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  • Ignore the News

     The purpose of the news is to get your attention and sell your eyeballs. Its secondary purpose is to inform. Do you write a daily blog? Where do you get your ideas? I have a few methods I use to get daily ideas– sometimes from conversations, or offline stuff, and sometimes from online when […]

  • Have a good blog? You need a good archive.

    Your archive page is probably the least considered of your blog’s design. Look at any WordPress blog out there, and you’ll see basically the same thing– a sidebar with links, kind of confusing, not much else. Stresslimit and I decided to solve this by releasing our first WordPress plugin. Justin, Colin, and the rest of the […]

  • Protip: Your inactive blog makes you irrelevant

    If you aren’t current, you may as well not exist. This is my conclusion after reading Sylvain Carle recent post (in French, sorry) that tells me who inspires him in Montreal, the city I call my home. The gist is the following: Carle lists 21 people that inspire him, and I like him a lot, […]

  • Why Blogs Can’t Be Trusted

    When was the last time you had a total mental breakthrough? Do you remember the last time you got information so valuable to you that it changed your life? Was it from a book? Did a mentor teach it to you? Or did it come from a blog or a newspaper? Call me presumptuous, but […]

  • How do we solve the guest post problem?

    Guest posts. We’ve all seen them. They may bother you, they may not. Too often, they are a plague on otherwise great blogs. What’s wrong with them? Simple: They aren’t written by the blogger I subscribed to. When I’ve subscribed, I like the content and the style of the founder, and more often than not […]

  • Sick of Akismet? Try Defensio

    w00t! For the past three weeks, I’ve been private beta-testing the spam-filtering WordPress plugin, Defensio, built by some peeps from Montreal. Today, their site goes live. What’s great about this plugin is that it actually displays the percentage chance of any comment being spam, so the process of filtering is significantly more transparent and interesting […]

  • Hacking the influencers list

    Neat. Despite doing totally not a hell of a lot on my blog this month, I ended up #6 on the list of most influential blogs in Quebec (fr), which you can download here. Mitch, who actually does work on his, was at #4– far more deserved, I think. I suspect the rating is highly […]

  • Stray feed

    It appears that an old feed from this blog has been left orphaned– this one: Anyone know how to get it to update properly? Right now, it’s pointing at Feedburner, but Google Reader doesn’t seem to be able to update it.

  • Yulblog turns 7

    Yulblog, the oldest regular gathering of bloggers on the planet, is turning 7 this Friday! The party is at 8pm, here, following the launch party of three Québec bloggers who recently got book deals. I’m in Austin, of course, but my heart is still over there (well, mostly). 🙂

  • The Montreal Gazette is planning a local tech blog

    Sorry, I’ve got no links as of yet, but I met with Roberto Rocha, author of the recent piece The Invisible Industry, today. He says the Gazette have agreed to launch a blog focusing on the local technology industry, which he hopes will gain local entrepreneurs and early adopters some exposure. Weirdly, it also turns […]