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  • Trust the Future

    Every organization in the world, every political group, every parent, thinks that they are needed forever. They aren’t. A long time ago I talked about how the myth of the fragile Earth is doing nothing but hurting the environmental movement. They think “ZOMG, what will the Earth do without us,” but this is a very […]

  • The Obligation to Change

    This is a guest post from Chris Guillebeau, the author of the great book, The Art of Non-Conformity. Julien was in Iceland, he’ll be back tomorrow. 🙂 A quick read of In Over Your Head confirms that Julien is an advocate for change, in business and in life. In the battle of change vs. more-of-the-same, […]

  • If you believe in the web

    If you are taking part in this experiment, you are one of us. We are people who believe in individual liberty and the ability to determine our own fates. We are people who want to carve our names into history, even if only a small corner of it. We want the right to create meaningful […]

  • Bring Trust Agents and Six Pix to You

    Chris, Mitch and I have been thinking about how we can bring our books to more audiences. We considered doing a tour– New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc, but those were cities we visited all the time anyway. We also remembered that a lot of you had asked if we could come see you locally, […]

  • Why Gatejumping is Vital

    The more I consider gatejumping, which we discuss in Trust Agents, the more compelling I find the idea. Gatejumpers, for the record, are those who skip past useless middle steps (ie, gates) to get to their goals faster. The reason I’m so excited about a possible Apple tablet, for example, is because a big player […]

  • Attention 9/11 Truth Dudes

    You have met your match. Expect the next 4/8 years to be filled with Obama conspiracy movies from the right, just like the left have their 9/11 truth and Federal Reserve movies. The following are expected to become popular. Just remember you heard it here first. – Obama is not a US citizen – Obama […]

  • God, this guy is incredible

    Andrew said it best: You look at this man, his obvious intelligence, his benevolence, his values, and not least of all, his charisma, and you just know he’s a born leader. He’s going to be the man that changes the way the world looks at America, and hopefully the way America looks at the rest […]

  • Free Burma

    Free Burma!

  • Slavery

    We hear about slavery a lot in an abstract form, but I’ve never seen anything like this before– it’s from the Quebec Gazette, from the year 1767.

  • Massive, widespread revolt on Digg

    If you weren’t watching Digg tonight, you missed history being made. For the first time in a long while, I gained a massive amount of respect for Digg users. Here’s why. Or, check out the screenshot from last night. Every single story with the HD-DVD key. Update:This commenter says it best: “And to think, this […]