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  • Radiohead * Jay-ZzzZz = Jaydiohead

    It’s not bad so far. Still not as great as (impossible to find) The White Albulum though. (Here’s a taste tho.) Anyway, just fucking download it. You need something new. (From the Assimilated Negro.)

  • Back when I was popular

    The most downloaded show I’ve ever made was this one, a totally non-hiphop mixtape style thing I made about two years ago. People still ask me where the file is, how can they get it, etc., so I figured I’d make it available. Download the set here. P.S.: Portishead’s new album Third can be streamed […]

  • So Akon’s prison time was entirely fabricated… now what?

    The backstory is simple– Akon, who has sold a ton of albums (3 million of his second album, according to the story) has claimed this whole time that he spent three and a half years in prison for being the leader of a notorious car theft ring that focused on Porsches, BMWs, etc. etc. Problem […]

  • P.S.: I’ve started doing podcasts again

    … and you can thank Neil Gorman and Nokia. Listen to see why. (The music is by Greydon Square… thanks Tim.) The RSS feed is still here. Also, for the next 3 months or so, Nokia is sponsoring the show. They sent me an N810 and I chat about it a bit in the thing. […]

  • Officially the hottest track ever right now

    Goddamn, it’s a good thing I’m not in Toronto right now, because I’d be a 95 pound, cocaine-snorting groupie for Fritz Helder. Shit. This album is like a perfect combination of vogue, neon 80s and Grandmaster Flash or something. Anyway, whatever, go listen to it.

  • Doctor Steel

    When I was young and played the accordion, I wanted to grow up and be the coolest accordion player alive, like Doctor Steel kind of is now. His music is kind of how I think nerd rap would sound if there were an accordion involved… which is to say, more intellectually interesting than traditionally good. […]

  • Stop the Presses: I actually made a podcast

    How to subscribe. The Seven Plagues of Modern Man, new tattoos, New York and Toronto are piece of shit cities. Etc. [] Direct download link

  • While You’re Working >>> Groove

    Check out the Fluokids Miam les fruits mix on their Virb page. I swear it won’t crash your browser like Myspace. (Thanks to Boris for the link.)

  • 150 Episodes: Holy Crap

    How to subscribe. My 150th show, done from the balcony of a hotel room during SXSW 2007. The state and future of the web and of media personalities, my position within the structure, and where I hope to be. It all came out. This was a great show to do. [audio:] Direct download link

  • 7 Songs

    w00t, so I was tagged by Bill and Charlotte for this 7 song thing. You basically choose songs that you’re enjoying right now, share them through the post, and then spread it to more people. Here are mine. All of them I’ve discovered recently– I hope you like them: Up All Night, by El-P (eMusic) […]