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  • Shir Khan + Pitchfork = Madness

    Yeah, I know– talking about web ecology one day and then dance music the next. I’m not sure what’s going on with Julien, either… but listen up. (Thanks Pitchfork, thanks Véro!)

  • The world embraces my screwups

    How to subscribe. So I’ve been harbouring a secret for about six weeks. Not fucking huge, but still, it’s something… so I talk about it at the beginning. Also, how I hate disappointing people, and how the world embracing your screwups on the web. [audio:] Direct download link Godaddy codes BTW: Neil has a great […]

  • Sales sharks and minimum wage

    How to subscribe. Woo! I did an oldschool style show. Made evident is my hatred of salespeople, the joke that is minimum wage, and other such things. [audio:] Direct download link Godaddy promo codes

  • The right to online anonymity

    How to subscribe. Since the update to WordPress 2.0.7 is now done, I can upload this lovely file I created. This week I ended up walking all around a few Montreal subway stations, chatting to a portable recorder and playing no music aside from recording Peruvian buskers. Don’t hate. [audio:] Direct download link

  • Looking to the birds

    How to subscribe. I’m currenty spending way too many hours building a Best of the Daily Source Code. I’ve found files so old, it’s crazy. And dudes, I totally keep forgetting to put album art in there, sorry. I’ll put it in next time, but this particular episode is already up, so it’s like ‘meh’. […]

  • The rise of atheism

    How to subscribe. More talking in the street. Is atheism getting fashionable? How atheism may be taking hold on the web as a strong force for 2007, more on reading a book a week. Another damn cold day. [audio:] Spank Rock – Screwville, USA Direct download link

  • Tattoos, piercings, and making irrevocable decisions

    How to subscribe. I have been known to do a number of stupid/irrevocable things in my lifetime. Here’s how I cope with making these decisions without being crippled by doubt. [audio:] PSALM One – Death of the Frequent Flyer Direct download link

  • Why to fear white kids

    How to subscribe. Dear suburbanites: Do not fear black people. Fear your own white children. [audio:] RZA feat MF Doom – Biochemical Equation Soul Position – Hand-Me-Downs Molemen and Myka 9 – Redemption Direct download link

  • We’re not doing the awkward coffee thing

    How to subscribe. Notes from being at a homeless shelter for a week, meeting the ex-girlfriend for the first time, and having no show notes whatsoever. Also, I literally end the podcast with 30 seconds of ‘blah blah blah’. Yes, really. [audio:] RJD2 – Iced Lightning Jaylib – Nasty McFilth feat. Frank N Dank Jedi […]

  • So I totally could have died last week

    How to subscribe. Yeah so right during my recording this episode, I broke into an abandoned church. It was the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever done, no joke. [audio:] Molemen – Full Metal Jacket Cannibal Ox – A B-Boy’s Alpha