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  • “Only the lonely write blogs,” says a total fucking idiot

    Mitch Joel today points us to a article which ended up on the cover of the Montreal Gazette today. Quoting Michael Keren, a professor from the University of Calgary, whose random anecdotes are supported by the fact that he has a degree and absolutely no blog whatsoever: Bloggers think of themselves as rebels against […]

  • Up to WordPress 2.0.7

    The Librivox blog was hacked this week, along with a number of other well known SEO sites. All of them were using old versions of WordPress, so I’ve updated to the newest version– it should have all the holes plugged up. Let me know if you see anything weird.

  • Adding a search bar

    So I’ve added a search function to this website, due to no small pressure from Marko, who couldn’t find my old stuff. Do we like it where it is? I tried putting it in the sidebar but it was basically invisible. Comments appreciated here. Also of note: Turns out this thing is great for searching […]

  • Comment spam

    I just had an idea about comment spam. What if, in our blogs’ comment forms, we had a pulldown menu that asked “Is this spam?” that was automatically set to yes? As a temporary measure, at least, it would be an interesting way to get spammers to identify themselves as such.

  • Why are A-list bloggers boring?

    (And I’m not being facetious here.) Here is a list of some A-list bloggers I read and enjoy: Smart Mobs (because of flashmob and mobile stuff), Dave Winer (yeah yeah, laugh it up), Seth Godin (marketing, branding, etc.), and Scobleizer (no idea why, really – but at least he admits it). There are others I […]

  • Test post!

    I’m testing the new 0.7 version of Flock, which has all this great Flickr,, and blogging functionality. It may actually become my browser of choice… that is, if I ever figure out how to save my tabs. Update: Found a plugin! Blogged with Flock

  • WordPress and my .htaccess file

    I need some serious help from someone with some technical knowledge. WordPress 2.0.3 (at least I assume it’s WordPress) seems to be regularly rewriting my .htaccess file. I do not want it to do this – I have custom stuff in there, and it has overwritten it numerous times. My question is why. Or at […]