Chase Jarvis LIVE

T-minus two hours and I will be on my friend Chase Jarvis‘ great show, Chase Jarvis LIVE, along with My Goodness, talking about creativity, drive, and of course, not giving a fuck.

Chase is a great host and always frank and cool with guests. Previous ones have included my doppelgänger Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferriss, and Survivorman Les Stroud. Check it out live by clicking here.

Update: Here is the video, below.





11 responses to “Chase Jarvis LIVE”

  1. Deirdre Baker Avatar

    Great Interview on cjLIVE. You helped me make a crucial decision on my personal path. Thank you!

  2. Andrea Hedley Avatar

    Ahhhh….just loved this interview.

    Thank you!

  3. Andrea Hedley Avatar

    Ahhhh….just loved this interview.

    Very inspiring – I had to pause it, go get my notebook and jot down some of those pearls.

    Thank you!

  4. Aaron Morton Avatar

    Great! I know what I’ll be watching today!

  5. Mark Eichenlaub Avatar

    Great job on the show Julien!

  6. Kris Romaniuk Avatar

    Getting drunk often has done wonders for my ability to not give a fuck. In vino veritas, in aeternum!

  7. Ben Says Avatar

    “I was one of the first people in social media like ever” Shut up no you weren’t!

  8. Stacey Avatar

    Ugh… you hooked me, I had to sign up to breather… And I dont even know what it is. You are charismatic, I love it. Keep at it.

  9. Pete Hall Avatar

    Nice work on the interview.
    Good to see you engaging and responding in a way that the blog format can’t allow.

    The strikingly odd companion to authors writing the same book twice, is the unusual demand for them to do so.
    People desire the same message over and over. The rephrasing, rewriting and reorganising of the same material makes for excellent sales to an audience looking for a way to experience a repeated epiphany, instead of applying the original event and pushing through to new learning.
    ‘Personal/professional development’ is an odd industry, with unusual pressures to meet the market, sometimes at the cost of the real point of it all.
    Yesterday, I was presenting at an education conference on mobile devices in schools. People were desperate for the ‘answers’, the handout, the app that solves the issue. Trying to meet that need doesn’t solve the problem. But great education shouldn’t just meet needs, it should create them. Bigger, better, braver needs that demand we look up from the page and wrangle things for ourselves to see if they make sense.

    I think sometimes those new books with the same message just hold people back. Allowing them to believe that engaging in the words is as good as engaging in risk, and relationships and three dimensional life.
    Thanks for not doing that.

  10. Mal Avatar

    new post any time soon

  11. T. Greenfield Avatar

    This spoke to me on so many levels and it is a relief to know there are more of my kind. Thank you, on many levels.

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