You are nothing without effort

You are not born to live a long life. You are not born to succeed.

You are born to go through puberty, reproduce, and die.

Exerting effort for any other purpose than producing more children is a deviation from the natural order. It’s against your programming.

Every push to improve yourself is an act of will against the universe.

So without effort, without willpower, you are just a shell for your genes.

How you behave, how you react to this, is up to you. Making safe decisions for yourself and your children is telling yourself (and them) that what’s important is to survive and reproduce for the next generation.

If you create unique experiences for yourself and your children, if you strongly deviate from the path, you are also creating someone unique, someone who can give back to the world in a singular and powerful way.

We need both kinds of people, of course. We can’t have all iconoclasts, all rebels, or all deviants.

Or can we?






17 responses to “You are nothing without effort”

  1. Tyler Avatar

    Rapidly approaching Tyler Durden territory* with your latest pieces.

    *Not a bad thing.

    1. Julien Avatar

      careful what you wish for.

  2. Kyle Reed Avatar

    Very interesting perspective and one that I have not thought of on that level. But I am glad you are calling that out.

    I do know that I have been in a lot of thought about how I want my kids to be different, to look at things different and to get out of “the system” and into this challenge of going against the norm. The programing of our bodies is very interesting, especially in a world that tells us exactly how to love…safe.

  3. Jeff Goins Avatar

    Love this. Can’t wait for this book.

    1. Kyle Reed Avatar

      it is funny Jeff, I didn’t even realize the book at the end. I can’t wait as well

  4. Ryan Critchett Avatar

    Yea, we do need all of them. Not everyone can be a fast tracking maniac achiever. We need cops!

    Good stuff though man, as usual. I come here because it’s real.

  5. Ry Avatar

    Right on. We need them all, and I continually use these little doses you provide as inspiration.

  6. John McLachlan Avatar

    I don’t think we have to worry about everyone becoming iconoclasts, rebels or deviants, so yea, we need to go for it.

  7. Ludo Avatar

    Thank you for giving me fresh air while i’m reading your post here 😉 Your blog is a great place to be!

  8. King Avatar

    Fuck yeah, julien you have done it again.
    When did project mayhem begin.

  9. Momekh Avatar

    I am here only to reproduce and die? That’s like telling your laptop that it’s in this world only so you can plug it in the wall socket everyday.

    It in only human to differ, in opinion, thought and action.

  10. Fibaldwin Avatar

    Biologically we are born only to reproduce. However, our minds add another, far more powerful dimension. That said, without effort our minds are merely a clever tool not used to it’s potential.

    Good post!

  11. Ciprian Avatar

    Isn’t this really the other way around?

    Being unique, successful and deviating from the beaten path while coming up on top all make you very interesting to the opposite sex. Not to mention the confidence these attributes give you.

    This way you have more options when choosing a partner with better genes and having children that are more likely to succeed.

    Point being that even if you’re an iconoclast, you’re probably still just a vessel for your genes. Just a successful one.

    Even so I find life an awesome game worth playing because you get to decide what actually makes a winner.

  12. Justin Resarieo Avatar

    You’re exactly right we need both kinds, but I’m glad that there is someone out there that speaks to us. Thanks Julien!

  13. dang tin Avatar

    Fuck yeah, julien you have done it again.

  14. ranty yustina dewi Avatar

    Once again, it comes to an end when we must choose. And for some cases, we’ve chosen since we’re too young to even understand.

    Thanks to remind me the time when I made the choice.

    Still struggling up ’til now, exhausted, but not giving up. Not once.


  15. alisha Avatar

    thank you so much for making that book free. i have to save every penny right now, and i am so grateful to be able to receive such valuable content at no cost.

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