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  • P.S.: I’ve started doing podcasts again

    … and you can thank Neil Gorman and Nokia. Listen to see why. (The music is by Greydon Square… thanks Tim.) The RSS feed is still here. Also, for the next 3 months or so, Nokia is sponsoring the show. They sent me an N810 and I chat about it a bit in the thing. […]

  • Quick Tip: Write down your 2008 goals

    I don’t read him anymore, but Steve Pavlina pointed me to this guide (no longer available) a few years ago which helps me lay out my goals every year. I’m not a Tony Robbins guy otherwise (never read any of his books), but this thing works for me, so I do it at the beginning […]

  • Being a cyborg

    How to subscribe. How the rich control your education, being a cyborg, and the chessboard of life. Relevant links: Famous for 15 people, Chat with a rich kid. [] Direct download link

  • Stop the Presses: I actually made a podcast

    How to subscribe. The Seven Plagues of Modern Man, new tattoos, New York and Toronto are piece of shit cities. Etc. [] Direct download link

  • While You’re Working >>> Groove

    Check out the Fluokids Miam les fruits mix on their Virb page. I swear it won’t crash your browser like Myspace. (Thanks to Boris for the link.)

  • My favourite female rapper

    Hey, here’s an article about my favourite female rapper, Bahamadia. It includes two downloadable tracks– check it out.

  • Definitive freeloading

    Seriously, it’s criminal that we all have to pay for music that sucks when stuff like this is free. This Definitive Swim compilation puts the previous freeload stuff I’ve blogged about to shame. Go grab yourself some of this. Do you guys detect a pattern here? A new way of making money with music? If […]

  • RoboCop’s hot ass

    How to subscribe. So I recorded this show last week that is to be my last ‘studio’ show in two months or so. So it’s rambling BS until that time! I’ll try to put some songs in there too, though, so don’t stress. I don’t remember much of what I talked about on this show, […]

  • Why am I doing radio out in the cold?

    How to subscribe. My first regular show in about a month. I talk about the Homelessness Marathon, which is going on as I write this, about working through some of my long term goals, and the best t-shirt I have ever owned. I also play a track from the band The Knife, which you should […]

  • Having Epilepsy

    [audio:] Click here to download it I’ve been reading David B’s massive graphic novel Epileptic, so I felt it was time for me to come out and talk about what having epilepsy means to me. I have more to say about this, but for now, I just wanted to put it up. Looking forward to […]