Do you know your sweet spot?

I’ve been asking a ton of interviewees this recently. I think it’s very important.

You only learn your sweet spot by finding it and being in it – or, if you’re close, by listening to your feelings. They might be big or small so you might have to get very quiet.

At Breather I ran everything from an office. I ended up having to do of what I sometimes now call productivity theatre, which is when you have to be in a place to appear productive in front of others.

At the current company I started, Practice, we do none of that, because we are remote. So I just work on what matters regardless of what it looks like. This is closer to my sweet spot.

I think the objective of life is to get as close to your sweet spot in many parts of life as you can, for as long as you can.

I remind myself of this sometimes with the prompt: “Have you experienced the sacred recently?” It pops up in my todo list and it reminds me that there is more than the everyday out there. (Most of the time, in my case, this turns out to mean more time in nature.)

Your sweet spot not too easy, and not too hard. It relies on your natural skillset and on some of the things you’ve worked hard to learn. It makes life closer to the experience of a video game, which is that “just right” level of difficulty.

So try to find it, and try to stay there.





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