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  • Reminder: Podcamp Montreal

    Registrations are open! Show up or you owe me a beer. But seriously, Laurent, Sylvain, and Laurent (2), and Michelle are doing a great job with this, particularly since running a bilingual event is a bit more complicated than your usual Podcamp. It should be pretty damn cool.

  • Gay lovers

    Here’s Hugh McGuire (of Librivox) and me on a boat at PAB2007. It’s a great pic, even though we look like a gay couple. 🙂

  • I didn’t go to Le Web 3 (and I’m glad)

    So I’ve been reading a bunch about Le Web 3, a conference in France happening at this moment. I considered going early on, could have done it, and then saw the list of over 700 people attending. “Why bother,” I figured. I see no interest in attending a conference where I know no one aside […]

  • Traveling to Banff

    Currently in-flight, heading straight to Banff from Montréal. The next four days will be spent at the Interactive Project Lab representing HAL, and talking with other participants from all around the country about new media projects they are involved in. Exciting possibilities. Although I don’t know a hell of a lot about this place, the […]