Be the Hero of Your Own Story

My friend Rog Law is a personal trainer who’s always giving good advice on his Facebook page. Here’s one from today I thought was great.

Be the hero of your own story.

Whatever mistakes you’ve made up until now are off the table – the only thing that matters from this point on is how you move forward starting today. 

Imagine you’re the main character in a video game, or you’re playing the starring role in the supremely megafantastic movie called YOUR LIFE – act accordingly.

What would they do? What choices would they make?

Don’t wait around or expect anyone else to create your own success or happiness – that’s entirely yours to make.

The princess is in another castle and nobody is gonna save her but you.

“Be your own hero, it’s cheaper than a movie ticket.” – Douglas Horton





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  1. Ann Sheybani Avatar

    As always, love it. Thanks for introducing me to this guy. I could spend hours on his webiste. Seriously, now I have to go kick my ass around for the rest of the day.

    1. Rog Law Avatar

      Hey Ann,

      This makes my heart smile – I’m glad you like my site!

      Now go forth and kick thy ass =) Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anyway that I can help.

  2. Susan Macaulay Avatar


    There are no princesses in need saving or rescuing in the neighbouring castle: they decided not to wait around or expect a prince (or anyone else for that matter) to create their success or happiness – they knew it was entirely theirs to make.

    The moral of the story: girls and women are equally capable of being heroes in their own lives

    P.S.: Thanks in advance for being more gender aware in future and not perpetuating dis-empowering sexist constructs of women and girls 🙂

    1. Rog Law Avatar

      Hey Susan,

      I can completely see how that line could be taken that way, but that definitely wasn’t my intent!

      I’m a huge nerd, so I was just channeling one of my favorite moments from when I was a kid and playing Super Mario on the Nintendo:

      I by no want it to seem that I was being sexist in any way. In fact the message that I meant to convey is universal regardless of gender.

      To me “Sorry but our princess is in another castle” to me symbolizes a quest that everyone can choose to embark on. Mario’s quest in this instance is to save the princess. He’s the hero of his own story, because nobody else is looking (or at least willing) to solve the problem but him.

      Women are awesome. Men are awesome. The world needs a lot more awesome in it =)

  3. Keith Campbell Avatar

    Incredible advice that I’m trying to use as a template to live my life. Actually heard this on the Joe Rogan Podcast awhile back.

    1. Rog Law Avatar

      Yo Keith,

      I love that podcast! I did a talk at PAX (a huge gaming crowd) earlier this year and I said to the audience that one of the most important aspects of fitness (and success)in life is the willingness to not play an NPC in your own life.

      As an NPC you have no control over what goes on and you only react to things, not actively make them happen, and that’s super whack.

      Be the main character. If this is Final Fantasy 7, you’re Cloud Strife, not random NPC #328 standing by the inn forever and ever until the game ends.

  4. Alan Avatar

    This sounds so easy to do, but practical I’m not sure, desired? most definetely

  5. Rog Law Avatar

    Hey Alan,

    Why do you think it’s not practical? I’m just curious as to what your thought process is (not being judgmental). If there’s anyway that I can help you be your own hero, I’m more than happy to do so!

  6. Susan Cooper Avatar
    Susan Cooper

    Gosh that is loaded question for me. What would I change? Do differently? I would have become an artist or architect. I would have created potter and painting or built and designed building. For now I am blogging, illustrating and writing my own stories. No looking over my shoulders. It isn’t of any value to do so. 🙂

    1. Rog Law Avatar

      I like your style! Spaceships don’t have rear view mirrors for a reason =)

  7. Ben M Avatar

    Fuck. Yes.

    One of my new favorite sites… thank you.

  8. Christine Avatar

    I really like where he says in the Kill Bill post, “know your real edge and sharpen it relentlessly.” I’ve been feeling a lot of resistance towards my many projects and think I’m falling into overwhelm, using that as my excuse.

    1. Dan Avatar


      I can relate!

      Have you ever read, Steven Pressfield’s “Do The Work.”

      I just read it and it really helped me fight the nasty Resistance.

      Rog, Love the idea of being the hero of my own story. Now I need to find my sword and find those who will assist me on the journey to slay the dragon! (reminds me of when I played Everquest back in college!)

  9. Matt Brennan Avatar

    Well said. Keeping the big picture in mind motivates in the smaller day-to-day tasks. Take action!

  10. Brian Avatar

    Just discovered your site via Chris Brogan. Awesome! Love the attitude and outlook. Looking forward to more!

  11. Marc Ensign Avatar

    Love this: “Whatever mistakes you’ve made up until now are off the table – the only thing that matters from this point on is how you move forward starting today.”

    I think it’s so important to let go of yesterday and start over with a clean slate. Stop dragging yesterdays garbage into today. I wrote a post similar to that whole idea called The Secret to Being Immortal” that went:

    “What I’m suggesting is that you live each day as if it was your first. To wake up every morning with a clean slate. Freedom from your past. Unlimited possibility. Every single day. What could you accomplish by approaching each day from that perspective? I don’t know. But I have to believe that it is something extraordinary. Something that makes a difference. That leaves your footprint on the earth. Permanently.”

    Great to meet you Rog and thanks to Julien for the intro!

  12. igor Griffiths Avatar

    Well Hello Julien, great advice which was similar to the pointers I was given when trying to envisage the life I wanted to head towards. They like you suggested making yourself the focus of the story and just as in any good story the writer paints a clear picture of the hero, his character, appearance and of course status in society.

    How we measure that last item is of course highly subjective and personal but its our story so we can set our own rules!

    igor Griffiths

  13. Ara Bedrossian Avatar

    The hero with a clear mission. Heroes come from tackling problems. sharing what you’ve created, making the world a better place, and feeling good in the process?
    I like it.

  14. Victor Melendez Avatar
    Victor Melendez

    I love this thanks so much

  15. Bruno Babic Avatar

    What an inspiring post!

    As a thinking BIG guy and a bit of hustler with a huge direct sales experience behind me, I could definitely back up everything said in this post.

    I would just like to add two things or better say two ingredients for designing our dream lifestyle:

    1) Focus on your top passions everyday thus making sure you never get off the right track because our passions are something that make us and keep us alive. There’s a great quote related to one of the key secrets to success of super successful individuals and billionaire entrepreneurs that says:

    “Whatever you put your attention on grows stronger and stronger in your life”

    The source of the above mentioned quote is one of my favorite bestselling books: “The Passion Test: The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Destiny”

    2)Try to practice facing and overcoming your daily fears and comfort zones because that will give you that extra bit of adrenalin and mental strength for easier achieving any of your set goals or dreams.

    Remember Friedrich Nietzsche’s saying:

    “Whatever doesn’t destroy you makes you even stronger”

    Please, feel free and welcome to visit my blog and post your comments there.

    In advance thanks a lot.

    Bruno Babic – Thinking BIG guy and Passionate Online Entrepreneur excited about leading a Luxury Playboy Millionaire Lifestyle supported by earning multiple streams of cash from an automated online business

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