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  • Reminder: Podcamp Montreal

    Registrations are open! Show up or you owe me a beer. But seriously, Laurent, Sylvain, and Laurent (2), and Michelle are doing a great job with this, particularly since running a bilingual event is a bit more complicated than your usual Podcamp. It should be pretty damn cool.

  • Alive in Baghdad correspondent killed

    Sorry, this is just copied from Hugh’s post, but I have no words for this. (More here.) Alive in Baghdad correspondent Ali Shafeya was killed on December 14th, details are still coming in. He was 24, survived by mom and sister. and: but is that worth even one human’s life? We are still not 100% […]

  • The EarIdeas challenge

    Ok, so Hugh‘s new site EarIdeas has a challenge: Name the best podcasts you know of, and Hugh promises to listen to them and add them if they’re up to par. (EarIdeas wants to provide novices with great first experiences when listening to audio on the web.) So, here we go– I’ll tag a few […]

  • Apple flushing podcasting?

    I know this may seem like a conspiracy theory to you guys, but the other day we realized something at the office. The iTunes Store on the iPod Touch… well, it has no podcasting section. Anyway, after a bit of discussion, we kind of began wondering– is Apple flushing podcasting? I mean, they definitely don’t […]

  • iTunes blindness

    This week, Apple is featuring one show that hasn’t updated in 8 months, and another that hasn’t updated in almost a year. Explain to me again why they hold the reigns of podcasting. Now, Dave Winer started working on a podcatcher. Should you care? Definitely. Apple is now the barrier to entry. Though podcasting is […]

  • Being a cyborg

    How to subscribe. How the rich control your education, being a cyborg, and the chessboard of life. Relevant links: Famous for 15 people, Chat with a rich kid. [] Direct download link

  • Scoble out?

    Update: The part about Scoble leaving Podtech appears to be false. Sorry about the gossip dudes. My sentiments remain unchanged though. I don’t know anything about Podtech (I don’t think anybody does), but I just read on Andrew Baron’s blog that Podtech is in sinking and Scoble may be out (the original tweet-based rumour being […]

  • WebbAlert: It’s like Rocketboom, except…

    The future seems to be littered with videoblogs with attractive women as hosts. While I understand the need to get viewers as much as any producer, getting an attractive girl to do it can sometimes seem like the cheap way out. With Rocketboom, JetSetShow, and Geek Brief, I feel like they’re still part of the […]

  • One Red Paperclip, for acting

    Tim Coyne just launched the One Red Paperclip of acting… taking the iPhone spoksorship ‘fluke’ as a springboard, he has sponsored Jaffe’s Across the Sound, hoping to use the podcast’s audience to help him land an audition for one of four huge TV shows– CSI, House, Criminal Minds, or Shark.

  • Attention is Power

    If you’re irritated about the way influencers seem to be jumping from one web app to another, you aren’t alone. Dave Slusher just renounced ‘the search for the newer and shinier,’ and I suspect many others will follow after Facebook becomes passé. What Dave doesn’t realize is that it is in the nature of early […]