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  • Time Passes Too Fast

    I recently realized that I’ve been playing capoeira since 2004. Have you ever been really serious about something, taken some “time off,” and then suddenly realized you’d never gone back the way you wanted? Maybe this happened with school or with art, working out or writing a book? Well, that’s the feeling I had when […]

  • Don’t let the (white) man get you down

    Stephen Levitt of Freakanomics talks today about the difference in viewing habits between blacks and whites in modern day America. There is some subtext in the entry that needs to be discussed: If this one week of data is a good indicator (and I think it is), there has been a remarkable convergence in television […]

  • all further posts on capoeira

    please note that all further posts on this subject are being put on and planet capoeira’s the roda. hope to see you there.

  • synchronicity

    i assure you i am not exaggerating when i tell you that i watched a total of seven episodes of Lost today. while i’m not normally at all interested in television, i have been seriously fascinated by this weekly show. but that is far from the point of this entry. it is merely the set […]

  • learning portuguese for capoeira, a brief primer

    for those interested, i thought i might write a brief primer of my experiences learning brazilian portuguese for the purpose of immersing myself in the culture of capoeira. i suppose these tips could work for the acquisition of any language, although i suspect it may be more appropriate for romance languages, or at least, those […]

  • starting over

    well, i haven’t written anything about capoeira in a while. i’ve really been focusing on other goals for this blog in the past while, like promoting my podcast, but i would like to get back to writing every little while about this subject, which has continued to fascinate me ever since i discovered it at […]

  • two more capoeira books

    i just received two capoeira books from amazon: Learning Capoeira: Lessons in Cunning from an Afro-Brazilian Art and Capoeira and Candomblé: Conformity and Resistance through Afro-Brazilian Experience. if amazon has an accurate representation of the english language books on the subject, i now own 100% (or close to) all of those that aren’t american faux-fitness […]

  • batizado 2005 pics etc.

    Ella took a few cool pictures during our capoeira batizado this year. Lighting was a bit low so they ended up a bit dark, but a few really cool pictures stand out, which can be found on her Flickr page. Feel free to check out her collection of street graffiti as well.

  • belated batizado pics

    CC had been recently going through my old blog entries and found some entries that related to capoeira. i hadn’t uploaded any pictures of my batizado yet, so i put up two on my abandoned flickr account. though we had a million pictures from it, there weren’t that many that ended up displaying what i […]

  • a&f and capoeira

    I just watched a capoeira mini-documentary on (get this) the Abercrombie & Fitch website. Someone in my capoeira group directed me to it last night while we were all hanging out at Luba Lounge. So of course it’s utter crap. Ok, let me revise that statement for political correctness: The A&F ‘reps’ hype capoeira up […]