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  • For the love of God, please stop marketing

    Look, here’s the truth. Fundamentally, the real reason your company doesn’t grow has nothing to do with the marketing being right. The reason your idea falls flat is not about your follower count. Right now, your problem is more fundamental than that. Go to any event and you’ll see sponsors. Get on any bus and you’ll see […]

  • No, you do not need my phone number.

    If I’ve bought something from your website, you already have me. You don’t need my information to send me more stuff later on. That’s not what I’m buying. I’m buying this book, and that’s it. Last week I typed into a captcha field ten times, and I never got it right. Eventually, I gave up. […]

  • What We Can Learn From Conditioner

    What exactly is conditioner? This is something the average man does not know. Conditioner is a failure of the system, a basic misunderstanding in which companies do not know how to speak to regular guys and say “your hair will look somewhat reasonable afterwards instead of being a poofy mess.” No girl can teach them […]

  • Sunscreen accelerates cancer (and other stuff you don’t know)

    Almost every sunscreen on the market accelerates cancer, the public learned last week. What, you didn’t know? Guess what? Saturated fat is also not the culprit for heart-disease. Yet every article we see about health still calls it “artery-clogging saturated fat,” as if it were one word that can’t be separated. Did you know either […]