Your opinion is totally irrelevant to reality.

Reality isn’t aware of the fact that you don’t like Twitter. Reality does not care whether you understand the new technology that’s coming out.

Technology– and life, for that matter– has a trajectory. Things are happening whether you like them or not.

That’s why it’s best for you to just forget about what you feel, and to focus instead on inevitabilities.

What you think has only a small basis in fact. It’s just what you think– nothing more, nothing less.

It’s possible that you’re right about the new thing. It’s also possible that you just don’t get it, and it’s the best ever. Worse, it’s actually impossible to tell the difference sometimes.

Become extremely comfortable with being, and admitting that, you were wrong. It’s going to happen often. In fact, you should be happy when it does!

Half the time, when you see the new thing, you are actually going to have it in your hands, and then you will reject it. You will throw it in the trash.

You’ll do this because you are confusing your opinion with reality.

The two are not connected in any way. Act accordingly.





9 responses to “Tent”

  1. Vincent Avatar

    You’re spot on, Julien. We know far less than we think and it’s something I forget quite often. I try to remind myself as often as I can that I’m not always right.

  2. Andre Avatar

    Cogent thought. Props, Julien 🙂

  3. Andrea Avatar

    Thank you for this. The email came through and I couldn’t even remember signing up for it but the message was so pure I couldn’t skip over it. I appreciate that you take the time to share this message with others. Oftentimes my reaction is to take my newly-discovered sense of self and run away from the chaos of the world. I want to be able to face the suffering and be brave when I shout my message. I want to lead by example by connecting with my center and being a rock for others. I want all these things, but I am still in the preliminary stages of the journey. Perhaps I’ll get there one day, perhaps not. If I understand you correctly it does not matter anyway. Or rather, it matters, but it is all the same anyway. It is all just…atoms. Matter. The movement of particles dancing endlessly for our amusement. They might figure it out; they might not. Thoughts?

  4. Ando Mierzwa Avatar

    Well said, sir.

    “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true. The other is to refuse to believe what is true.”
    Soren Kierkegaard

  5. Louise Avatar

    Salut Julien,

    When possible, I take time to enjoy your messages,
    Thank you for your sweetness.

    In this post, I agree to rather focus on inevitabilities.

    But when you say “forget about what you feel”,
    Please reconsider the word “feel” and maybe change it to “think”.

    Because It seems that thinking is in the mind (duality)
    and feeling is really a more profound experience
    that is felt inside each individual living being,
    in the heart (non-duality).

    Look at http://www.wopg.org to know about the Knowledge

  6. Gloria Lucia Closset Avatar
    Gloria Lucia Closset

    I love when you make me THINK !!!!!

  7. Jared Avatar

    This is misleading and pretty one sided and was basically the plot to ‘The Matrix’.

    You come down on the side of the evil deterministic robots… I prefer hope and humanity where your opinions and beliefs drive action and do occasionally change the world.

    Fate v Destiny. Don’t forget the other half of the argument.

  8. Jordan Avatar

    So wait Julien, let me get this straight > You’ve written a blog post claiming that opinions don’t really matter, but then wait, what is your blog post if not just another opinion that doesn’t matter? Blogs posts are opinions, are they not? You can’t have it both ways: if opinions don’t matter, then neither do yours. And if that’s true, then it just makes me laugh to hear all the comments gushing about how “spot on” you are, and how your post is “so pure.” C’mon, the only purity here is the tautological bullshit masquerading as insightful commentary.

  9. Butch McKinley Avatar
    Butch McKinley

    Human beings seem to have an innate desire to tell each other what to think and what to say. Epictetus says we cannot do this. Good post: it brings the silliness to the surface. Who says that logic and rhetoric are the be all an end all. There is no humour in logic or math or rhetoric or any number of other things. There is nothing so human as inconsistency. Thanks.

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