Why You Should Pre-Order the Impact Equation

Ok, this post may be a mistake… but I’m going to publish it anyway.

After 3 years of building, selling, writing, and editing, October 25th is the date when our next book, The Impact Equation, will be released.

It was a behemoth endeavour as well as a labour of love, and now, with your permission, I’d love your help.

Here’s why.

The book industry is always trying to predict what’s going to be a winner. Even at the best of times, they don’t always know– but they are always watching.

What this means is, when a book starts to move, people in the industry react. When the Amazon rank goes up, they take notice. They start to stock the shelves. They order extra. The marketing and PR people start to make calls. Etc.

In short, when a book starts to move, the industry moves with it.

So we want to make the industry move– and I mean really move— in the coming days, and so we’re offering a ton more than we probably should.

Chris has already made crazy offers on his blog. I’ll list them below and then add on to them (I’ll explain why later).


BAM! #1. If you pre-order the book and are among the first 100 to do so, we will literally gift you one other ebook of your choice. Kindle or Nook, we’ll send it to you.

BAM! #2. For the first ten people who pre-order 10 books or more, we will help run a giveaway on your site, and gift you either a Kindle Fire or a Nook to give away. Yes, really.

BAM! #3. Now this is the real thing. If you are among the first 500 people to pre-order 20 books or more, you will get a ticket to a secret event we are hosting. The only way to get into this private event is to order 20 books. Think of it as the cost of a conference ticket– for a damn good conference. We actually already have some speakers signed up and they’re going to be great.

(You can go here to place your order any claim these.)

My own crazy things

Chris actually tried to dissuade me from doing these because he thinks I’m offering too much… I’m not even kidding.

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure why I’m doing this except I’m always worried about how well launches will go. So I want to make sure it goes great. 🙂

Offer A. If you pre-order our upcoming book, and on the first day, post an honest review of it, on the day of launchOctober 25th— I will set up one 30 minute call with you anytime you like. We can discuss anything. I’ll brainstorm with you on projects, help you figure out productivity, etc.

I’ve done this a few times before (it’s very rare), but when I do, it always fills up quickly. So for this one I would act fast. (Email chel.pixie [at] gmail [dot] com with your pre-order screenshot once you do this. Obviously, you also have to use your real name on the review.)

Offer B. In addition, if you pre-order 5 copies of the book, I will personally give you a complete review of your site over 30 days. You actually cannot buy this normally and I’ve only done a few in the past, but here’s a 140-character testimonial I asked for from Marc Ensign who I impulsively decided I would help out. He was really happy– ask him if you want.

Btw– these offers stack

This means that if you pre-order 10 books, for example, you not only get a complete review by me, but also a giveaway which we set up on your site and a Nook or Kindle Fire to give away. Plus if you do this and review it on day one, you’ll also get the phone call, etc.

Anyway, you guys are smart, I’m sure you can figure this out.

For any of these offers, once completed, please send a SCREENSHOT of the pre-order offer to chel.pixie [at] gmail [dot] com (my lovely and amazing assistant) who will help set the whole thing up, and fill out this form on Chris’ site. Use the subject line “pre-order offer” to help her sift through it.

Good Lord I can’t believe I’m doing this. It may be dumb.

Ok, I’m pulling the trigger… yeesh. 🙂

Love you guys, and thank you immensely for the support. You guys help me produce some of my best work and I couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you, thank you.





17 responses to “Why You Should Pre-Order the Impact Equation”

  1. Chris Oliver Avatar

    I won an hour chat with Julien a while back in a previous contest and have to say it was one of the most useful conversations I’ve ever had.

    Thanks for being an inspiration Julien!

  2. Jeff Yablon Avatar

    Holy CRAP, Julien !

  3. Marcella Avatar

    BOOM! 10 books. We’ll be hanging out, sir. =) Congrats again.

    1. Julien Avatar

      Thanks Marcella, you’re amazing. 🙂

  4. Matthew Avatar

    I pre ordered on 9/12… how do i redeem?

  5. Viktor Nagornyy Avatar

    I got the early copy last month. It’s a great book, very timely for me and what I’m doing with my business. It helped me realize what parts of the IE I need to work on to have more impact personally and professionally. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

    1. Brian Avatar

      Very cool that you have read it already. I’m curious to know what specific piece of insight you took away from the book. Basically, what action item, what change have you made because of it. Thanks for replying!

  6. Scott Meyer Avatar
    Scott Meyer

    Wow Julien! Dumb enough that we’ll definitely take advantage! Can’t wait to read it. Good luck and congrats.

  7. Brian Avatar

    Congrats Julien on the book. Looking forward to reading it and see what new insights it provides.

  8. Baptiste Avatar

    Pre-ordered ! From Shanghai with love 🙂

    Last time i’ve read one of your book, it was the flinch, and it was really great. I really look forward what you have put together with the amazing Brogan Man this time 😀

  9. Christine (Flutter) Avatar

    Not sure I made your top 100 but I pre-ordered! 😉 Looking forward to reading this!!

  10. Mayank Kale Avatar
    Mayank Kale

    I pre-ordered it 🙂
    looking forward to talking to you. I’m 17 years old so i could do with all the advice 🙂
    Thank you for the offer.

  11. Brendan Avatar


  12. AnnW Avatar

    Okay, I did it, now I have to write on my calendar that I have to read it right away and write a review. I would like to learn how to write more effectively, because I wasn’t really paying attention in parochial high school. Just noticed that you have written other books, will have to investigate. Ann

  13. Ben Nabu Avatar
    Ben Nabu

    This sounds incredible!
    I am currently in Malaysia for the year. Will this phone call be an actually phone call or a skype call? And will call Malaysia?


    This event, will it be in the US or perhaps somewhere else.

  14. Luc Comeau Avatar

    Pre-ordered 2 books. Can’t wait!

  15. Peter Avatar

    20 books, does Amazon UK count for that too, since I cannot order in the US.

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