You might notice that the title of these blog posts are pretty much random words.

You’ll also notice that I rarely do headline grabbing. When I do, I go all the way, and the posts tend to go viral. But most of the time I don’t. I’ll tell you why.

You can do this waterfall thing– a lot of water at once. BOOM. I even advise this to bloggers (or more recently, Medium writers)– instead of writing one post a day, write every day but work on one post the whole time. The 5x work on the post in question produces much more than 5x the reward.

In other words, when something goes totally, insanely viral, it’s because you put in the extra work.

However, that is not how mountains are made. Mountains are made by erosion– that is to say, one drip at a time over thousands, or millions, of years.

It’s hard to notice the natural environment most of the time in the 21st century. Even though we don’t think about it, almost everything we have around us is manufactured.

But when you do notice the natural environment, that majesty, that sense of wonder, that power is made by erosion. One drop at a time, forever, instead of a waterfall, once.

You will notice that we can always rebuild after a storm. But a constant drip will wear away at anything.





5 responses to “Waterfall”

  1. Wiktor Avatar

    Absolutely off-topic: The image in the post (though beautiful) is over 7MB large and it’s resolution is 4000px × 2670px (but scaled to a small 240px × 160px image, which could take about 50KB (0,05MB)). So basically every visit takes about 140 times more bandwidth than it should. Also, must be very irritating for people on mobile devices/very limited data plans. Just saying 😉

  2. haley nichols Avatar
    haley nichols

    Fellew daily writer…I wrote the 6six sencen servery..hope to start my own blog..if u have any tipe I would be will to help u as will.

  3. Jon Avatar

    Um. That’s not how mountains are made.

  4. Tom Avatar

    Canyons are made by the erosion of the constant drip, drip, drip. Mountains are made by the clash of titanic tectonic plates, forcing one to thrust into the sky to dizzying heights. Or the eruption of molten magma from the depths of the Earth.

  5. Ton Bil Avatar
    Ton Bil

    Sure, quality writing takes time. However, most waterfalls that I know, are quite continuous. QED, which is always good.

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