25. Stephen Guise Avatar

    I respect your authenticity. It is rare in today’s world. People are instinctively drawn to those who are authentic, flaws included. Who cares about who can fake perfection the best?

    It’s interesting to me that this article wouldn’t have the same impact without the f-bomb in it. There is a lot of power behind that word. I choose not to use it, but I’m fine with you using it. But even if I did judge you for it, you obviously wouldn’t give a f***. 🙂

    1. DoomRater Avatar

      Here’s something cool not everyone realizes: the fact that you don’t care means you acknowledged you made a judgement. Maybe not on someone, but on a task or on an idea. Hell, judging actions and ideas is a hell of a lot safer than judging people, maybe that’s why I do it all the time. It’s also helped me not to judge people directly but indirectly and dig at them causing them to realize how honest they’re being with themselves.

  26. Jackie Avatar

    Do I care if people like me…nah, have I allowed the “eye” to censor me…hell yes.

    I have always come from a place of no bullshit and on occasions has worked against me. You learn quickly…must tone that down.

    Then the point comes when you say…Sod that for a game of soldiers…time to grow a set and become who I am…inside, under the layers of conditioning.

    Thanks for reminding me that underneath it all, really, I don’t give a fuck!

  27. Mark Avatar

    I think you could have displayed ultimate not-giving-a-fuck-ness by not publishing this. Instead, you’ve proven your still-give-a-fuck-itute by uploading this.

    1. DoomRater Avatar

      This applies to step 3 of being fucking awesome, not step one.

  28. Miles Avatar

    Joel, you wanna know something? Every now and then say, “What the fuck.” “What the fuck” gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future.

    (p.s. really ugly blog dude.)

  29. rad_g Avatar

    Good post.
    Mario: love who you love, don’t give a fuck about people who don’t give a fuck about you. Simple.

  30. Whitney Hoffman Avatar

    Excellent 🙂

    I found giving up fear and focusing on where I could make a difference with my community, big and small, gives me the most satisfaction. The trip wire for me was when someone said “Don’t do that, they won’t appreciate it.” And then I figured out, in that moment, if i lived my life and made choices based on what other people would appreciate or get out of an experience, other than what I wanted to do, I would be spending the rest of my life in the people-pleasing sidelines rather than getting in the game. And then I changed.

    Sometimes we need that karmic kick to the head to see that we’ve been trapped by fear or by what we perceive as important, and then realize the only thing holding us back is ourselves. It’s humbling and a bit embarrassing to realize that, but it has to happen to make any change.

    1. Talia Avatar

      So true!

  31. NomadicNeill Avatar

    Have you ever read the book “Fuck It – The Ultimate Spiritual Way”? It’s favourite of mine.

  32. edenland Avatar

    I don’t know how I landed here at this post – I’m a middle-aged recovering alcoholic from Australia, and I’ve just related and bravo’ed to every point you’ve written.

    I love the fucken internet.

  33. Joshua | The Minimalists Avatar


    I felt this one on my nerve-endings—thank you for that. Looking forward to sharing this with quite a few people this week.

    The video did play for me though (think it’s a Canada/US availability thing).

    Joshua Millburn

  34. Shanna Cramer Avatar

    Thank you for that.

  35. Marcel-Philippe Avatar

    Hey Julien,

    ive got 3 years of experience with the vibrams, and just recently blogged about my experience with those shoes.

    Its amazing and scary how people react to them.

    i seriously got insulted by a man wearing the shoes one day. he shouted at me: “just got some real shoes you idiot!”

    i was perplexed about that.

    now i just dont give a fuck.

    smiling & laughing.

    And thanks again for the words, your blog rocks.

    1. Julien Avatar

      Gotta say, I’m kind of upset no one has commented on the best phrase in this entire post… that is to say, “techno-clown outfit.”

      I noticed how emotional people get about them. I got surrounded by like 5 old people the other day and they wouldn’t let me go until they knew how to get some!

  36. Kim Avatar

    All I can say is – THANK YOU. What a great post, and some great words to live by 🙂

  37. Christine Taylor Avatar

    Great post, but easier said than done. Caring can also make you good at what you do.


  38. Bryher Avatar

    I particularly like fact 3 because I feel people do this to me all the time. I can only honestly list one friend/loved one who hasn’t.
    I’ve been trying to live this way since second grade when I was suicidal because I was so horribly teased. The only thing that stopped me was a boy in my class asking me why I cared what my bullies thought…and I didn’t have an answer. To see how I’ve tried to live put down in words is somehow liberating.
    Telling the truth is probably my favorite step on here because it is so easy to lie, not jit to others, but to yourself. That, I believe, is where most peoples’ issues start; they believe the things (like “Everyone hates me”) that they tell themselves and it’s just a downward spiral of devaluing themselves.

  39. B. Avatar

    Fantastic, and true. However, it preaches to the kind of person who on some level actually believes they’re capable. Some of us are just hopeless, self-loathing pussies. Great sentiment, though. 🙂

  40. Michelle Avatar

    Brilliant. I love it.
    I talk about this fact:
    “FACT NUMBER 1. People are judging you right now.”
    with public speaking clients all the time. Yep – you’re being judged. All you can do is be totally intentional about what you put out there – the content, the energy, the world changing message. The rest is out of your hands. It’s Freedom, really.

  41. Alexandra Avatar

    Not sure what rabbithole led me to you, but you have an incredible blog here.

    Smart posts, full of funny, sophisticated jokes.

    Am subscribing now.

    No time wasted here at all. I Really laughed out loud at this post. And your one star review post about Amazon.

  42. JenJen Avatar

    Why the fuck can I not watch this video of the then-yummy Trudeau telling that guy off? I’m sure you don’t give a fuck.

  43. Corey Koehler Avatar

    I feel like tackling a politician right now. 🙂

  44. Amber Avatar

    Love it. Love, love, love it.

    Subscribed. Way to be real.

  45. John Vantine Avatar

    Some good stuff in here. I’m going to try to be more conscious of putting the most important people in my life “on the backburner” while getting acquainted with strangers, as it’s nonsensical. Thanks for posting this!

  46. Dustin Avatar

    Haha When you mentioned the eye, I couldn’t help but think of the eye of sauron that haunts frodo in lord of the rings.

  47. reelfernandes Avatar

    I subscribe to this religion, and attend daily services at the Westside Church of Not Giving A Fuck

  48. tapps Avatar

    i. want. that. photo. it needs to be a poster on my office wall.

    oh, and great article too. 🙂

  49. Bethany Avatar

    I think I am in love with you after this post.

  50. Steve Hauptman Avatar

    Julien, you’re a hoot. I, on the other hand, am on the verge of being an old coot. Only wish I’d realized as much as you have when I was your age.

  51. Yalanda Avatar

    Fucking genius!

  52. Roger Avatar

    Hey Julien,

    This is an inspiring post. Everything you wrote about is what I need to do. Keep up the great work.


  53. Sandy Avatar

    It took me being widowed to really “get” this. Spot on man, spot on!

  54. Houston Copywriter Avatar

    Mmmm…. world domination.

  55. Robin Gerhart Avatar

    You are rockin, and I so need to do all of this!! This was right on time!

  56. Heather Avatar

    Great for you for getting it so “early” in life! I think we are born this way as children and we forget and start to worry about what everyone else thinks more than what we care about. I’ve been through a process in the last year that’s made me realize this and will all respect to others I can not give a fuck about them but still be a kind and compassionate person. Cheers!

    1. GOLIGHTLY Avatar

      Yeah, you can be caring without being co-dependent. Some people will try to get you into their little game of guilt trips- but they are just manipulators preying on your public image. They put you in a position where you will look heartless if you don’t play the role they’ve picked for you. It is crucial not to give a fuck in such situations, but takes conviction and strength to see through it and continue on your not-giving-a-fuck mission. It’s all about being authentic and being yourself and has nothing to do with not caring about other people. It’s not healthy to care about the manipulators of the world anyway. When you are being authentic, you care about the things and people who are important to you, so you give a fuck about them… but when you don’t give a fuck, you are free to choose who you truly care about. Some people won’t like this… but who gives a fuck? ha ha

      1. T.F. Avatar

        I love it! So many people are like that without realizing it. Damn succubi…

      2. irene Avatar

        yeah but it sucks when your own family runs the guilt trip on you and tries to put you in role that suits them.. great comment .
        and great site.. I needed to hear this

    2. matthew Avatar

      fuck yes you can! not giving a fuck about some people can become a doorway to happiness and help us find the things in life that matter. i,m going to try and not give a fuck about shit that is out of my control and free up my mind to focus on some things that i do give a fuck about. we only get one trip through life why waste it giving a fuck about problems and people that we can never change? fuck em

  57. Peter Paluska Avatar

    Bottom line: show your ego the door, and maybe even drop a banana peel just outside so you can watch it slip and fall down the stairs, if you have any stairs, that is!

    Nicely written, Julien.


  58. Karen Avatar

    The background on this post made it so fucking hard to read I couldn’t really give a fuck enough to squint and read it, but i’m sure it was fucking great.

    1. Adam Zand Avatar

      I love Karen and like Julien. I don’t like unnecessary use of swearing in social media. That being said, “The Flinch” for free on my Kindle/Droid phone is fucking awesome!

  59. Therese Avatar

    I only have one word for this:


    Thank you.

  60. Niki Avatar

    I love FiveFingers!

  61. Naomi Avatar

    Nothing gives me the heebie jeebies more than grown-ups who say “the F word.”

    I’ve grown accustomed to writing off the opinions of half the folks I encounter because they tend to assume a lot based on appearances or vernacular. Actions mean more.

  62. Roxanne Avatar

    Huh. Food for thought. Although some other posts which talk about accepting blame and forgive others and forgive yourself and move on with knowledge that whatever pain you had was good because it got you here, stuff, has had only limited appeal to me. Your post, made me stop and think and not feel guilty or oppressed. In the grand scheme of things, your post helped to reveal that the feelings of some people are simply of no consequence, not really, not unless I make them so. huh It’s still one of those — easier said than done situations, but — all in all, a moving post.

  63. Michael Avatar

    Bang. On the mark.

  64. Laurie Avatar


    I’m gonna remember this next time I get another horrified look as I tell someone I’m leaving my job in a month to follow my bliss. Who cares if they get it or not?

    my fave weird thing to wear is my paisley Birki’s with blue polka dot socks. They make me feel like I’m dancing a jig even when I’m sitting still. Bliss!

  65. Nick Avatar

    18/40/60 Rule

    When you’re 18, you worry about what everybody is thinking of you; when you 40, you don’t give a darn what anybody thinks of you; when you’re 60, you realize nobody’s been thinking about you at all.

    1. Wendy Avatar

      I wish there were other words to describe laughter instead of Ha! Ha! otherwise I would have used one of them. Ha! Ha! doesn’t quite do justice to the good laugh I had reading your comment. Quite true though…quite true.

    2. Buster Avatar

      Very wise words, so true!

  66. Randi A. Avatar
    Randi A.

    I really love this post, because it is something I am struggling with. I think people are too worried about what people think, which can cause them to not be their authentic self. Thanks for the advice. If I may, I have to correct one error: Everyone has an internetal eye. It always watching.*It’s always watching? For someone who has had trouble with spelling errors in my blogs, I feel wildly inappropriate correcting the great Julien. You have been a great inspiration to me, and have helped me through my social media class. Thanks for being REAL.

  67. seanrox Avatar

    perfect timing. I’ll keep ya updated…

  68. Robin Avatar

    This could have not come at a better time for me. This has been bookmarked for when I need a reminder to stop giving a fuck about people who aren’t worth giving a fuck about.

    Fucking inspiring.

  69. Greatgrammet Avatar

    At last, when you don’t give a fuck, you have permission to say so.

    Thanks to all.


  70. Josh Avatar

    Stoked to see you liberated from the need for approval from others! I’m grateful for coming to the same realization, but wish it happened sooner than my 32nd birthday. Definitely going to be helping my kids not suffer from this bizarre behavior.

    I really appreciate your use of socially unacceptable language in your posts and public content. Everyone thinks it anyway. Might as well let down the mask.

  71. Nidhi Sharma Avatar
    Nidhi Sharma

    I have been having a bad couple months where my self-respect and confidence had hit ground level. I knew what I had to do to fix things but sometimes you tend to ignore it and you need someone else to say it to you.

    This post definitely did it. Thanks for brightening up my day and for shaking me up!!!

  72. Tobey Deys Avatar

    wow. I have not (yet always do somehow) thought about 1970 for a long time, Julien. The only time in my life that I ever saw my father weep deep, wracking sobs was when the report came about Premier Laporte’s murder. My parents survived WW2 in Holland and came to Canada. To Montreal. The FLQ cut so close to what they had known and had lived. I remember the bombs – the news. It was terrifying. As a little kid more so, because my parents were terrified.
    ‘Just watch me’ forever instilled in me a deep respect for that man.

    But I digress.
    My comment is about “you will be dissuaded into living a life you aren’t interested in” because you’re living someone (or noone) else’s.

    Thank you, again, for you candor and your soul 🙂

  73. Erich Nolan Bertussi Davies Avatar

    Good shit homes.

    Some good shit.



  74. Diana Avatar

    Not giving a fuck is so liberating:))

  75. Chester Avatar

    Fuck this. What a pile of bullshit. And check out the ludicrous number of sycophantic posts this drivel has pulled. Bah!

    Of COURSE you need to give a fuck. Or at least seem to. People WANT you to agree with them. It’s what makes them feel listened to and happy.

    The real trick to getting ahead and getting what you want is to not give a fuck, WHILE LOOKING LIKE YOU’RE GIVING THE MOST IMMENSE FUCK IMAGINABLE. (Check out Bill Clinton, for example.)

    Now how to go about doing that would be the most interesting post imaginable. The one you’ve written here is simply how to be a normal and well-adjusted human being.

  76. Ann Sheybani Avatar

    For a people pleaser like me, this is manna from heaven. How great would it be to step up to confrontation, rather than avoid it just to steady the boat. Inside ,rage, outside, a tight little smile. So not cool.
    You rock, dude.

  77. Mark M Avatar

    So, at the risk of a barrage of f-bombs, I just have to ask about the profanity thing.

    You are obviously a very sharp guy. I really like Trust Agents and much of the stuff you write about on this blog. I’m sure its no surprise to you that many are put off by the profanity, and I’m pretty sure your response to them is not just to “F off,” Or, maybe it is – I’m genuinely curious.

    What up?

    1. Julien Avatar


      You can look at the whole interview with Jonathan Fields if you want the whole story, but the reason I use swear words is the same reason that other people choose not to. It is a decision based on what kind of impact it will have on people. Everyone is deciding all the time what kind of language they want to use to measure the effect their words will have. I use the word to help me leave an impact with what I say.

      That also means I’m alienating a few people, but that’s more than compensated for by the visibility the use of the word creates. Those who are offended will generally be quite demure (or silent) about it, so I barely hear about them.

  78. Aimee Davison Avatar

    In the words of the great Liza Minelli, “BALLS TO YOU!”

  79. Aimee Davison Avatar

    BALLS TO YOU! in context (possibly even better):

  80. Liz S Avatar

    The whole “not giving a fuck” thing reminds me a lot of The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. One of the 4 agreements is: Don’t take things personally. It is one I have been able to adopt into my life, and I find life is much less complicated as a result. Perhaps now I will work on caring less what others think of me…still a hard one for me to cope with!

    1. Julien Avatar

      Liz, it’s funny you should mention that. I’ve never read anything by him but I came across that exact set of principles, while writing this, on Reddit. I thought they were amazing. They may have influenced how I thought about this post.

  81. marko Avatar

    Wonderful post mate!

    Over and over, throughout the years I have heard people say how they wish they could be a fly on the wall listening to what people say/think about them.

    If you are an A-hole they will say you’re an A-hole. But most people are NOT A-holes, most people (when you get to know them long enough) are quirky.

    Seems to me that whatever your quirks are, that’s what people are likely to talk about…Quirks are what make people interesting, so I hope I develop even more of them as I get older…

    And when I do…Let them talk about my quirks….S’all good and who gives a crap anyway.

  82. Minha Avatar

    funny thought 1 ;
    what if our ‘leaders’ start following ‘FUCK THE WORLD’ theory ! 😉
    imagine , George W Bush addressing Obama as ‘fucked up shit! for he is doing nothing better then him ‘ in front of the whole world (though media of course;))

    funny thought 2 ;

    what if prisoners start proving themselves innocent by explaining the theory of ‘inner eye’ 😉
    goes like this,
    prisoner: ” i theft though my inner eye kept on telling ‘no’ but I DON’T GIVE A fuck! (told the truth ;)) ”

    what if students like me stand up in the middle of a boring class only to tell the teacher that the class SUCKS! (though my inner eye is telling me not to ;))

    ha! world will become such a better place for living!;)

    chucking many more thoughts, this is just to tell you that the article of yours is very inspiring sir.
    a friend of mine posted your blog in his blog (

    you should go read this blog. it is good 🙂
    and you are awesome! 😉

  83. starbaby Avatar

    You have a new fan. Lord, I wish this was written about 30 years ago, so I could’ve read it while in the process of becoming an adult. I’m usually at the other end of the spectrum, wearing my unlimited variety of masks to “fit the situation” and quite honestly, I’m tired of it. I shared this on my FB, so I’m sure you’ll be getting a lot more new fans as well. Bravo!

    1. Laura Avatar

      i think i feel the same way, always adapting to the situation before thinking what I actually want,, it helps to take this problem to extremes and to assure yourself you have the right of your own opinion/way!

  84. Anthem Salgado Avatar

    Wow, that was a really fun read. And one I’m sure can apply to so many people’s lives and situations. Thank you for the step by step guide! I’ll be sure to share with all the aspiring artists and entrepreneurs in my circle.

  85. Sean Clark Avatar


    Not giving a shit is the only way to get ahead but it’s more than an attitude it’s a frame of mind, a belief in what you are doing and why you are doing it. This article will resonate with anyone that has a passion for what they do. I know passion is this bull shit over used word that is so fashionable lately but it really is that simple. Do what you think is right, have respect for others, take advise where necessary but let the passion drive you, not what others may or may not think of you based on your actions.

    All the best

  86. Demut Avatar

    Oh wow, I’m glad that I only read the headlines because all of this doesn’t seem to go beyond the scope of how you should act when independently employing some sanity and reason.
    Damn you and your tweets, Daniel Lau, for tricking me into wasting 2 minutes of my life!

    But yeah, good for you and the people who need to be told stuff like that, Julien. Have fun with your “new life”, I guess.

  87. Static Avatar

    BALLZ to The Four Agreements – This is my new mantra!!

  88. Lee Avatar

    Agreed blog writer man. If I may be so bold (hey, fuck what you think anyway (; ) I would like to add a thought to your post… My tea bag told me today to “Appreciate yourself and honor your soul” – which seems to ring true with this post. I think what all of this really boils down to is all about genuine authenticity and building your relationship with yourself.
    It is OK to “give a fuck” about what others think, but you cannot let that concern grow greater than what you think of yourself. At the end of the day, we will all die alone and the thoughts that comfort us the most will be ones of following your passion and being true to yourself (the man in the mirror poem). From the comments it is obvious that most people can relate to the bitter taste left in your mouth from downplaying your own wants and needs to accommodate for what you think society wants from you.
    The world shines through us when we just be ourselves. We are creators and this life is our canvas. Do you want to paint a unique Picasso or a common convenience store post card?

    In closing, I think it is thought provoking to write about “not giving a fuck” but that is not the true end goal. The true end goal is to be authentic to yourself and let the grandest vision of the best thought about who you are, manifest in this world and become a shining beacon of truth and inspiration to the world. It is possible to “not give a fuck” and still be a jack-ass. But if you are 100% honest with yourself (sometimes we have blind-spots and this requires input from others to see the big picture) and take action on the direction that comes from within from that genuine state of mind, then your feet will find the path to satisfaction in this life. Cheers!

  89. The Dude Avatar
    The Dude

    “when people don’t like you, nothing actually happens.” you’ve never lived in my neighbourhood, when people hate you they beat you up.

    1. Jeff Avatar

      Congrats, Dude. I’ve been looking through the responses to see if anyone would notice this point. It’s not what people think of you, it’s what they DO about what they think. This is where the rubber meets the road, the acid test.

  90. Riot Nrrrdâ„¢ Avatar
    Riot Nrrrdâ„¢

    (Why does it say 92 responses when I only see 43?)

    Good stuff overall, Julian, but to be honest it could be somewhat summarized as “31-year-old discovers being Punk Rock, film at 11.”

    If you ever want to discover what it’s like to be invisible and that no one cares, just ride Tokyo’s trains & subways. You’ll become The Invisible Man and it’s somewhat unnerving, in a way. They are masters of Don’t Give A Fuck.

    Finally, re:

    “Once you begin on this path, you start to discover that practically everyone is capable of understanding the weird things that you do. In fact, it makes you interesting and worth paying attention to […]”

    That actually made me think of something Punk Rock that is, to some degree, completely in opposition:

    “It seems to me like the dividing line, kinda, between being a kid and being an adult is that when you are a kid, you want to impose yourself on the world and change the world to be like you, and be congratulated for being yourself.

    The other side of that line is you realize that the world itself is interesting, and you should take a look, instead of wanting it to pay attention at you.”

    – Richard Hell (Epilogue, in the extras of “The Filth And The Fury” DVD)

  91. Rohan Jayasekera Avatar
    Rohan Jayasekera

    Something you might like to edit: Pierre Laporte wasn’t Premier; he was Minister of Labour. Apparently he was also Vice-Premier but I don’t remember such a thing; I don’t think it was considered all that important (same today), and I believe it was his Labour cabinet post that made him the target. (BTW I was living in Montréal at that time, and once got woken up by an FLQ bomb that went off a few blocks away.)

  92. Albert Ciavolino Avatar
    Albert Ciavolino

    Brilliant! Honestly, I do all of these steps in some manner already. I’m one of those people who live with the filter off. I usually just try to be a smartass, but I get alot of strange looks due to this. After a while people just accept what I have to say. lol. Truthfully, I dont give a crap what people think of say about me. This article was well written, and made me realize that I really don’t give a fuck!


  93. Akshat Agha Avatar
    Akshat Agha

    Awesome post!!
    Truly inspiring… keep it up.

  94. nixn Avatar

    Nice article, well done. Congratulations on your new found attitude, however harshly aspired it may be. More than anything else, thank you for mentioniong ‘The Long Walk’, my number one favourite novel written by Richard Bachman aka Stephen King; never have I seen it mentioned before, and with all the lack of creativity in Hollywood, I can only hope one day it gets made into a movie, as long as it’s not directed by Uwe Boll. It can be downloaded from a lot of free ebook websites as a PDF, and I hope many of you read it, as I truely believe there is a ‘Ray Garraty’ in all of us. Enjoy it my friends, and to Julien, like Ray the protagonist in the novel, continue with your attitude and behaviour, even when the ‘walk’ is over. It will serve you better than it does him. You’ll understand this when you finish reading it. Also remember this last little peice of advice; Most people equate silence with wisdom, and stillness with depth … 🙂

  95. Jeff Avatar

    I think I hate you just a little bit because you’ve written what I have been thinking and trying to apply for a while…I guess I was afraid of what people might think…ooh that sucks..

  96. Charmaine Avatar

    I think Dr. Seuss would like this post 🙂

    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

  97. old_coot Avatar

    Unfortunately, actually stopping giving a fuck is harder than just telling yourself you’re not going to give a fuck anymore. I just hate everyone instead of caring, but that’s the opposite of what i’m supposed to do. I feel like trying to care about people or be nice to strangers would make me feel like a fool. Oh well

  98. Anon. Avatar

    Thank you for this. I’ve wasted way too much time worrying about other people judging me.

  99. william rogers Avatar
    william rogers

    I would have enjoyed your comments and taken them to heart but halfway through I realized I don’t give a fuck!!!!!

  100. DonW Avatar

    How can I be sure that my not giving a f*ck isn’t about making others think I don’t give a f*ck?

    1. john Avatar

      Then you are not really giving a fuck are you ??

  101. Rhonda Avatar

    This is the first blog post of yours I’ve read. Me? Subscribed.

  102. Robin Bal Avatar

    Yeah makes sense, don’t walk like you own the world, walk like you don’t give a shit who does. Talk like you own the Company you work for, talk like you drive a Ferrari, talk like you have a ten inch dick, people will look up to you. What people think of me I don’t give a F**k.

    Now whether you publish this comment or others don’t like it, I DON’T GIVE A F**K.

  103. JG Avatar

    You know, this all-seeing, all-knowing “eye” you refer to was known by Freud as the “Super-Ego” and it has more power than you think… just my two cents 🙂

    1. Jardley Avatar

      except it only has as much power as you give it.

  104. leah lewis Avatar
    leah lewis

    i love this article

  105. Steven Avatar

    Ive been doing this since I was about 5 😀 its a great lifsyle. I actually took after eminem and what he says in his music.

  106. carver Avatar

    There is also a positive side of offending people – it keeps assholes away. I recall a number of people that I’ve gone out of my way to offend. I consider it a defensive weapon against those I find offensive.

  107. Jeanie Davison Avatar

    Brilliant post! For too long I gave a fuck about what EVERYONE thought, but not any more!! 🙂

  108. Johan Avatar

    “I feel like trying to care about people or be nice to strangers would make me feel like a fool.”
    I’ve helped complete strangers several times, and I always feel good about it. Always. But I wish there was a way to teach me to stop giving a fu*k about all those idiots I end up driving behind… You know, all those fools driving 10-15km below the speedlimit, and when they are at a intersection, they ALWAYS wait extra long. There were three-four times they could have pressed down on that right foot, but nooooo. And when they FINALLY do drive, their car will need at least half a mile before they are driving at… 10-15 km/h below the speed limit. AAARGH! Why do I care? Why not give up, drive back home and drink myself into a stupor? 😉

  109. k3 Avatar

    amazing the people who subscribe to this and still will not enter the complete word FUCK!

    1. elizabeth homier Avatar
      elizabeth homier


  110. The Tartist Avatar

    Absolutely the dogs bollocks. It is all mind over matter. Those that mind don’t matter, those that matter don’t mind.

  111. Alastair Avatar

    Excellent article – one that I totally agree with. We need to stop worrying about what people think, learn to get over the way boundaries that have been socially ingrained into our thinking and allow ourselves to express how we feel.

  112. cappa x. Avatar
    cappa x.

    j’aime ca!

  113. Christine Seib Avatar

    I had a revelation my freshman year in college that I was taking myself too seriously and wasn’t having any fun. I vowed then to stop being prisoner to the fear that takes and to give myself full permission to be silly. It was, as you could probably figure out, life changing. I like to remind people to not only stop caring what other people think; stop being so damn critical of yourself, too. Not fearing foolishness is liberating.

  114. AJ Avatar

    History note – Pierre Laporte wasn’t the Premier of Quebec, he was the deputy premier and minister of labour. Robert Bourassa was the premier at the time.

    Great advice, of course, as usual.

  115. Geoff Schaadt Avatar

    Can’t say that I agree.

    I read it and I keep hearing “you have permission to be an asshole.”

    My worldview has long been this: there are two kinds of people, assholes and non-assholes. I choose not to spend my attention on the former.

    When I’m standing in line with my 9 year-old and my 5 year-old, and the people around us take the “fuck it” approach, I’m going to use any language I like, and I don’t care if it offends someone. Well. That offends me. Does this somehow improve their life? Perhaps, but I doubt it. Does it make my life worse? Without question.

    Just like skinning the cat,there are many routes to positive accomplishment without acting like a narcissistic, self-absorbed asshat. Treating those around us with respect and dignity, even when they don’t deserve it, should be revered, rewarded, and emulated. It’s called the “Golden” rule for a reason.

    1. GT Avatar

      I never understood it when my parents did it, and I don’t understand it now… do you think that controlling the airspace around your kid is going to stop him from ever hearing the world ‘Fuck’ in his whole life? If that’s not the aim, then what is? To retard his intellectual growth by making him think that the world is Sesame Street? That’s going to stand him in BAD stead. (I hardly ever swore until I started working at an economic modelling think tank – I was corrupted by the smartest men you’ll ever meet – and it was intensely liberating).

      There is some shit that invades people’s brains when the reproduce, and turns it into mush.

      If I ever decided to reproduce I would hope to teach my kid that war is wrong, that politicians are not to be trusted… and that those two things matter FAR more – a thousand times more – than whether or not someone drops the f-bomb.

      Another thing to remind your kids if someone swears near you: it’s impolite to listen to conversations if you’re not invited. In civilised society we call it fucking eavesdropping.

    2. joethestampede Avatar

      I think you stuck on the word fuck. He’s not talking about going around and saying fuck in a daycare. He’s telling people that there is no reason not to live your life freely.

  116. (what runs) Lori Avatar

    AMEN to this post and you for posting it. THANK YOU, also is in order. I think you just gave me the strength to go make the changes I NEED to make but have been too fucking scared to do.

    And I like profanity. It provides a stronger sense of urgency… or something. 😉

  117. Turbo Kitty Avatar

    I love everything you had to say and implement most of it in my daily life however … I also live in America and the particular area where I live, a lot of the members of my community openly wear weapons … it’s currently early summer here in 2011 as I write this and tensions are getting worse … especially among violent and non-violent people, though I still continue to practice being an individual. I am always keeping an eye over my shoulder now to see who might physically attack me next (it’s happened once already). How does one defend against being attacked and maintain one’s individuality? Those of us who are tried and true individuals are being singled out for community censorship and it would seem, the singled out is by any means necessary … fear

    1. gruhn Avatar

      Give yourself permission to not feel scared of things that aren’t happening. And be kind enough not to punish other people for things that happen only in your head.

    2. Jeff Avatar

      Thank you for being the second person in this conversation to notice that there can be real-world consequences for pushing the limits of tolerance. I notice the people who see this are the ones who live in places where people are quick to react physically to the lifestyle choices of others. People who don’t know that kind of life just dismiss your concerns, and tell you it’s all in your head.

  118. Bahieh K. Avatar

    Hi Julien,

    I definitely agree that it is liberating to live our life without being ruled by what we imagine others might think.

    Yet I have issues with some of the points you raised.

    – What you call ‘the eye’. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad think to sometimes filter our thoughts before expressing them!! In a sense it can be the ‘voice of wisdom’ guiding us or some kind of higher awareness. But what you mention here sounds more like a inner critic or inner censorship. So I think there’s a nuance between different kinds of eyes/inner voices.
    – About the F word (which seems to be an issue for many btw). I to sometimes use coarse language. But my current quest is how to have IMPACT without using such words. I admire people like Hiro Boga who can stir strong emotions in people with style and elegance. I’m ok with hearing the F word but sometimes I think it is overused just for the sake of it!! (like in the TV show ‘Six Feet Under’ where every other word was F***)

    While I don’t always agree with what you write I have a lot respect for you and your writing. 😉

    Thanks again for a well-written and thought-provoking post.

    Bahieh K.

  119. BFL Avatar

    I’ve been reading your stuff since my Husband died suddenly in Jan this year, he was a big fan of your writings but i was always too busy, i have started to do the things you talk about in this article, sorting the wheat from the chaff as it were, it’s very scary but it’s also quite liberating, i have rid myself of those not worthy of mine or my Husbands time or effort – thank you for giving me the help i needed to deal with the shit of greiving and that it is ok to tell people the truth and if they don’t like it well tough!

  120. Geri Avatar

    Not giving a fuck is a ‘skill’ and a conscious choice I have been working on for years. How difficult this proves to be depends on how dependant people are on others opinions for the ‘self-worth’ I guess. I think I’ve almost got this sucker nailed and it’s so refreshing to read an honest, direct (and humorous) ‘take’ on it. If you don’t like my comment my care factor is zero! *wink

  121. Olivier Blanchard Avatar

    … and then I started giving a fuck about not giving a fuck, and I pissed my pants.

  122. Mark Avatar

    Geoff Schaadt,

    I think I liked your comment better than I liked the post! Not caring is my natural bent – its easy. Its harder to care, and it also happens to improve things. Farting in elevators comes to mind…

  123. Kneale Mann Avatar

    I can say with absolutely certainty would win this joke of a Canadian election if Mr. Trudeau was still with us. And to your point about being an ass, no one, ever, has the right to do that. It’s funny how you stop caring so much when you realize the number one priority in most people’s lives is themselves. That’s not cynical, that’s behavioral. Treat your people well and stop trying to hope everyone will like you or you will end up like Michael Scott.

    I would say – great post – but you don’t care. 😉

  124. Mark Avatar

    If you’re hung up on others knowing you dont give a F*, then you probably still care too much about what others think.

  125. Sarah Avatar

    This is a great post. I used to be obsessed with needing everyone to like me. Then halfway through college, some people I thought were close friends decided to screw me over by spreading really nasty rumors about me. I’d been so eager to be everything to everyone that nobody really knew who *I* was… so of course nobody realized that the rumors weren’t true. I had, um, one friend left after that.

    Since then I’ve learned that if I just do what I think is right and makes sense for me, and don’t worry so much about being perfect for everyone else, maybe I have fewer friends, but they’re *real* friends, whom I can actually count on to have my back. I still get insecure on occasion, but I’m a lot more confident and life is so much easier now. I should really thank those asshole ex-“friends” who taught me that lesson the hard way.

    1. jitters Avatar

      wow! liked your post.

  126. Jacq Avatar

    Hooray. Welcome to the realizations that pretty much everyone over the age of 35 has already figured out.

    Reading suggestion to be prepared for the other realizations that will come: Roger’s Rules for Aging – a little article / excerpt here:,9171,54448,00.html

  127. Pissy Kitty Avatar

    I am so glad someone finally said something like this. I’ve got a potty mouth and am in-your-face about anything and everything going on in my life. I’ve often wondered if my behavior is appropriate or not, but have pressed on determined to be me at all cost.
    I am so glad that someone had the nerve to say it’s okay to fucking do whatever the hell it is I want! Thanks

  128. Ariana Avatar

    Should I give a f**k or not that uploader had not made this video available in my country (do i still live in US or am I back in USSR?)

  129. Paco-loco Avatar

    I’ve been an Atheist for most of my 72 years. I don’t give a fuck about god or anyone paying him/her homage. This, to me, is the ultimate ‘I don’t give a fuck.’ I don’t even argue about it any more. We’ll all return, at death, to where we were before birth…nowhere, zilch, absolute zero. I identified the control freaks (i.e. religious types & their ilk) peddling their wares since I was a kid & they know that I know their game.

    1. DragonsREpic Avatar

      I couldn’t agree more, I was born into a very religious family and in the end I came out an Atheist, and realized I shouldn’t give a fuck, and I never felt better, check out my comments or anything you like, hell im even on facebook, the ONLY thing I give a fuck about is my hobbies and because I live in America)the few people that I don’t know who loves me because I don’t believe. Being lonely is my only yet biggest problem.

  130. Paco-loco Avatar

    I already did…what next?

  131. Paco-loco Avatar

    I’ve been an Atheist for most of my 72 yrs…Do I give a fuck about what other people think, shit no.
    The pie in the sky is way too high…Heaven, hell? The myth about Santa Claus & the Tooth Fairy are more believable. I going to where I was before birth: nowhere, zip…

  132. Megan K. Avatar

    um. Fuck..Yeah.

  133. Dina Avatar

    You may want to check in with other folks who’ve walked the Camino in the vibram five-fingers to see if they’re really adequate… I walked the Via de la Plata and part of the Route d’Arles, the latter which was filled with tiny, sole-ripping jagged stones; I had nice thick-soled sneakers and yet wished wished wished I had boots! Pretty torturous. So, just something to think about. (Admitting I have never worn the 5-fingers, so they may be perfect!)

  134. Kali Avatar

    Thank God, I’ve been living like this for years now. Seems I’m not as dumb as I always thought, but nice to see it so nicely summed up 🙂

  135. Jennifer Avatar

  136. Sirkowski Avatar

    Self-help guru bullshit.

  137. doloras Avatar

    “when people don’t like you, nothing actually happens.”

    Er, that’s just not true. They gossip about you, stab you in the back, make your life more difficult. Ten years later you find you are barred from something you’ve been working for for so long because you find that someone who doesn’t like you has taken that moment to exact their petty revenge.

    It is simply not safe to let people not like you.

    1. GT Avatar

      Doloras – I think he’s just talking about ‘normal’ versions of not liking. If it degenerates into psycho stalky-ness, then you need to take action.

      I speak from personal experience here: a personal beef with a 5’5″ Frenchman led to all manner of accusations being levelled at me (and The Lovely) in 2007/8 which hurt our reputation, short-term.

      At the end of the day you make a decision: if some jackass is prepared to believe random whit they read on the internet (or from a cold-call e-mail) your life is probably better off without them. So The Lovely is back working too many hours as a lawyer (tonight she is in Parliament listening to the debate session of a bill her team wrote), and I am on the cusp of finishing the deal that was hijacked by the defamatory (and frankly only quasi-literate) horse-shit.

      I never even demanded that it be unpublished: I don’t give a fuck about the opinion of anyone who believes what they read about me on the internet.

      I have given – and continue to give – due consideration to paying someone to put a hurtin’ on the aforementioned Frenchman (such services are amazingly inexpensive if the target is in LA; $500 gets him beaten unconscious three times in a month, $1500 gets him dead), but my intrinsic sweet nature prevents it.

      Plus, The Lovely would never forgive me. About her, I give a fuck.

    2. Kristi Avatar

      This is exactly what I was about to write. Although overall, I find this blog post to be hands down the best I’ve ever read in my life. But this fact is simply not true, and it’s misleading when people say such things. I’ve heard it said a lot from various teachers of self-awareness or personal development… like, “If someone doesn’t like you, that’s their business. It doesn’t really affect you.” People who hold that belief have never been on the receiving end of such horrible experiences as character assassination or covertly aggressive workplace bullying. So it is simply not true across the board that nothing happens if someone doesn’t like you. For most normal personalities, yes, it probably is for the most part true. But if someone with a low-level of moral development, and/or lack of conscience, and/or a covertly aggressive personality doesn’t like another person, immense, lasting, and generally untreatable harm can result.

  138. Josh Nursing Avatar

    Neither do I, and I am much better for it. I’ve never been so busy apparently and things are moving forward at blistering pace.

    BTW, I am due for a new haircut.

  139. anon Avatar

    Go ahead, keep cursing, keep telling yourself you don’t care. But the truth of the matter is the following: that hate and profanity are tools of the powerless.

  140. Graham Day Avatar
    Graham Day

    Some years ago I realised that the nagging feeling I had carried with me all me life, a cloud, was defensiveness. I lived in that cloud of defensiveness. Defensiveness bled into everything. Since I became aware of that, being assertive has become so much easier.
    (Interesting to stumble this post. Had coffee with a friend this morning and we were discussing people being slaves to the opinions of others. We didn’t exclude ourselves from this but were happy we had made some progress getting past the slavery.)

    All the best to you

  141. nintendan Avatar

    Every time I see an article like this, I can’t help but wonder why Buddhist meditation practices aren’t mentioned. For as long as they’ve been around (2500 years), they’ve offered people practical tools to work with their minds – far more effective than mere advice. Meditation works directly with such common afflictions like difficult emotions, self-defeating thought patterns, perceptions; basically, any kind of mental suffering that a person of full faculties (Most people reading this) can experience, can be thoroughly and permanently alleviated through Buddhist meditation.

  142. Brian Delbenes Avatar
    Brian Delbenes

    Good read..

  143. TheRafMan Avatar

    I hate your blog background but I know you don’t give a shit now…
    Glad to see a good post like this, I saw the light a while ago and never looked back, I can tell you that you will find out in a hurry who your true friends are and they will love you for it.
    BTW, Here is something you should include in the post:

    PS: Seriously, your blog background hurts my eyes, you should just make it a solid color background… were you drunk or high when you chose it?


  144. Fernando Avatar

    Excelent article. This kind of person is also like Nietzsche’s “Superman”: since I read about it I have always wanted to get there, but for differents reasons I could not. Today I tell you that I will shut the fuck up my eye one way or another.
    My congratulations for your article from Argentina! 😉

  145. Dianusska Avatar


  146. kristen Avatar

    oh, I need to read this daily with my morning coffee while listening to ceelo’s “FUCK YOU”…awesome!

  147. Elle Avatar

    fucking yes. i needed some advice like this, thankyou so much!

  148. joshua lance Avatar

    Wow, this post is very powerful, speaks to me on many different levels. Love it, love it, fuckin love it! I never read anything so provacative like this. If a politician said this, they would have a good chance of becoming president, because the people can relate to this!

    1. sara charles Avatar
      sara charles

      I was readin ur post an I like it.It has really
      Helped.I have pissed a lot of ppl off but
      Who really cares so I just wanted to say thanks
      Cause of ur post I’ve got some of those
      Ppl off my back..some of them won’t
      Even look at me any more it’s great.
      Thanks once again

  149. soneil Avatar

    i like it , everything u said is so true. i will like to learn how to ignore people more , i find this very difficult

  150. Alberto Suriel Avatar
    Alberto Suriel

    Excellents words men, also very true and conforting article, its really helping me to understand things better, you should write some more, thanks

  151. brianlmerritt Avatar

    Great blog/guide/article

    The essential step is the last one – pressing the reboot key.

    Control-Alt-Delete your life!

  152. Someone who doesn't give a fuck Avatar
    Someone who doesn’t give a fuck

    Nice,i like how you named our self-controled,rational thought ‘the eye’.I hate this ‘the eye’,and i want it out of me.

  153. Shamim Avatar

    What’s your path !

  154. Mandy Avatar

    Thank you.

  155. Prayag Avatar

    That’s the dude’s *Lebowski* way of living, MAN ! 🙂

  156. Thyca Avatar

    I’ve just cracked another piece of my own puzzle to true freedom by reading your well written text. “Be nice” is what I’ve heard all my life, I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t nice to begin with!!! Damn ‘Eye’, great visual btw! Thank you, very inspiring! Keep telling your truth, it does have a positive impact!:)

  157. Eklyptic Avatar

    Great article! Thank you.

  158. Kat Avatar

    “Once we’re in one (with family, a spouse, whatever), we promptly begin to take the other person for granted and move on to impressing strangers instead”

    This has actually never happened to me.
    I have never wanted to impress people or taken them for granted…

  159. iamciarabrown Avatar

    Thank u for this! This is spot on how I been feeling!

  160. Muhammad B Avatar
    Muhammad B

    Cant tell you how much this post has helped.
    It seems that every time i read this i learn something new.
    I love all your posts btw!

  161. archer Avatar

    great self analysis! focus should be the steps towards fixing this EYE. steps that would help regain that long gone buried, blurred perception as i’m in me mid 30’s already. Need to do some more similar deliberate actions like the ones you mentioned in your post ” Wear something ugly. Do something stupid. Tell someone the truth “

  162. Alex Avatar

    I am inspired to go get whipped by a dominatrix.

  163. Harbing Avatar

    See, I hear a lot about this “Not Giving a Fuck” mentality, and while it sounds great I just can’t put it into practice for one simple reason.

    It makes me suicidally depressed. I don’t know why (well I do, but that’s out of the scope of this comment) but this kind of mentality just causes me to become overcome with depression and apathy.

    So to anyone else reading this who has a similar feelings: That’s alright and there is nothing wrong with caring about things. It’s alright to care about people and some things in life are worth giving a fuck about.

    1. Nfgurl Avatar

      Compassion and caring are separate from expecting things in return (like approval or reciprocation). If you can be strong enough to be good to others while not letting their failings affect you negatively, the better off you are mentally and emotionally.

  164. paul t meyer Avatar
    paul t meyer

    Thanks bro, good read for sure. This approach would benefit so many.

  165. Shubham Avatar

    I m a hero………….

  166. anastazja Avatar


  167. Ten Avatar

    I came across your post through a keyboard mash-up heading to another site. Bloody lovely post brother!

    1. Stella Avatar

      Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgheitned my day!

  168. ultimate slacker Avatar
    ultimate slacker

    some poigant truthful and important messages, glad to have read it, but I only read this coz I have an exam coming up and I’m avioding study! As much as I’d love to not give a F***… near impossible. But I genuinely will try. Love the bit about mind reading. When it comes to that I’m bloody telepathic.

  169. Linda Marie Avatar
    Linda Marie

    I’m in my mid-60’s. My mom used to say, “Don’t worry about what everyone else is thinking. They’re not paying any attention to you anyway.” This can be heard 2 ways – it doesn’t fuckin’ matter, or omigod, nooobody luvs me. I choose WFE-say “wiffy”- (What Fuckin Ever), either way. I don’t even know how I got to this blog, but it could save folks lots of money on counselors and psychologists! I laugh everytime I look at it.

  170. Latoya Avatar


  171. A name Avatar
    A name


    by the way, your floating menu is kind of annoying, just saying.

  172. D Avatar

    lots of people seem to give a fuck about not giving a fuck :F

  173. Amanda Avatar

    lol, “I looked fucking ridiculous”. I went to Easter last year dressed as a festive egg and it was absurd…but felt great

  174. UM Avatar

    I agree 100%. I have found that not giving a fuck makes others around you resentful and trying to drag you into their own misery. Still, that’s better than giving a fuck.

  175. Joel Avatar

    This paragraph would suggest giving a fuck.

    If you dismiss the things that do not matter; if you remove those things from your mind and focus on what must be done; if you understand that your time is limited and decide to work now; only then will you be able to get to the finish line. Otherwise, you will be dissuaded into living a life you aren’t interested in.

  176. Paul Avatar

    Great points cool blog!

    Its interesting how we all interpritate “Not Giving A Fuck” to mean. Its can of worms. For me its about being Real & True to oneself.As an example waiting in line for tickets and someone bumps the cue who happens to be huge tower of a guy.And no one says anything to him. I refuse to stand by idly and say nothing. Now he may not give a fuck about us.But my principals wont allow me to stand by and say nothing. So I very loudly challenged him verbally that “just because he’s big doesnt give you the fucking right to insult all us by jumping the cue”! Honestly I was expecting to get thumped being small guy.But I had to get it off my chest either way.He actually left funnily enough.

  177. josh Avatar

    I have always used the phrase “If people worried about their own problems, they would not have time to worry about mine.” Now i have a new notion (thank you, for the insight, might i add) “i dont give a FUCK, thank you very much!!” hell yeah, i already feal good and ive only been practicing in the mirror, LMFOA!!!~!~!~

  178. jeff Avatar

    nice….well put and simple to understand for beginners.i never gave a fuck… but i went over bored.And didnt care about family,,right and wrong,Purpose.And created my own little hell.Im on my way out of there now.I love my family and will kill anyone who hurts them.I love myself my life and this world.YOU NEED PURPOSE ONCE YOUR GROWN!!! Or you will be nothing till death.Remember the most hateful humans in the world use good as a tool to blind you and there doing a really good job of it.They will turn you into a soulless useless shell.look in your heart you will find it..what makes you a miracle.

  179. Freelee Avatar

    Thanks for the inspiration . I just posted this on facebook fan page>>

    How many of us really tell the truth to those around us? You may say ‘oh but truth is subjective’ well I don’t buy it. The truth is the truth. For example while I’m posting this paragraph over 100,000 animals have been slaughtered to death in the US. It doesn’t mean we have to be a prick when we speak up, but does this World really need another conditioned person who follows the herd? Another conflict-avoidant person? Isn’t it time we just dropped societies ideals of what is the ‘right way to behave’ and call *bullshit* when we see/hear it.

  180. Freelee Avatar

    And I know you won’t give a fuck that I used some of your phrases, even if you did, I don’t give a fuck 😉

  181. doesnt matter Avatar
    doesnt matter

    Ahhhh i fucking hate school people always talking shit about you behind your back and too much fucking drama but you know what from this point on i dont even give a fuck about anything anymore peace out biches
    #Fuck You! ;D

  182. brian Avatar

    Quite liberating blog. Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but my Dad imparted this bit of wisdom that I’ve carried forth 40 years later=”somebody is always watching you.” And, I have found that in every job, social situation, or family event, someone is constantly evaluating you or making judgements. And so, because of this, I have learned not to give two shits what people think. Do I still get bothered? Some. For instance, I have some asshole lady at work who has been nothing but rude, snobby, won’t even look me in my eyes. And, it’s natural to think, What in the hell have I done.” Once that stage is past, I have learned to push their shit back on them twice as hard. And, no matter what, don’t pacify, plead, bargain or hint at peace. If they want to make peace, let them make the first move. They started the war, they can initiate the peace treaty.

  183. Kit Avatar

    FUCK!!!! Nice Blog man…. have been pleasing everyone for quite sometime now, and its damn depressing…thanks a lot!!!

  184. jerry Avatar

    fuck yeah Im drunk but it does make sense
    I grew up in a fucking evil environment as a single child negotioting peace all the time fuck that and start change i wanted to stop this shit but biggest revenge is getting succesfull and happy yourself

  185. Anthony Avatar

    The first video is pretty funny. I mean jon lajoie is hilarious! You can watch the first video with the second video, if you want to download it.

  186. Neal Avatar

    I asked my cousin for the best advice he could offer me when I was 16 and he said: “stop giving a fuck.” I wasn’t sure how I would go about accomplishing this but I soon just began saying I don’t give a fuck and it is almost like magic. The things I desired most in life I started saying I didn’t give a fuck about them. For example I wanted this girl badly in high school and tried to get with her and it failed miserably. I was pretty hurt and lost my confidence.

    So in college I wanted to get a lot of girls so I started not giving a fuck about getting women and all of a sudden I was getting numbers and having fun with them with little effort. By not caring about what I desired it felt as if the universe somehow needed to grab my attention by giving me anything that I wanted. So I just started to not give a fuck more and my confidence boosted and most importantly I FELT GOOD. I was happy and comfortable wherever I went and whoever I spoke to.

    **The only bad thing was that I was not giving a fuck but didn’t know WHY. I started questioning why I didn’t give a fuck and kind of lost my mind at that moment. I went into a small depression and was trying to figure out who I was. But now I understand that for me, at least, not giving a fuck is the only way I can be sane and be confident. So don’t feel bad if you started giving a fuck about why you didn’t give a fuck because eventually you will not give a fuck again but this time you will know why you don’t give a fuck.

    By the way this is a great post and the only legit article that is out there on how to not give a fuck. Great job and I still don’t give a fuck haha.

  187. John Avatar

    I don’t believe I just read that. There are other people that think this way too!?!?!? Well that irks me a bit, because I have been living my life to this “bible” for 20 years, half my life! But I am still as un-popular as I was in High School. No close friends anymore. Maybe I feel too strongly about the philosophies written above and it has been my un-doing. Maybe there are just too many wankers around today. Maybe I’m just still a skinny ugly-ass nerd. I have found myself cutting friends off because they don’t give a fuck. Especially this year when I turned 40 and not one person, friend nor family, acknowledged the fact it was my 40th. I believe in what is written above, but now I’m asking the question…can you take this attitude too far? Maybe I have.

    1. Wendy Avatar

      Happy Birthday! I think there has to be a balance. Not giving a crap about what others think is ok as long as you’re not doing it deliberately to hurt anyone.

      I think the point of all of this is for those who truly get hurt by the crappy opinions and tasteless judgment of others who simply don’t care because they aren’t affected by it themselves.

      I’m thinking maybe just as a defense mechanism which one teaches oneself to use only when there’s a need for it & not something that has to become a facet of your personality. Like learning to let the petty stuff go and not over think it.

  188. but if ur... Avatar
    but if ur…

    but if you got no friends?
    i dont have them, so…

  189. jim Avatar

    Hi do you realise the seriouse nature of your blog.
    your bloggs should be stopped!!! You stand a good chance of upsetting the poor curtain twitchers that have nothing in their lives to do but enjoying themselves putting people down.Who gives a fuck if it hurts someone else if the curtain twichers of the world run out of less confident people.The curtain twichers will have nothing to exist for, their may be mass suicide or even worse they may go back to watching eastenders or the jerry springer show.
    Seriously great blog you are an inspiration. Keep up the good work
    Jim Evans (facebook)southminster england.

  190. W. Baird Avatar
    W. Baird

    Of course the whole thing about the Julien Smith proposal is that it is also a charter for rude, ignorant and thoroughly f**ked up behaviour with some consequences in alarming others who are only going about their completely innocent drone lives. You see yobbism and vandalism does rely on doing what you like and ‘It doesn’t f**king matter’.


  191. Mark Avatar

    Love your blog. For years I really cared what everyone else was thinking. I grew up at 45 and realised that nobody really cares except your real friends. I was locked in a prison for years worryng what they thought. Now I think F*** them . I have never been happier.

  192. MR FUCK Avatar

    fuck you all, cunts.


  193. Jean Avatar


  194. Nasim Avatar

    clearly explained everything, awesome!

  195. Charles Jenkinson Avatar
    Charles Jenkinson

    Interesting blog. I arrived here because I searched under ‘you only really get to know those you work or live with’. The consequence being that any other associations have minimal opportunities for shoulder rubbing. That being the case I may as well throw in your direction what I thought. I think you are ‘prophetic’ – you see how things work before most others do. ‘The eye’ is your God given conscience – which can be obeyed or disobeyed – it rarely stops working entirely, but can be dulled by continuous unidirectional choices. ‘Not giving a fuck’ – this is embracing faith over and above fear. …I always end up coming round to the view that my belief about things is not as important as God’s view, and maybe that’s why I’m writing this. Best regards, Charles

    1. It's Sarah Motherfucker! Avatar
      It’s Sarah Motherfucker!

      That reminds me. I don’t happen to believe in God and a lot of people would like to see me stoned in the streets for that, but fuck em. To me, though, the “eye” is all too real. It seems like many of you don’t live in America (haven’t looked at all the comments), but the government CAN actually hurt u if they don’t like you or what you have to say. I’m not scared of terrorists, I’m scared of my own government. If you are suspected of being a terrorist, they are allowed to tap your phone, look at what websites you visit, what you buy with your credit cards, whatever. Even if you don’t say anything terrorist-like, there are at least two totally bullshit criteria that they can use to put u under surveillance: 1. missing an arm, leg, or both 2. having large amounts of food or water stored at your home. So it’s hard when no one, not even my family, wants me to “start anything”. I’d rather die standing up for what I believe in than suck up to the fucking government. So fuck them and they can come fucking assassinate me if they want. Believe me, I’m soooo trying not to give a fuck, but then the family doesn’t want me to die, blah, blah, blah, i’m so fuckin aggravated. And if anyone tells me to find Jesus, NO. Not my cup of tea, not really looking for him.

  196. rickert mork Avatar
    rickert mork

    People are you all out of your fucking minds? you have left it all behind under the carpet in the closet deep in yourself somewhere abandoned by you, or who you think you are. I gave a fuck for about a year simply because i listened to what my foolish elders said. then after being whirled around in a sea of shit i was like fuck this shit its cold and stinky in this shit fucken gotta get out. so moral of the unfinished story of mine fuck you fuck everything fuck it all oh yea and fuck that guy standing over there, he looks funny.

  197. Simon Avatar


    I started realising this on my 20th birthday (this year) I said to myself, I am almost an adult now (in my coumtry your truly adult at 21) nobody can walk over me like i’m some teenager that needs schooling from society. Fuck this shit, I find my own way and so far this attitude brought me more faster.

    Great post dude

  198. Chaz Avatar

    Haha I finally find it. 🙂 The words to describe the way I have been living my life for as long as I can remember. I have posted this on facebook, and am going to tell more people about you. Not that you give a fuck but I’m giving you credit.

  199. Katie Avatar

    Best … advice … ever. It would be great to be able to speak about this at schools, perhaps it would mean a much more socially efficient and connective society. Somehow though I feel that wont work so well as youth lends itself to a primal inner competitor. This is exactly what we all need to know upon entering maturity, whatever that age may be.

  200. R.Alexandra Avatar

    I think I need to read this often.Thank you for writing it !

  201. joe Avatar

    if you build it they will come; and then blow it up and run away laughing, glad they joined the castle trying to be king big fuck, king of all the little fucks.

  202. Vaughn Avatar

    I really loved reading this. Wish there was more…. hoping i can take all of this to mind and start a change.

  203. bman Avatar

    So true and great article. Not giving a FUCK really does count, we do not live in kind times nor with a caring world. People do not give a crap what happens in your life and from now on I have to say, day 1, time to change, no more mister nice guy and being compliant. Make change happen and use your intelligence and worldliness to put the other guy aside. DO NOT be a Lemming! Great article and thank you! Cheers!

  204. Melissa Avatar

    This is a great post! I had to scroll down for what seemed like ten minutes just so I could post a comment. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes its easy to not to give a fuck, and sometimes it’s difficult, (depending on the circumstances) regardless of how strong we try to be. We are all human, after all. But being the softy, yet painfully honest person that I am. Your article has definitely inspired moi. Again thank you for your words of wisdom. 🙂 Happy 2012!

  205. JJ Avatar

    I’ve had a tough year and am so glad I found your ‘bit’ online. When I thought I didn’t have any way out I read what you wrote. Thank you. I think you may have just stopped me from doing something really bad. Thank you. There should be more people like you on this earth. God bless….. JJ

  206. pmosby Avatar

    a huge part of the problem for me is the internet, im a comment section/forum addict. No more of that, at the end of the day its probably some fat slob with bits of pizza on his shirt trying to bring me down, who gives a fuck what he/she thinks, losers opinions shouldn’t count, this is the 1st day of me trying, but Im making an effort to completely stop reading comment section,AND only read articles/updates in the forums/newspapers. Wish me luck, because I won’t look at your responses, nor give a damn what they say.

  207. Danny Avatar


  208. Maahi Avatar

    Just what I needed and wanted 🙂 Thanks!

  209. Ashley Hewitt Avatar

    That was awesome! I’ll admit that I care wayyyy too much about what the people I work with think of me. NO MORE! it’s time to put these bitches in their place!

  210. GSMF Avatar

    Good shit, mother fucker! Keep it up!

  211. Bo Lutes Avatar
    Bo Lutes

    I agree it is more important to care about what “you think” and to let others know what you think. Stand for your values and stand your ground but in doing so it is not necessary, most of the time, to piss everyone off. The skill is to speak your piece so that others will hear the message and respect you for saying what you have to say. Most people won’t for fear of offending others. Speak your piece, don’t make it personal and let others know you will stand for what you believe in. If more people did this there would be less racism and other forms of attacks on minorities. Good luck on this quest. Did I mention I am 65 and still trying to figure this one out but I am getting better at it! Bob

  212. Tom Keegan Avatar
    Tom Keegan

    This article came on my birthday. It’s changing my life because I have been facing this problem. I have been spending most of my time in my room brooding and caring and even being depressed to the point of feeling alien from myself. And the answer is simple. Just stop giving a fuck. Don’t care what they think about you and spend more time on caring about the people that do matter and you’ll just feel better in the long run. Thank you! This article means a lot to me!

  213. Avatar

    Everything you said at the begginning is me. Even the fact that I am 31years old, I REAALLLY need to practise those rules.

  214. kkodran Avatar

    whoa man. this is soooo helpful! thanks a lot

  215. It's Sarah Motherfucker! Avatar
    It’s Sarah Motherfucker!

    Thanks for the blog post. I keep writing and deleting comments, so let me try to keep it short. I came online because I have no one on earth to talk to when I go into panic attack mode. I’m scared to be open with my psychiatrist because she knows I think about suicide most of the time and I’m not taking care of myself. I can’t kill myself because I could never do that to parents. NEVER. I’m 30 yrs old, got fired from my last job for being “abnormal” (yes, really), and I have no one to talk to. I was having a panic attack, but had nothing to do to release the aggression except cry and pace around. I googled “I want to kill myself right fucking now, i need help, and don’t want to hear any fucking corny bullshit”, and your page came up somewhere on the first page. If anything, it was very refreshing to read and made me stop crying, so thanks for that. I’m just aggravated because I’m a nurse, I give tons of a fuck about my patients, and not the least little tiny fuck about my “haters”. The only problem is, “nursing is a privilege, not a right”, so it doesn’t matter to my bosses and co-workers if all my patients and their families love me, because I’m “abnormal”. Do I give a fuck? Hell no. But do I want a job and to remain independent? Yes. So I basically have to ACT like I give a fuck, which kills my very soul. Some nurses are evil bitches, so I’ve tried the not give a fuck approach, now I need to learn how to appear that I give a tremendous fuck when I really could care less. It pisses me off that people actually can hurt u by not liking you by fucking with ur money and livelihood.
    Anyway, I originally wanted to post because I found it quite ironic that I clicked on the video link to watch the clip of “Just Watch Me”, and speaking of censorship, i got a comment saying, that the original person who posted that video on YouTube has not allowed it to be viewed in the United States. Oh, well. Fuck it…lol
    I fucking love u for making me smile in a suicidal moment.

    1. Kate Avatar

      are you OK?

  216. Lost Avatar

    This all describes me, how I act and how I think but no matter how much I want to I can’t do it! Going out in public with something totally ridiculous on for personal embarrassment I can’t do it. I was picked on for all of my child hood life and I know it all leads back to this but I just don’t wanna care what people say or think of me anymore I just wanna worry about ME! I often wonder if maybe I actually need to go to a physiologist and see if they can help. What do you guys think?

  217. Lost Avatar

    This all describes me, how I act and how I think but no matter how much I want to I can’t do it! Going out in public with something totally ridiculous on for personal embarrassment I can’t do it. I was picked on for all of my child hood life and I know it all leads back to this but I just don’t wanna care what people say or think of me anymore I just wanna worry about ME! I often wonder if maybe I actually need to go to a physiologist and see if they can help. What do you guys think?

    1. Natalie King Avatar

      I just read your comment and it could have been something i would write! I was thinking of contacting my doctor today to be referred to a counsellor to talk about all the madness in my head, but i found this blog and it really rang a chord with me – all my life I’ve been worried that I’m not liked, sometimes to the point of depression, all the way from school till now (I’m 32) and its culminated this week with a group of friends. I was doing my usual worrying that i was being left out of activities and being talked about behind my back and i suddenly realised – ‘I’m 32’!!! I’m not 10 – I’m an adult now – i can make my own choices about who i let into my life! Ive become a different person, trying to please everyone around me that all I’ve actually done is alienate them and make them think I’m this paranoid weirdo! today is the first day of the rest of my life, join me on my walk into the rest of my life, loser free with my head held high! xx

  218. Cosmos Avatar

    This blog hits home for me.. I was online looking for something totally unrelated and i found your article, but I’m glad I did cause it makes perfect sense. There’s a quote that says “it ain’t what they call you, its what you answer to!” So many times in life we try to please people who arent worth it. And we lose ourselves in the process.. Fuck the the bullshit from outsiders, keep it 100 within yourself and strive for perfection..! Its been tough to be yourself at times but I think I’m just about done keeping ‘strangers’ happy. And it feels sooo good to speak the truth, my soul’s at ease, so like it or not, I DON’T GIVE A FUUUUCK…lmao!!

  219. Talia F Avatar
    Talia F

    I was searching randomly and happened to come across this site. It was like kismet or something, and exactly what I needed at the moment to put things back into perspective.

    You can’t hold yourself back from doing what you truly desire in life because of how others may perceive you. You can’t remain in a worthless state because of all the past wrongdoings against you. You can’t live trying to please everyone, or have any expectations of others. You can only care and believe in yourself and move on. At the end of it all, no one’s going to live life for you, and no one’s going to give a fuck if you don’t live it for yourself.

  220. Kayleigh Avatar

    Awesome article, love it. Thumbsup. I apply this anyway – but thanks for confirming, and putting it out there.

  221. MasacruAlex Avatar

    That’s a great article. Good work.

  222. Saqib Avatar

    Awefuckingsome. Thank you.

  223. Król Julian Anonymous Avatar
    Król Julian Anonymous

    How I found this website? Googled the words “how the fuck do you feel right now”. I really did not hope to find something valuable. And here you are.
    I don’t like Stephen King. He’s cruel when describing killing animals.
    And now I think I’m going to learn how to play keyboard.
    Don’t worry if you can’t understand me (I’m sure you won’t give a fuck anyway).
    Thanks to remind me the biggest bitch is the bitch inside me.

  224. Steph Avatar

    I love it!!

    “What people truly respect is when you draw the line and say “you will go no further.” They may not like this behaviour…”

    I find that sometimes I also have to draw that line with people who I do like & who I am close to and I find that they don’t usually like it very well either! Nobody likes it when you tell them NO- but that’s too bad (I guess your phrasing is a little better).

    1. T.F. Avatar


  225. Rina Avatar

    Love this, love the way you write and think!

  226. Hope2002 Avatar

    You’re an idiot. You realize that, right?

  227. Morwenna Tamar Billingham Avatar
    Morwenna Tamar Billingham

    FECK YEAH! You are the awesomest person in the world! I thought I was the only one who thinks no one should give a crap about what others think! WOO!

  228. olivia Avatar

    Thank you so much for this. Something just happened to me that made me see what my “friend” really thinks of me, and so I have been contemplating what others think. This helped me realize that I really don’t need to give a fuck, because I am me and if they don’t like me, I ‘ll find someone that does.

  229. daz Avatar

    Trying not to give a fuck but my eye is too strong.

  230. Salezlady Avatar

    Funny thing for me is that I am being adult bullied a job that I’ve been at for less than four months. It is a small organization and the only way for me to get along with these people would be for me to tuck my tail, swallow my pride and give a fuck what they think! I’m pissed. In other situations, I have historically spoken my mind, but just recently due to the size of the organization and the overpowering nature of acceptance of these behaviors, I’ve stopped talking about it…today I’m saying FUCK IT! Bring this shit on! I will no longer be humiliated by people who pretend to have my best interest at heart and are disrespecting me in front of my team and behind my back!FFFFFF IT!!!!
    Thank you for writing this!

  231. problem? Avatar


  232. Natalie King Avatar

    Im so pleased that i found your blog, i poured over this whole article – its me!
    Ive always been someone who has struggled to keep friendships because my paranoia about what they are saying about me behind my back has eventually pushed them away. My ‘eye’ is a big one and never switches off! Im currently struggling with a group of friends who used to all be close and a year down the line is starting to split off into smaller groups, none of which I’m involved in. Its really painful to be let down by ‘friends’ but then i realised that they arent really friends at all! They feed off the ass licking of the others that are ‘accepted’ and I’ve figured out that no matter how much ego massaging i do, they don’t like me any the more for it!
    Thank you for the verbal smack in the chops and for making me wise up to it all – time to find some genuine friends who like me for me and not for the me I’ve been pretending to be xx

  233. Niqua Avatar

    I have Aspergers and I don’t give a fuck about anything 🙂 I offend people daily care factor zippo!!!

  234. Dev Avatar

    Thanks for opening my fucking eyes!
    I used to feel like such a pussy, but after reading some of you inspirational articles i have changed my life. You are ridding the world of pussies one at a time! 😉

  235. someone Avatar

    I care sooo much what people think of me. it is easy to say dont giie a fuck, but hard to put it into practice. i i here that someone at school has been talking about me behind my back i go into this strange mode where it feels like my whole body has seized up… im sure thats not normal…. and i dont talk eat or even drink as i am in this strange feeling that i do not know hoow to describe. this girl at school said “why is she sitting with us” regarding me and i cried all night. i mean how dumb is that.. i think i mignt need help. anyone else feel like this?

  236. brandon Avatar

    man this website helped me so much i remember spending like 25 mins on perfecting my short hair lol and as a guy your ussally thinking my hair is good enough. But now im just like i dont give a fuck about it anymore, my ex gf and best friend started dating from my help idk how i helped them but i told them the truth of her being a slut and i feel GREAT

  237. Kimpeccable Avatar

    Someone posted “How to Change Your Life” from this blog on Facebook–it was so invigorating that I began reading from the archive.

    I have read ad infinitum about learned helplessness, the power of positive thinking, re-training the brain, etc., but you have elevated motivational training into an art: easily assimilatable, inspirational, pragmatic. I particularly like the no-sugarcoating tone.

    The Nike ad exhorts: just do it; however, much as people say they want to change, they have to have the tools and the right spiritual cheerleader to motivate them enough so they learn to motivate themselves. Easier said than done, but if you really seek change and have the commitment and perseverance to it, it can be done.

    Kudos on a terrific blog.

  238. Tammy Avatar

    I try to get past the hate, the haters, but there is too much of it in my life. Without that I have nothing! Sad. Is nothing better?

  239. Michael Avatar

    See, there is a fine line between being someone who doesn’t care and being an arsehole. How you take peoples judgment is what is important but if the not caring attitude makes you behave cold or makes you rude towards others, then you become an arsehole. I’m sure you don’t care but just watch and see how the people around you start to treat you for the worse, if you act like the latter part of not caring.

  240. Melissa Avatar

    Very cool !! Forgive my ignorance, but have you written a book? You should!

  241. won Avatar

    I am watched by the eye my entire life. Now, finally, I am happily announcing this in the presence of you -the usurpers of exaggerated nicks- that I loved to live under the shadow of a lie until this very moment. I was a fool, then. But now, I am FOOL at last. Fuck you all.


  242. fed up Avatar

    it;s not that i;m pleasing other it;s that know matter how hard i try to please my self theres always an asshole who does there best to get in my way .but i;m one of those people that dosent say anything i guess i dont have a back bone so fuck it.

  243. Kevin Avatar

    “Do something you consider embarrassing. Find your internal filters and break them, one at a time. Notice how society, like an ocean, smooths over the waves you make, until what you do gets eliminated, or becomes the status quo.”

    Great metaphor! You’re the (wo)man!!

  244. Cary Avatar

    I haven’t a fuck to give lol

  245. Anon Avatar

    Thank you. Your post prevented my from committing suicide today. I’ve realized that the people who care about me, well, they don’t really care about me. And I’m okay with this. I’m okay with how I am, I am a bull-shit caller, I do tell the truth, and I expose people for what they truly are. This is why I am so alone. I only have my boyfriend at this point in my life, and again, I am okay with this. But your article made me realize that it’s okay to be this way, because many people are this way. Thank you.

    1. Kristi Avatar

      *kiss* *hug* Good job!!!!!!

  246. Dawn Avatar

    This article is brilliant and truly liberating! Like a breath of fresh air! I really enjoyed reading on about what true freedom is. Oh, and of course let’s not forget, techno clown outfit! Bwaahahaha !

  247. Jay Avatar

    thanks guy, you just saved my life =)

    give props where props are requiered


  248. Davíd Avatar

    thanks man for this awesome post! It is really helping me right now! just went outside to get cigarettes and put a porcelain ocarina on a string around my neck. just for the heck of it! I hope I looked at least a little strange. might I suggest this as further reading?

  249. mark Avatar

    Good article. I spent years of my life trying to please others. My life really began when I stopped caring what others thought.I always felt there was something missing from my life. I was missing from my life. I was too busy trying to please others. It was not my fault. My parents were catholics and narrow minded to be honest. I dont blame them. They spent their whole life doing what they were told in one form or another.Anyway my advice is to strive for your independence of thought. Its really worth it

  250. arjun Avatar

    dammmm the best post ever period

  251. Jerry Seinfeld Avatar

    This is really amazing, theoretically speaking thought that i had concurred everything in life. But there was one thing I left out.I was always worried about other people, then it happened. Never fucked any thing that fuckin cared again life is grand, so stand for a band middle finger to the sky type of mother fucker.yeaaaaa buddy.FUCK IT

  252. what? Avatar

    like when your on facebook and just scroll down it makes more shit for you to ignore. what should i do about this?

  253. gruhn Avatar

    I’m curious about “the party has no balls” and “don’t let people dictate.” They appear right there in the same paragraph. Yet usually when people complain of a political party not having balls what they mean is “they’ve stopped dictating to people.” It’s usually a cry for some third party of self interested jerks to prevent people from living as they would.

    But I got the sense that we’d be heading in this direction way back at the beginning when the hand was tipped “afraid to take a stand.” A typical call to leftist political action.

    So, life improvement advise or another tiresome hippie wanting to co-opt your life for their unpopular failed abusive ends?

  254. beavis Avatar

    i like your bunghole juice how bout a taste? think bout it baby i like it rough 😉

  255. No hope Avatar
    No hope

    want to talk about not giving a fuck? read about me when i’m famous.

  256. CrazeeCarl Avatar

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck…That you or anyone else doesn’t give a fuck!!


  257. bellahouston Avatar

    Fucking awesome!

  258. Clifford Blodgett Avatar

    This is an awesome article and yes you are always being judged, knowing how to handle that judgement is the key!

  259. Laur Avatar

    This was fantastic. I love the part about calling bullshit where you see it; however, this can be dangerous in business. I walk a fine line between saying what I mean and “towing the company line.” I actually wish I could more of a “yes man” but I can’t. Not wired that way. I find it impossible to play the game.

  260. Alex Avatar

    Well said! I’m nearly 23 and I’ve been taught foolishly by people that if you’re nice to everyone, they’ll always be nice to you back, but that turned out to be bullshit! People talk too much about not offending others, but my feelings were always trodden on with no regard to any pain or suffering. I wouldn’t mind, but I hated being told to be ‘sensitive’ to these cretins who could dish it out but couldn’t take it (people on TV, film, in the media, in school, etc). I no longer care if I offend others, there is no human right to not be offended otherwise, would Charles Darwin have published his Origin of Species for fear of offending Genesis-believers? He defied his own wife’s feelings to publish it! I no longer care. I just don’t.

  261. Kate Avatar

    Haha, it happened so, that I’ve recently become 31 too and decided to be what I am and what I always wanted to be. Doing something stupid? That was always what I wanted to do!)) I wanna take my youth back and feel for at least one year a young reckless person. Well, maybe it’s strange for the age BUT who gives a damn! So I got in acquaintance with an american guy and knowing him only a day went to see him at a cafe deep into the night when he called dragging me out of the bed before leaving my city. That would have been impossible for me only two years ago and now I have experienced something new. I got sure of myself and everything. Of course you don’t need to be too vulgar and common in your liberty but everyone has the right to be what one really wants to be. So I agree, do crazy things, they enrich your lives.

  262. Oona Avatar

    Thank you! I so needed to hear this!

  263. Zack Avatar

    Nice one but I don’t give a shit.

  264. Maria @amotherworld Avatar

    I fucking love this – thank you!

  265. Eman Avatar

    i love i like i adore :D:D:D

  266. Tamara Avatar

    I think the point of the article is to not worry about what people think in regards to how you live your life…. ie what you wear, how you speak, etc. That’s the impression I got. It doesn’t mean we can just go around saying and doing things that will cause harm to others. Alot of judgements we are taught to make in our lives are about things that don’t matter and if we do do them they won’t harm people. but our inner critic still hounds us. i do wish society would relax! who cares if someone wears casual clothes or a business suit, for instance? The suit only looks better because we were taught to recognize it that way. So I am glad some people can look past the inner “eye” (critic) and experience life in a more REAL way.

  267. Kait Mauro Avatar

    I’m really glad I came across this, thank you.

  268. Day Something Avatar

    It was hard for me to understand, mostly because I am a dumbass, but I liked it.

  269. angel Avatar

    I’m honestlyworking on setting up a online website, to help our growing population, in these vast changes.. threw, my heart and tears cey out for those teen who has thong alittle different then, only we ourselfs can control, to except to be known, qnd populor is great, though not menchened or. even heard anout perfect…. that means I had no enemies…god bless… those who reach out…thank you
    angel cress

  270. angel Avatar

    if there is anything I can do to help, no money I’m disabled and just enjoy reaching out..
    angel cress

  271. Brent Avatar

    Nice article, I found it while asking myself I wonder if anyone else has come to this conclusion my search on Google was “saying fuck you to those that control”

  272. Eric Bolsmann Avatar
    Eric Bolsmann

    An immature idiot not sure of himself likes to get attention. He want’s affirmation. Grow up and try to be a man. Start respecting yourself and grown ups may respect you. This is what you want. You do care because you are stilol in your diapers.

  273. Andria Avatar

    Great blog. Thank you 🙂 Have been stepping towards this, saying bye to people, standing up more. There is only so much time! And i would rather be around people who CAN do conflict than cant!

  274. Barbara-Paraprem Avatar

    Thanks. My English is not so good, but your posting is it worth to read, even it cost me time and exercise.

    Greetings from Switzerland 😉

  275. Adam Avatar

    Dude, very sweet. Firmly that all that separates the best in life from the worst, the happiest from the rest, the strong from the rest is their ability to not give a fuck. Thanks for sharing.

  276. Kelly Avatar

    You know what? I love this blog entry. And not just because I too just finished reading The Long Walk (excellent choice, I must say). I love this entry because when people stop caring about what everyone else thinks and start caring about what truly matters, well, there will be a lot less prozac being washed down with a pint of beer.

  277. hope Avatar

    Ok, here’s the thing… I’ve already come to realizing those things you mentioned, but it doesn’t help me get anywhere. I still obsess over what people think about me. I can rationalize all I want, but the ingrained need to be accepted and approved is still there.

  278. Alicia Avatar

    You are totally right about most things–only if I can get my eleven year old daughter to think this way too. 🙂 Peace!

  279. Nick Avatar

    Good article! How could I have not encountered this before.

  280. idgf Avatar

    lord knows!!!!!!

  281. Imu Urmi Avatar

    Had I known this advice existed, I wouldn’t have wasted time watching Deepak Chopra’s “The Happiness Prescription”. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  282. Lesley Reid Cross Avatar

    There’s something that speaks to me deeply in not giving a fuck. But there’s also a deep calling within towards compassion, seeing other’s pov, finding mutual, consensual solutions to conflict. Not that the two are exclusive. In fact, I’d venture to say that the truly compassionate can’t give a fuck. Because to say “I’m going to hear both sides of this, all sides of this, and not necessarily agree or disagree completely with any of it, but strive towards finding common ground” is pretty fucking unusual in a world focused on “fighting back” and aggression. How many of us can actually choose to neither fight nor run? That’s what I choose, and you know what? I don’t give a fuck.

  283. Ervin Rubulcaba Avatar
    Ervin Rubulcaba

    Sometimes I contemplate if folks truly take time to write something original, or are they only just dishing out words to fill a site. This surely doesn’t fit that mold. Thank you for taking the time to write with awareness. Now And Then I look at a page and question whether they even proofread it.Fantastic work with this article.

  284. Fasil Avatar

    The problem is that we’re all afraid of being alone. Solve that, life solved.

  285. Nicole Avatar

    love this post so much.
    hope you dont mind, i had to include it in my own blog post.

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    soap nuts

    I found some great information in your site and bookmarked to visit again . Thanks.

  287. T. Watson Avatar
    T. Watson

    Wow, Harry Browne must be rolling over in his grave. For those who do not yet know, most of the material covered in this blog is from the 1973 book by Harry Browne titled: “How I found Freedom in an Unfree World”. So if you like what you’ve read in this blog be sure to read Harry’s book to find out how and why these techniques work. The book itself has long since been out of print (but often available on eBay) however the eBook version is available for purchase via Harry Browne’s website:

    And for those who are wondering: yes I have a copy of the original hardback book and yes it is signed by Harry Browne, himself.

    1. Julien Avatar

      Thanks for that, I hadn’t heard about Harry Browne until now. Appreciate it.

  288. Adam Avatar

    Couldn’t fucking have said it better myself

  289. John T Avatar
    John T

    I LOVE this site. Everytime I need a “shot-in-the-arm” with regards to affirming that I don’t need to give a fuck what people think – I come here, and it’s great.

    After reading and beginning to live this site, I took the final step of telling my control-freak, lying, corrupt, passive-aggressive, former boss that I wasn’t afraid of him any longer, that I knew that his M.O. is to eliminate anyone who stood in his way, and that I didn’t give a fuck about my job anymore, as I have talent and ability, and won’t compromise myself by working for him any longer. It felt GREAT. So, I’m living life on my own terms now. For now, I’m poorer, paycheck-wise, but richer, self esteem-wise. And ultimately, that’s the important thing. Jobs will come and go. I’m so happy this website is here and gave me “the push” to get off my candy-ass and be an adult, once and for all. Thanks, Julien.

  290. Jennifer Avatar

    I’ve read this article twice over. Whether I agree or disagree, matters not. What I say to her(him?) won’t push the envelope on a whole new universe of possibilities, and no matter what I say or feel of the others who take the time to argue over it, my opinion may go unnoticed. Once I’m done typing, I’ll never visit this site or article again. Yet I just wanted to tell her(or him?) one thing: thank you for saying what you did. It took guts to type it all out. Whether or not I care, I respect that they took the time and effort to voice themselves. For those that agree: it is up to you to say or not say something; the same for those who disagree. However; I don’t see the purpose of arguing over it. Yes, it’s your choice/opinion. I just don’t see why you should give a fuck about what someone you don’t know said. I’m simply respectful of them standing for something they believe in. What have you to pout about?

  291. Simply Awesome Avatar
    Simply Awesome

    I’m not afraid of being alone, I tend to enjoy my own company more then others, so if that’s a problem for you I Don’t Fucking Care lol had to at least get that in there!

  292. Simply Awesome Avatar
    Simply Awesome

    Oh for the response above mine that I didn’t notice until now, I agree with your comments that the Author had the guys to publish an article like this..although you mention a few times about not caring lol I find that funny or maybe ironic as not caring wouldn’t of made you leave a response in the first place lol but I’m glad you did!

  293. Steve Avatar

    We are hard-wired to seek approval from our peers. The ‘EYE’ is what stops us from masturbating on the bus to work. Or shitting the bed because the toilet is too far away. Long live the ‘EYE’!!!

  294. Annie Avatar

    someone has probably mentioned this already, I really liked the article and agreed with it, but can someone give me some advice for what to do if you do everthing in the article and really don’t give a damn about these horrible people…but what do you do if they try to influence those you really love against you????? I know you might say that if these people really love you, they won’t listen to the haters, but what if the haters are very sneaky and manipulative and try everything possible to turn others against you? It sends me into rage and I don’t know what to do except have a quiet word with the others but I feel like I’m really being framed here and almost anything I try could be turned against me? Thanks

  295. Steve Avatar

    Not entitled to my opinion then Julien because it doesn’t fit in with your view. Only publishing comments from yes men/women. Tsk tsk.

    1. Julien Avatar

      Give me time to approve them before you put your foot in your mouth, you asshole.

  296. budajay Avatar

    i’ll put these gems on flashcards to carry around with me. freaking good stuff.

  297. budajay Avatar

    …as an afterthought, did the horse hit the ground & galloped into the sunset? aah, then again who gives a shit 🙂

  298. Alan Bowler Avatar
    Alan Bowler

    Maybe if more people gave a fuck we wouldn’t have to not give a fuck. -+-=- yin and yang are a balance between good and evil. Just because you have the ability to judge doesn’t mean your any good at it. I was approached today by a man from outside his house i stood aside a road waiting to see a potential client, he says to me “my wife feels uneasy as you stand outside our home” If that was me id tell my wife to see a fucking shrink. The bitch wasn’t even home at this stage. The only flaw in judgement is that we have the ability to conceive moronic notions that make giving a fuck much harder than not. I can see its easier to not give a fuck but ppl really piss me off sometimes with their stupidity. I can understand also you cannot trust anyone because of this rule as ppl that don’t give a fuck will kill you stab you set fire to your hair spit on you throw eggs and laugh at you and steal from you and break your heart while taking a shit on your face. Nobody can be trusted so worry about something better than what ppl are thinking, thoughts cant hurt you but baseball bats and boots to the head can. stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  299. Saba Avatar

    Just read this article. Loved it. Your gf is a very lucky person 🙂

  300. Max Avatar

    Great post indeed, my daughter put it on her FB page (and I am happy she did because she’s sixteen and suffers of a lack of self-esteem). By the way, I couldn’t see the video because YouTube “says” my Country does not have permission to. Too bad.

  301. Alex Avatar

    Well truth is, Its hard to go out and public and hear negative things about yourself. im overweight and its hard for me to lose weight. I know the replys to this will be “just eat better and exercise” but that is hard for me. ill stay on a diet for a few days and then ill be driving home and ill just have some fast food… Im just so used to it. And when i go to the gym after 1mile of jogging, i feel like i wanna go home and just lay down and watch tv. my life sucks ass… but if your skinny or your just a loser, dont worry, you can change that by reading with that this guy wrote, but if your fat, its a whole different concept. I WANNA FUCK WOMEN WHO ARE SEXY AS HELL. Not a fat or ugly girl. and it wont happen for me unless i do something… well SURGERY for my fat is next. gota do what i gota do. LOVE PEACE SEX. Thank you.

    1. Nick Avatar

      If you wanna fuck “Sexy as hell” women, you might join weight-watchers to achieve more self esteem. Or save your money and realise that plenty of sexy women go with “big” guys, usually the guys who don’t give a fuck what others think or say, whether they’re big or not! Best of luck in your quest either way.
      Peace & love.

  302. hussein Avatar

    man fuck this shit get this thing off me the thing that wants me to give my email take it off!!! fuck it!!!

  303. missnina Avatar

    i am one of the fortunate. i learned this lesson @ 15, and lived my life by it. i have met people that are all bunjed up over every little thing. they are miserable, trapped in their self made prisons. every decision they make about their lives revolves around acceptance and approval of others, rather than their own personal happiness, which is backwards, bc in reality, we are the ones living our lives, we are the ones that must deal with the consequences of our decisions. in reality, being true to yourself is the only path to happiness.

    “If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.”
    ― Frank Zappa

  304. soviet Avatar

    Sir, Julien Smith.

    You made a life changing post! I feel so much happier now that I’ve took your advice and tested it. I’m actually so happy with it that i will stick with it:)



  305. Doug Avatar

    Whiney prick.

    go buy a rail ticket from Newcastle to somewhere nice?

  306. kyaria Avatar

    i dont like this .

  307. eee Avatar

    YESSS! I hear you young man. I embrace the sentiment. But there is still more work to be done. If this is where you are right now, then you have to get past the hate. If this is way in your past, then I could shake your hand. Right now the hate comes from your own admitted “crowd pleasing” behavior. Yes, me too. I would always kiss ass, not get the last word. Come back and apologize when none was needed. I too spent a good deal of time kicking myself. But now you know, there is nothing wrong with the truth. There is something drastically wrong with people who cannot handle the truth. Watch yourself though. Americans are getting more meaner and murderous with each decade. The older generations gave birth to new monsters. Entitled savages that think they can get away with attacking others both verbally and physically just as thie ancestors did. Nobody gets away with this kind of hate. Adult bullies on the workplace. Racists and bigots. These “people” come from god-awful “families”. Forget that they are in well manicured neighborhoods. Forget that they are in a ghetto. Forget wherever they come from OR even how they were maladaptively raised.Even if they die and it appears that they never get payback. Trust me. God will prevail. What matter’s is your own three feet of space and YOUR truth!! Never NOT push back. Be cleaver and strategic. I am now able to completely insult you to your face and you won’t figure it out for days. I hand back every bigot I encounter their own hate. And they are all amazed that they got served. I will and do set firm limits on people in the world. I am one of those that you hate on site. You cannot figure out why you do but you do. No problem. Hate your ass off. Violate my three feet and it is on!!! – God Bless America.

  308. Gabriella Avatar

    Haha I loved you article so much… It was so fucking great!! I wish I had a friend like you….

  309. kez Avatar

    went into this article expecting something very different then what was presented and seriously… im very impressed… it really has brightened up my morning and hopefully my year. your incredible please keep posting its kinda great to look up to something like this.

    for trolls out there im 16 so please… give me a break

  310. Stasia Avatar

    Found this site doing a random google “i’m feeling a little blue since I’m not making anything meaningful out of my life” – truly one of life’s serendipitous moments – (and as I type this, I’m correcting “since” into “because” so The Eye is well & working fine).

    I function well with knowing that most people don’t think about me at all (Fact #1), I’m very aware that most people like me & if they don’t, I can live with it (Fact #2) but thank you for pointing out how I can use these facts to get on with the life I want to lead as opposed to just living life in the status quo. Thank you – glad I was feeling blue & found you.

  311. Ozark Avatar

    I would agree with this but i haven’t given a fuck in a long time. It’s easy to do. The side effect is that there are only two types of people. Those that love me and those that hate me. It doesn’t matter either way. I enjoy both types

  312. Paul Avatar

    My ramblings and lifestyle are here if anyone wants to see.

  313. Dennis Avatar

    I DONT GIVE A FUCK. Anymore. Nice article well written and happy to say I went through this about 3 years ago, am 30 now! Damn too old but yah still good – baby!!

  314. Nick Avatar

    I came across this blog by chance, having typed “Fuck it, I wish things were easier” into Google and hit return, hoping for some guidance. (Yes, It’s a bit like that at the moment). Well, having read the main thread and a lot of replies, I think I received the guidance I sought! Obviously not as easy as it sounds but I’m going to try to adopt the “couldn’t give a fuck” attitude in all walks of like.
    Peace & love.

  315. Hishqal Avatar

    Oh really really helped me I just realized how stupid I was to care so much about what other people say and think about me..right now I don’t give a f*@# about what others think of me and the funny thing I realized is that people actually pay more attention to people who talk less then those who talk more..YOU’RE JUST AWESOME THAT’S ALL thanks 🙂

  316. Eric Bolsmann Avatar
    Eric Bolsmann

    This is crab

  317. BRidjitt Avatar

    DUDE! this is sooooo mad, this is just what I needed to help me get a reality check and clear that stuff from my mind, you’ve got mad skills and I always wished someone could be as real as that and tell that stuff upfront to me, that is something i’ve always desired to actually not give a fuck, but have always felt scared to do so infear of what others say/ have said. But you know fuck it! imma hold my head up from now on, Thanks to you,

  318. Gina F Avatar
    Gina F

    I really needed to read this. I’m tired of people. and i need to learn to live this way because avoiding conflict and giving a fuck is really hurting. thank you for writing this

  319. Samz Avatar

    So I was searching google for some “getting someone to start back talking to you” advice right, and I stumbled across this, and honestly, I’m not even gonna google that again! this article is great. I havent finished reading it yet but i have faith in the rest! GREAT! Keep writing!

  320. Bryan Avatar

    By far the best damn blog post I have ever read! I am 41 about to turn 42 in a few months and can tell you it has taken me a long time to get to this point in my life. For a long time I was so worried what people thought about me I never worry about what I be doing for myself. We get so caught up in other peoples bull shit sometimes we forget to take care of our self.

  321. Judy Avatar

    Wow i cried when i read this, im in highschool right now so in addition to massive piles of homework im also working my hardest trying to ipress people who (i now realize) dont actually matter. Thank you so much

  322. Paul Avatar

    More at ..come see how i ramble and leave a comment. I haven’t githingsven a fuck about things for years.

  323. trent Avatar

    this may be the most appreciated information i have had to date.

  324. Ryan Avatar

    Damn. Ive felt pretty shitty for a long while now because of typical life problems and bullshit. After reading this, that feeling kinda disappeared and left me feeling almost enlightened. Thanks for the great post.

  325. danielle judicki Avatar
    danielle judicki

    I almost feel I should be reading this once a day for words of encouragement. I love it, do you have a book?

  326. k Avatar

    Right on!! After standing up for myself by calling out the bullies and liars at work (through writing and presenting a full account at the request of my union). .. now I really know my value and talent. Jealous and insecure people thrive on distracting you from your purpose. Fuck ’em.

    Speaking truth to power and understanding that saying enough to living with other people’s junk.

  327. Cynthia Avatar

    thank you for this article, a good read and an awesome share!

  328. maan Avatar

    Hi J-
    amazing stuff… someone just had to write it down,,,, i think youre doing a wonderful thing by creating a better world changing lives through your blog.. i am truly inspired, cant wait to read more and to learn more ..
    Take care and keep writing!

  329. Samantha Avatar

    I loved this site. It gives you insight of realizing you’re just as important as anyone no one has the right to bring you down or vise versa. :). Awesome blog thank you to the ones or one person who posted it. I have and will be saving it to my favorites 🙂

  330. sherryn Avatar

    I really love your blog, writing style and mantra!! Would you consider doing a guest post for my website on why people in the D.C area should follow your advice.. email me 🙂

  331. Robert Coyle Avatar
    Robert Coyle

    Great article if you are nuero-typical but does it apply to all, what if you have a behavioural disorder and decide to ” not give a fuck”
    Pass me that kitten and show me how to work this microwave.

  332. Lana Avatar

    I certainly think there is a huge amount of truth with your blog, understanding the truth is important, but understanding more than just your own perception is important too. Which is why listening is important – not saying you have to believe another persons truth is relevant to your own.

    Standing up and fighting for your truth is what makes a person truly believe in themselves, and is the best sort of strength to have.

  333. Dimitri Avatar

    I knew this already but figured no one would actually do it. The thing is I recently came across my own misfortune which will make this a whole lot easier. Since the chances of success at anything went from 1:10000 to 1:10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Essentially what I mean by this is not giving a fuck since the odds of success at anything are almost nil should be relatively easy.

    Its a big number and it got me thinking. I’ve been damn depressed for a long time but in reality it was not in my control. There is nothing I could have done to avoid it. Its just the cards I have been dealt. My hand sure does suck but there it is, I can’t do anything about it. So its time I pick myself up and move on. Sitting around dwelling on my problem wont help me. This article reminded me of that. Well that and George Washington Carver. “When you do the common things in an uncommon way you attract/demand (I forget which one) the attention of the world.”

  334. Eric Avatar

    Well, I’m happy I found this today!

  335. Mikaella Avatar

    The “eye” thing was just amazing. I also write texts like yours about this stuff, but I had never watched that. I have this eye inside me, only when I’m with my mom, I don’t really bother about what my friends think, I know they love me with all my awkwardness. My mom loves me anyway too, but I can’t hurt her.

  336. Melanie Avatar

    Great article! really helped me see things differently.

    I work with alot of older women who tend to judge everyone around them as they think they know better than anyone. Ive realized that these people are immature, even if they are double my age (so what does that say about them). I might not have as much life experience but i certainly do not spend all my time judging people and then going on about how other people dont have good values compared to them(because talking about people behind their backs is such a great one). After i finally stood up for myself and saw that everyone who claimed they had my back, were in fact cowards and were spineless when the time came to fight for our rights. I was the only one who had the guts to say something and they have now chosen to judge me for it. I will definitly stop trying to get their approval, because obviously i will never get it and its been driving me crazy to even try!! I dont care if you dont like me because i love who i am, im happy about my life and i have people close to me who love me no matter what, and thats what matters the most. When all is said and done, ive said what i wanted to say and had no regrets, they wont be able to say the same.

    Long story short….. I dont give a fuck!

  337. jkr Avatar

    Great post! I found this by typing in “I don’t like people today”, and it was exactly what I needed to find. I googled the phrase after being treated crappily and disrespectfully by a co-worker, NO (!), correction, by one of my EMPLOYEES earlier this morning. I left work pissed, without saying anything, then felt really angry and hateful. Reading your post made me remember that I needed to tell her how it is, rather than take that kind of shit from one of my employees. AKA, not give a fuck. So I drove back, called a little closed door meeting, and gave her the truth. That that shit wasn’t going to fly. Feeling much better! Thanks for reminding me about my spine.

  338. Rob Avatar

    I have to say this made my day. this dose is what I need.I’ve been through a lot lately…and seeing myself like over and over doesn’t changes anything around me. Thank you for sharing.

    Its a head start!

  339. KenJ Avatar

    I wear tube socks with shorts. I love it.

  340. Jen Avatar

    Wow I thought I was reading my own notebook about me. Although I am a Wuss I seem to be turning to fight not flight response. Very very mean I can be now. It seems like I just call things the way it IS(or the way I see it). Almost like I am totally opposite of the young me. I am 34 years old and it was at the age of 31 years that I started this change. Although some has and is good but it still is not me.

    Wondering how, wishing, hoping for the true me.


  341. Vernon Avatar

    I have read this article about a year ago, and it was a life changer. After finishing it, I felt like the glass prison that I’ve been building around myself has been shattered. Thank you, Julien.

  342. Esmeralda Avatar

    Very cool.

  343. victor Avatar

    holy fuck… thank you for this. I REALLY needed it.

  344. L Avatar

    Feel so sorry for you, as if you cared about that bullshit until you were 31 :/ Still, your awesome for realising most people never do

  345. Catherine Avatar

    Very lovely, Julien. You seem to have an internal hammer for hitting the internal nail right on the head.

  346. SuddenlySusan Avatar

    Thanks. You have no idea how much I needed to read this today.

  347. Angelene Avatar

    What you wrote is awesome and I really love it, but let me ask you a question: I read you have a girlfriend, so at least you have on person in the world who stands on your side. Don’t you think this is a great help in not giving a fuck about what other ppl say and think? I am single and I find it much more difficult because I don’t have any allies in this.

    1. Julien Avatar

      Yeah support is important but it doesn’t have to be a GF. In some ways you can provide your own support system.

  348. Colin Bent Avatar
    Colin Bent

    Dude! Totally inspiring. I did a reading, It’s linked here. Hope it’s okay.

  349. Colin Bent Avatar
    Colin Bent

    Hey! I would like to use our piece for a reading. I’ll credit you and the site.


  350. Alex Avatar

    Now to stop giving a Fuck… seems it is easier said than done, after years of being conditioned by society to care. Great blog.

  351. David Avatar

    Love it! After spending 22 years “serving” my country and dealing with the magnetic yellow ribbon supporters I noticed that I was nothing but angry. Support the troops as long as it doesn’t interrupt what Kim Kardasean was doing. Oh you want the benefits we promised you? Sorry, but we are trying to balance a budget and that is too expensive. Getting a divorce and can’t make your mortgage payment? Not our problem. It’s not my problem anymore either. Take the house. Take the truck. You can’t get blood out of a turnip. Take it all, because I don’t give a fuck. When the sun comes out tomorrow you will be figuring out how to foreclose on my house, repo my truck and I will be walking the fuck away. All yours. Don’t need it and I am the one who will be happy when the sun sets.

  352. Emily Seal Avatar
    Emily Seal

    I really enjoyed this post. It seems that lately all I have been hearing is just sickenly sweet and overly-positive projections from people that seem to be more of a false sense of security than the truth. People have just lost their minds and intellect. People aroud me have no opinoins anymore, and if you are the slighest bit critical, you are made to feel like an outcast and a “negative person”. My three closest friends that I have always ben hoest with no longer talk to me becasue I am so sick of watching them systematically destroy their lives. I just can’t take it anymore,

  353. Chris Avatar

    You’re probably right on some parts but the overall tone here is not conducive to societal function. We all must accept that there are unwritten rules, which inherently evolve within any given society. Learn to accept that, and you can manipulate them to your desire. The rest is poppycock. Oh and just to make you happy…..i don’t give a fuck about what you just wrote.

  354. Phil Avatar

    My wife has been having a long term affair. In an effort to ruin me, take my son, my home and make sure I couldnt have anything to do with them later on in life, I believe she has exploited our lives via social network
    setting up cctv cams and broadcasting the highlights of any fkups I may have had over the past 5 years.
    I believe that I’ve been coerced into behaving badly so that she could stand back and point fingers. She has approached co workers at 3 jobs with incriminating evidence which resulted in harassment leading to me leaving those jobs. I have no friends left and nothing but bad job references. The worst part is … I STILL love her and my son!
    18 YEARS of friendship! I need a fresh start. Im actually a really nice person with a heart of gold.
    I know I have myself to blame for some of it but the continued highlighting of my former self is killing me.
    I dont have anyone that is willing to come forward and say… HEY! THIS is what shes doing——–!
    -I’m not sure where Im going with this
    only glad Im not where I was …
    thanks for letting me vent
    anyone with advice on how to find out who is saying
    what about me online can email me @
    SUBJECT SayWhat?

  355. Yasmin Avatar

    Haha this is awesome. I’m gonna start doing things without caring what people think now because “I don’t give a f***” haa

  356. Brent Avatar

    Holy crap that was… awesome. Thanks for writing that. I guess we all know we’re being lied to every single day of our lives, but, we lucky bastards here in the 1st world, CAN actually CHANGE our lives for the better, if we want. And that’s the big thing.. IF we WANT…

  357. welnys Avatar

    This is really awesome and worth my time!

  358. Kibi Avatar

    Way back when I was a teenager i was often too scared to walk into a room full of people for fear of – well, of course now I really don’t know what the fear was of….anyway, one summer I saw Risky Business and this little speech by Guido spoke to me - – it’s immensely corny, but I lived by it for a couple of months and it certainly helped at that time…I guess I need a refresher course.

  359. Tony G Avatar
    Tony G

    Couldn’t agree more with what you say. I’ve been following this path of “Fuck ’em!” and sticking my finger in The Eye all my life, I keep falling off but I always drag my arse back onto it, because for all the scary, upsetting, confrontational situations it’s put me in I can always look into the mirror and say, “I was true to myself”. I may have lost ‘friends’ because of it, I may have made life harder than was necessary at times but I don’t give a fuck, and it would seem that people respect me for it and the friends that I do have are good and true friends, arseholes run a mile when they come up against someone who plays it real. Being true to yourself whatever the cost is the only true adventure in life. We only have one go at this thing called living, one chance to experience this amazing universe, it’s short and wonderful, make the most of it because when you’re dead you’re dead and no one will give a fuck!

  360. The1 Avatar

    Thank you so much for this article. This will help me a lot!
    I laughed at the part where it says “Feel like hanging from hooks or get whipped by a dominatrix? Go ahead, but be safe about it.”


  361. Maggie Wagner Avatar
    Maggie Wagner

    is there a copy or book on this? I am at rock bottom because of these issues……there is no light at end of my tunnel and i need to find it….I always considered my empathy ad compassion as my best quality, I know now that it is also my most defeating quality…..I need help….

    Thank you…..Maggie Wagner

  362. Jeff @ Digital Nomad Journey Avatar

    The sooner we can assimilate most people don’t care about you, the better. Most people don’t notice, and even then (as you mention), they soon forget.

    You can do anything you want in life, provided you are ready to accept the repercussions!

  363. AP Avatar

    Had my 50th Birthday a few weeks ago so the other guy got me beat by 19 years – aka known as no more bullshit day! Thanks for the info on this site it has really cheered me up!


  364. Cass Avatar

    Today is the first day I’ve been on your site, and I am really liking it. I completely agree with the whole “inner-eye” observation. Self-help branded sites and books usually have a bad rep., giving off the idea that a person who regularly reads them are “weak”. But, I personally like and benefit from them, so who cares. I just bookmarked your site 🙂

  365. James Avatar

    Normally I don’t comment on these types of articles, mostly due to fear of saying something stupid. But after reading this article, I learn to not give a fuck and do what I want.

    So yea! Here I am, not giving a fuck! Got an job interview coming soon. If they like me, then that will be flipping great! And if they don’t, I’m not going dwell on it and move on to other prospective venue. Thank you, you magnificent bastard for writing this amazing article and giving me the confidence boost that I need.

    This comment might be messy and confusing to many, but don’t care, posting it anyway!!!

  366. Josh Avatar

    Hear hear, brother.

    Your mention of the prenatal eye reminded me of a Jason Statham movie called “Revolver.” The scene where he confronts his own watcher (his id, masquerading as himself) is amazing:

  367. igor Griffiths Avatar

    Strange karma indeed, finally accepted I need to deal with the internal eye and his mate the cautionary voice.

    Started with self-hypnosis audio’s which lead onto Think and Get Rich which I am currently reading and going to begin implementing this weekend.

    My good friend Sally Neill mentioned this post on Facebook and my old self would have dismissed this as another tree-hugging load of tosh however I am now ready to listen and deal with my internal roadblocks and thus appreciate the great truth you have revealed in this post.

    igor Griffiths

  368. Scott Vannatter Avatar

    Probably one of the very best posts I have read in a long time.
    I had a stroke over 2 years ago and it changed my life. It did so by changing my thought patterns so that I put up with less and demand a bit more for me. I have had to learn to curtail it a bit, but the idea is apparent, “As I learn to live for me and do for me, I stress less.”

  369. Georgie Avatar

    This is the best thing I have ever read. I’m the shyest person you will ever meet, and I’m constantly worried about what people think of me, I’m insecure about almost everything, I try and be nice to everyone and I’m forever trying to please everyone, as i just want to be liked and accepted. But you know what, you’re completely right. It’s doesn’t fucking matter an life is far to short, this is a huge wake up call for me. Thankyou. x

  370. Owais Avatar

    Wow! I just realized how true all of these things are even as I read it, and I don’t know how I didn’t notice them before! So much here that I could definitely use.

  371. Alex Avatar

    Its your issue not mine.

  372. Alex Avatar

    Ahh…. Shit happens. We NUKED were cool, we did it first. Remember, Forgive FORGET

  373. Tom Avatar

    Yep, shit happens. Guess what? I don’t give a single fuck.

  374. Heather Avatar

    I am married and have been for seven years. My husband, and everyone we are around on a daily bases, get mad because I have emotions. I get angry when I feel that, logically, I have a reason. They don’t like that. They only want me to be this happy person but I can’t. How do I go about not feeling anything? I really don’t want to give a fuck anymore, about anything. I need your help

  375. MEME Avatar

    Nice read I have read it a few times. My issue is point of views I can see everyones point of view. I also care to much, But I feel we have enought selfish heartless people in the world. That alone hurts so badly.
    For me the quick fix to anything is focus.
    what you focus on will consume you!
    not sure if you have written something about that or not.. but you can still care but it’s how you mentally respond to that.
    worry stress it’s all in our heads… yet if we focus on that worry or stress it will have other effects on us.
    not good but at the same time people are rude and I don’t want to join them!
    with much love and great post! have a great day!

  376. Trina Avatar

    I teach at a “Title I school” (the PC term for ‘full of kids from low socioeconomic backgrounds’) and I have found that many, many of my students have taken the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude to a different, more sinister extreme. I wonder how a lesson plan based on this blog post would fly …. Thanks for making me think, Julien.

  377. steve smay Avatar
    steve smay

    We need to stop blaming ourself for others peoples wrong.
    It’s about responsibility they need to take for there own actions.
    Some people mess you up then expect you to smile and say Thank You to them!?
    Theres alot of yobs that like to get invloved in other peoples business to see what they can get out of it.
    Of course they say it’s help, Fuck Off !

  378. Kadidid Avatar

    Oh my god, I think I love you right now. From the ridiculous visual of vibrams and a bowtie to the time it took you to dig up this great vid. Thanks so much for throwing down with so much kindness and care. LOVE it!

  379. toxy11gmailcom Avatar

    Werd… thing is since lots of people are talking about me for like messianic mind-control reasons, probably has more to do with controlling everyone else than specifically me… (I’m tryflintox on Tumblr, where I explain)… it’s hard for me to think that most people don’t know I exist, but since we’re talking billions I know you’re exactly right… I shouldn’t care either, even if they want to make me the Ultimate Scapegoat… props on the advice, appreciated.

  380. Tim Rooney Avatar

    Have you been reading my thoughts. I’ve always been ok making a fool of myself online… but Ive been one of those guys you’ve talked about only until recently. I have have been having the thoughts that you are preaching in this piece for about 3 weeks now. Noone cares, the guy who cuts me off isnt doing it maliciously… I am an object to him. Just one that moves. Focus on me and mine. This stuff is amazing and I’ve shared it with friends. I’m 39 years old and am just now figuring this stuff out. 8 years after you jerk.


  381. Tim Rooney Avatar

    ok well… I’m 14 months off the timeline… who cares. fuck it. Still very glad my friend shared this with me. Lets me know I am not alone. And that the other people around me really do not exist and I do live in the Matrix….. woohoo!!!!
    I took the right pill!!!!

  382. ash Avatar

    i very much appreciate reading your un-filtered honest words, and you have such a way with getting your ideas out. its great. and you actually want to help others, rare. I have found that examining my projections of judgments others are making about me say a lot about my own inner world and actually serve as one of my best teachers. but then i forget to tell them to fuck off when they are done pointing my shit out to me. thanks

  383. jacque Avatar

    Question………. Is it possible to not give a f***, and still be saintly? Answer…………YES Big Question……….. how does one do that? When you know the answer you will really not give a f***.

  384. heyho Avatar

    Really, people live their lives on autopilot,many never traveling outside the place they were born. Not caring what others think is not a problem for most people. You are confusing thinking with wanting to look like everyone else.Most successfull people look like the super status quo but have private lives which they keep closeted for fear of discovery. You see, we live in a world which hates its true self. It doesn’t matter what you think, if all your going to do to try and prove your originality is wear ugly shoes and a bow tie. if you are an original thinker,you don’t have to prove it, and you don’t make yourself wear ugly shoes to try and convince yourself of it. you are. accept who you are. most people are the status quo,living lives as slaves,working a job they hate,living with someone they loathe,they couldn’t make something with their own hands if their existence depended on it. not for not being capable but for the fear that something might go wrong,which by the way it does in a life controlled by other folks than your own self,spending the same amount of money on rent which could buy them multiple acres and houses? don’t worry about not being original. accept yourself,love your boring self,beleive me , you are lucky to be born that way,it’s very difficult to live an original life and those of us who do it know there is also a price to pay. you can still work on helping people to at least become physically can’t change they way they think though,and the sooner you realize that,the sooner you can start making bucks by convincing them they can actually live a life worth living.