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  • The 12 Phases of a Successful Project

    All successful project come in phases, and since human beings follow patterns, these phases are pretty universal. Everyone, at some phase, goes through obstacles, finds mentors, etc., so knowing the phases ahead of time can be extremely helpful. A lot of this can be learned, so here is an impression of how they work. I hope […]

  • Two Major Drives

    The two major reasons for doing absolutely anything in the world: happiness and duty. If something gives you happiness, even if slight, then it’s probably worth doing. You’re with someone (hopefully) because they make you happy. You have a job because doing it (or at least its results) make you happier. You take trips because […]

  • How to do the best work of your life

    Today my new book, The Flinch, is launched on Seth Godin’s Domino Project. It’s about how to push your own barriers and how to do things that scare you. Writing the book was hardest thing I’ve ever done, and as an experiment, it’s available for free. With the help of Seth, Chris Brogan, and many […]

  • You are nothing without effort

    You are not born to live a long life. You are not born to succeed. You are born to go through puberty, reproduce, and die. Exerting effort for any other purpose than producing more children is a deviation from the natural order. It’s against your programming. Every push to improve yourself is an act of […]

  • I was born very stupid and will die very smart

    If this isn’t the slogan for your life, it should be. You were born extremely dumb. There is no question about it. So the first side of the equation is set; it’s the second you have to worry about. Will you die very smart? Smart is relative. Yes, humans read more than they ever have. […]

  • The Complete Guide to Learning from Criminals

    Whenever I’m in doubt and I don’t know where to turn, I turn to my idols, who never let me down: Brainiac, Two-Face, and Spongebob Squarepants. Ok, just kidding about Squarepants. The rest is real though. You know, until recently, if I were asked about my idols, I might have said someone like Marshall McLuhan, […]

  • How to tell if you’re doing your life’s work

    I am working on a small book right now. It’s easily the best thing I’ve ever done. The editor is better than I could have ever hoped for. The idea is amazing, and something I care deeply about. It should get good visibility. Everything seems like it’s in line. This kind of thing never happens […]

  • No One Cares If You Succeed or Fail: Why I Walked 500 Miles… Barefoot

    There are some lessons you can learn from the comfort of your couch— maybe watching a great video on Youtube or chatting with friends. But there are other lessons that come hard. Here is one of them. But first, some background. My girlfriend and I just walked 800 kilometers (500 miles) along the Camino de Santiago […]

  • Why You Should Quit the Internet

    Life is a series of decisions, one after another. When put together, they make you who you are. Each decision is a bet. Some are made consciously; others not. Each bet you win shows you what you’re capable of, and what your next bet should be. As you win more bets, you get more ambitious. This […]

  • Two Ways to Make Better Decisions

    Our world is complex, and it needs heuristics for us to be effective. One heuristic that works when we’re young is “listen to your parents,” because otherwise, we might die. Another adult heuristic might be “find an expert, and do what they say,” although that’s getting more and more complex these days. The other day […]