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  • Trail

    This time, right now, is probably one of the biggest opportunities you will ever have in your whole life. This isn’t just hyperbole or cliche (though it’s also both). In reality, huge things are emerging today that you have access to at almost no cost. If you get your hands on them, they’ll let you […]

  • How to do the best work of your life

    Today my new book, The Flinch, is launched on Seth Godin’s Domino Project. It’s about how to push your own barriers and how to do things that scare you. Writing the book was hardest thing I’ve ever done, and as an experiment, it’s available for free. With the help of Seth, Chris Brogan, and many […]

  • No One Cares If You Succeed or Fail: Why I Walked 500 Miles… Barefoot

    There are some lessons you can learn from the comfort of your couch— maybe watching a great video on Youtube or chatting with friends. But there are other lessons that come hard. Here is one of them. But first, some background. My girlfriend and I just walked 800 kilometers (500 miles) along the Camino de Santiago […]

  • Why You Should Quit the Internet

    Life is a series of decisions, one after another. When put together, they make you who you are. Each decision is a bet. Some are made consciously; others not. Each bet you win shows you what you’re capable of, and what your next bet should be. As you win more bets, you get more ambitious. This […]

  • 5 Effective Ways to Use Twitter to… ahhh fuck it

    So unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, you’ve probably heard at least one success story some idiot journalist wrote about how Twitter can do amazing things for some moron’s business or whatever. Well it’s all true, and even better, if you follow these instructions, this moron could be YOU. Now I know this stuff […]

  • Why We Must Open Source Happiness

    If we humans learned from our mistakes, we’d be geniuses by now. Learning to ride a bike is easy, and your muscles never let you forget it. So why is figuring life out so hard? Jane McGonigal talked about this in a session I saw once about the difference between games and life, and if […]

  • You Can’t Make Me

    I just spent 10 days straight writing 1000 words a day for a little project I thought up. No one told me to do it. I just started because I realized it was important. The most important things you’ll work on in your life will be things that no one tells you to do. They’ll […]

  • 2010 is the Year of the List

    I used to name my years. It started maybe 5 years ago. I have this vivid memory of the exact moment when I was explaining it to my friend Jean– we were in the train station heading towards our office when I told him about how I started naming my years. I’m thinking this was […]

  • Blip

    Heh, I’m pretty sure this post is directed at me. Which is fine, I deserve it. 🙂 Things have been busy around here. The book with Brogan is really happening, so I’m learning to write a bunch. It’s actually pretty interesting– if any of you have problems with writing, just consider starting something, even if […]

  • I blow it on live TV?

    So I’m on this CBC show Test the Nation on January 20th. I’m really not sure what it’s about, but it’s with a ton of other bloggers including Amber Mac, Andy Nulman, and tons of others (there is, in fact, a whole blogger ‘team’). I imagine I’ll basically annihilate any chance of my team winning. […]