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  • Podcast 119 – I’m crazy tired

    I worked on like a million things today, and this was the last one. I probably sound way exhausted at the end. So it goes. This was also the first show I uploaded via the new Podshow site, and it worked pretty well. Try the player if you wanna listen to it in a browser. […]

  • Podcast #114 – Electroset 1

    Electro/80s/new wave set you can’t beat. Damn the box. [audio:] Stop Die Resucitate – ‘Escaping’ Peaches – ‘The Inch’ The Faint – ‘Paranoiattack’ Caribou – ‘Lord Leopard’ I Am X – ‘Skin Vision’ The Smear Campaign – ‘Eighty Three’ Ctrl Alt Delete – ‘Famous At Night’ Diva109 – ‘Keep You In Mind (The Naked Truth)’ […]

  • Show #109 – Hip Hop Set #5

    I made this mix earlier this morning – it’s amazing what a difference waking up early makes! Too bad I had to wait for FedEx all day. Deltron 3030 – ‘Mastermind’ (Amazon) Blood of Abraham – ‘Paranoia is Awareness’ (Amazon) Ghostface Killah – ‘Milk Em’ (eMusic) Self Scientific – ‘Change Pt. 1’ (eMusic) Vakill – […]

  • show 102 – hip hop set 4

    i wanted to finish a set before the end of the evening, and just did so now as i am going to bed. i won’t be putting it up onto the feed until morning, but feel free to download it now with this link if you’re into it. otherwise you’ll receive it later on Thursday. […]

  • ioyh 97 – hiphopset 3

    this is my first live set using podsafe tunes, using a real dj program instead of garageband. in this case it’s all hip hop, but it won’t always be. i’m only learning how to work with these applications, so more complex stuff will start coming out soon. btw, there’s a decent amount of new material […]

  • Hip Hop Set #2

    tonight, instead of a regular show, i put together a 49 minute mix of hip hop music, with just a touch of talking. i figure i can allow myself these every little while – i really enjoy the end result after working to find just the right tracks. subscribe in itunes direct link there are […]

  • Hip Hop Set #1

    I’ve been working on a mixtape-type hiphop set since the last show, so I present that to you now. It’s not genius but it’s a lot of good, independent tracks, mixed fairly well by someone who’s just starting out doing this sort of thing. Let me know what you think. Click here to listen. You […]