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  • “You have to embrace the suck” – an interview with Leo Babauta of Zenhabits

    For most, the man needs no introduction. But in case you do, here’s one anyway. Leo Babauta is the founder of ZenHabits, a massively popular blog that is considered by Time Magazine to be one of the top 25 blogs in the world. This is already enough to make him interesting, but actually, there’s more. […]

  • A Misunderstanding of Risk

    1000 years ago, the amount of moves a peasant could take were limited. He understood the risk in his world well, but it isn’t because he was super smart. It’s because his world was small. The world is now too big to understand how risky a single action can be. Still, some people are more adept […]

  • How to tell if you’re doing your life’s work

    I am working on a small book right now. It’s easily the best thing I’ve ever done. The editor is better than I could have ever hoped for. The idea is amazing, and something I care deeply about. It should get good visibility. Everything seems like it’s in line. This kind of thing never happens […]

  • Why You Should Quit the Internet

    Life is a series of decisions, one after another. When put together, they make you who you are. Each decision is a bet. Some are made consciously; others not. Each bet you win shows you what you’re capable of, and what your next bet should be. As you win more bets, you get more ambitious. This […]

  • How to Survive the Social Crash

    I have to leave the house right now so I’m going to publish this post early. It is not polished, but I think the ideas are strong. If that means it gets ignored, whatever. I am not a real investor— just a writer who wants to survive from one bubble to the next. But today, […]

  • You Cannot Die

    Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to actually hurt yourself? I don’t mean a paper cut. I mean something that’s disgusting to look at, where you’re at risk for death. What would it take? In this society, it’s very difficult. We are safe. And even if we are hurt, plastic surgery, free […]

  • Take the Risky Path (Not the Stupid Path)

    I did a quick interview the other week with Chris Garrett, which he posted here. The comments got me thinking. The people who read Chris Garrett’s blog are not our tribe, they’re a different kind of people. Seekers maybe. Maybe more pro-blogger types. Either I didn’t express myself properly, or my message is not what […]

  • One Way of Abolishing Risk

    (This is a guest post by Everett Bogue the author of The Art of Being Minimalist and blogger at Far Beyond The Stars.) Julien wrote a post a few weeks ago that breaks down the essential elements of any success story: Cultural Transparency ÷ Risk = Upward Mobility. Hopefully this guest post can help expand […]