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  • Build your own classroom with these 23 books

    This post endeavours to help you learn more quickly– about any subject. If you just want to see the list, see below, but before we start, try this thought experiment. Let’s assume that you would be automatically successful at any project you took part in. You could make a startup into a billion-dollar company, become […]

  • Great books this month

    Guys, I normally don’t do this kind of thing, but Escape From Cubicle Nation is amazing. I just met Pam Slim this week. We were getting awards for our books at the 800 CEO READ awards and as a result, we ended up trading books. I just finished reading hers and it’s so great. You […]

  • How To Read a Book a Week

    Yep, I finally did it. I read over a book a week all of the past year. More than that– I never fell behind or stopped. I was always ahead of schedule for the entire year. So now, this coming year, guess what? I’d like you to do the same. Here’s how. Why in God’s […]

  • My Holiday Book List

    So I’ve read 52 books this year! I’ve actually read a ton more, but the 52 were those I counted as fully read and over 150 pages or so. I was ahead of schedule all year, too. I’m pretty proud of having done that (but more on that later). Today, since I’m shopping for books, […]

  • I Love Books

    It’s taken me a long time to figure it out, but I realize now that I adore reading. For over 2 years now, I’ve been attempting to read a book every week. This year, for the first time, I’m going to succeed. I’m only now realizing what a tremendous impact a ton of reading has […]

  • Book-a-Week, Part Deux

    Unbelievably, I am still reading a book a week, and have been doing so since January 1st of this year. I’ve been experimenting with this since 2007, so I’m really pleased to say that it’s still working for me. Reading books regularly is the best thing I think you can do for yourself. You read […]

  • Here we go again: Finishing 52 books in 2009

    They say most people read a book a year. I read a book a week; or at least, I try to. Every year, I fail, and every January, I start again. While long-time readers will know that I’ve been attempting this feat every year, you may not know that I shift the rules every time. […]

  • One book a week for 2007

    This isn’t a new year’s resolution but, this year, I intend to read 52 books. I talk about it a bit on this week’s podcast, which will be coming out today. For now, though, I want to try and explain why I’ve decided to do this: I’m have a feeling I’m becoming stupid. Oh wow, […]