9 Ideas About the Future

Edit: I seem to have pretty good at predicting things accurately here. I may end up updating the post. Stay tuned.

Here are a few ideas about what the future could look like.

I wouldn’t consider these holy writ; more like provocations to think about.

A. Bitcoin becomes extremely popular, replaces gold as a stable currency because of its algorithmic, predictable, stable nature. Bitcoin ATMs on every block.

B. Home Depot becomes a giant room, 2% of its usual size, with 3D printers in the back that just print out whatever it is that you want. No more inventory.

C. Amazon does the opposite. Opens warehouses that become showcases for the few things you have trouble ordering online… fridges, etc.

D. Your smartphone becomes your wallet, your ID card, your keys. Segments society into smartphone users (who have access to the best services), and non-smartphone users (who don’t).

E. Social networks become generational, with each successive generation abandoning the previous one and software using more highly viral methods to reach the generation that is not yet captured. See: Snapchat, WeChat. Eventual boom/bust cycles cause great instability. OR…

F. Social networks obtain permanent place in the stage of life of the participant. i.e LinkedIn becomes the dominant circle when your work life starts to gain in importance, then declines once you retire. Etc.

G. Google Fiber threatens to put all other telecom providers out of business as a result of their intent to “organize and make available all of the world’s information,” theorizing that slow internet prevents access to information. Anti-trust legislation follows. See Jason Calacanis’ Launch list for more on this.

H. Wars develop for each location a piece of hardware can exist: the eye, the wrist, the hand, the desk, etc. Nike probably wins the wrist. The rest… I mean, hey, hard to bet on anything else but Google.

I. Increasingly peer-to-peer services replace everything, as they create efficiencies where middlemen are unnecessary. Offices (obviously), restaurants, tours, travel, flights… everything. And remember, the inevitable end result of all technology is omniscience and telepathy. Or extinction. (Only slightly kidding.)





8 responses to “9 Ideas About the Future”

  1. Radhika Avatar

    Scary reality, such a closed system with Google doing absolutely everything.

    Also, I don’t think Bitcoin will rule the world. Read why: http://evbogue.com/cryptocurrencies

  2. Tom Malcolm Avatar
    Tom Malcolm

    …you been readin’ Kurzweil, ain’t ya?! 🙂

  3. Ria Parish Avatar
    Ria Parish

    Terrifying but believable….

  4. Ross Avatar

    Interesting list, I love predictions like these, even though I hope half of yours do not come true.

    D makes me wonder if it will also segment criminals as well. For some reason, I see a “The Warriors” style remake in the future where there are rival gangs(as we know them today) fighting with cyberpunk gangs (as we know them in fiction).

    Is prediction H supposed to be an open invitation\trap to make a penis joke or is it just me?

  5. Charles h. green Avatar
    Charles h. green

    D is a safe bet.
    G and H are really interesting and provocative.
    I’d lay heavy odds against A and I, personally.

  6. Jelena Milosevic Avatar
    Jelena Milosevic

    I think that I want to move to the mountain and live in the wood.

  7. Paul L Avatar

    Another enjoyable blog post. Thanks. I agree with everything. Technology meets politics or rather, dictates it.

  8. Michael Miller Avatar

    Brilliant. Thanks for giving us some things to chew on. I totally think Google will get nailed with anti-trust, becoming some sort of cross between Microsoft and the NSA. I don’t think I’m on the bitcoin bandwagon, but the Home Depot and Amazon scenario a make sense, Amazon eventually evolving to the Home Depot model. As for social networks, I like option E.

    I also see unconnectedness becoming the new cool. Starting with the über rich and cascading down, we’ll move from having all the gadgets to be plugged in, to being anonymous as the new ideal.

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