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  • Tattoos, piercings, and making irrevocable decisions

    How to subscribe. I have been known to do a number of stupid/irrevocable things in my lifetime. Here’s how I cope with making these decisions without being crippled by doubt. [audio:] PSALM One – Death of the Frequent Flyer Direct download link

  • Why to fear white kids

    How to subscribe. Dear suburbanites: Do not fear black people. Fear your own white children. [audio:] RZA feat MF Doom – Biochemical Equation Soul Position – Hand-Me-Downs Molemen and Myka 9 – Redemption Direct download link

  • When is a podcast not a podcast

    [audio:] I walked around the city the other day, testing my new Microtrack 24/96, and decided to make show out of it. It was put on Sirius last Friday – I can just imagine what regular listeners were thinking. Here’s the file.

  • We’re not doing the awkward coffee thing

    How to subscribe. Notes from being at a homeless shelter for a week, meeting the ex-girlfriend for the first time, and having no show notes whatsoever. Also, I literally end the podcast with 30 seconds of ‘blah blah blah’. Yes, really. [audio:] RJD2 – Iced Lightning Jaylib – Nasty McFilth feat. Frank N Dank Jedi […]

  • So I totally could have died last week

    How to subscribe. Yeah so right during my recording this episode, I broke into an abandoned church. It was the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever done, no joke. [audio:] Molemen – Full Metal Jacket Cannibal Ox – A B-Boy’s Alpha

  • Men are fucking babies, or: My computer is like my life

    How to subscribe. Men need to grow up, let’s all admit it. [audio:] Demigodz – Don’t You Even Go There Jedi Mind Tricks – Uncommon Valor feat. RA the Rugged Man Wax Tailor – Where My Heart’s At

  • Objects coated in sin

    How to subscribe. I cannot even walk into a pawnshop, I’m not even kidding. They fucking freak me out. Here’s the transcript for the show. [audio:] Genelec & Memphis Reigns – Scorpion Circles Qwel – If It Ain’t Been in a Pawn Shop, Then It Can’t Play the Blues Juggaknots – Clear Blue Skies* * […]

  • Old people got it straight

    How to subscribe. Be smart, be like old people. Also: Stones Throw 10th anniversary. Rock it. Also, here’s the transcript for the show. [audio:] Guilty Simpson – Clap Your Hands Madvillain – Money Folder MED – All I Know Peanut Butter Wolf – Interruptions

  • Chilling with Anji

    Hey, I hadn’t blogged it yet, but Anji and I talked a little bit ago for a show we put on Sirius. The recording ended up being over an hour, and that’s what I put online. So, you know, be prepared for a hella long recording. 🙂 Here’s the transcript, in case you guys are […]

  • Make some power moves

    How to subscribe. Power moves and how to make them. [audio:] Howard Lloyd – Various Canibus – ‘Master Thesis I Am The World Trade Center – ‘The Postcard’