Writing for its own sake

I forgot why I liked blogging, so I am trying hard to remember.

For a very long time, I intertwined it with my career and now that it’s disentangled, I realize it can become a much purer version of my thoughts, a kind of diary of sorts, and can provide value for interested people without trying to be linkbait.

I was reading Aaron Swartz’s blog recently, again, and looking back at the Raw Nerve series, thinking about an earlier internet where things seemed complex at the time, but in retrospect were very simple. After he died, I would find myself thinking about him on occasion – I think we influenced each other despite never having met. So I was happy to connect back with his work, which people have kept online as a way of remembering him. (Thanks for MEK for helping me do this.)

These days my work is simple. I try to serve more people better that use our stuff and work hard at being a good entrepreneur and human being. So this isn’t flashy because it doesn’t need to be; I’m just out here getting my sea legs again.

That said, the world is way different than it was when I started writing here, so all the people who used to hang out here may be gone. Who knows?

If you are here, and you see this, comment so I can try to understand how dark this room is.





9 responses to “Writing for its own sake”

  1. Knut Avatar

    I’m still here, the feed always having been tucked await in my feedreader, it eagerly asking for new posts. I’m hoping for some more of those in the future.

    Thank you also for pointing to Aaron Swartz’s blog. Haven’t ever gotten around to reading those old posts before.

  2. Jared Taylor Avatar

    Nice to see you back, Julien. We met virtually over a decade ago after you gave a talk for a marketing class I took at Emerson College. I was combing through your blog last month looking for a story (I think) you wrote many years ago. Accidentally stumbled upon your site today again after Safari auto-populated the site – glad to see you’re writing again. Keep it up!

  3. Fletcher Avatar

    Julien, I’m not sure about this room right now, but my life has been lighter with your writing in it. Grateful that you’re back to sharing it with us again.
    Thank you.

  4. Chris L Avatar
    Chris L

    In a similar way, I come back to your site every now and again to see if you posted. And here you are. I feel like the old school way of blogging is still here, and people crave it. Just now it’s in newsletters and substack – which I actually enjoy.


  5. Jen Avatar

    Hi 🙂 It’s a pleasure to see you back in my rss feed and I’m looking forward to reading you again.

  6. Kyle Avatar

    I kept your blog in my RSS reader with the hope that you would write again, even if only an occasional brief thought. It’s your site, so make it what you want and the audience will follow

  7. Dann Avatar

    You just showed back up in my RSS reader

  8. Rachyl Avatar

    So glad I kept your blog in my RSS reader 🙂

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