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  • The Short, 16-Step Guide to Getting Rid of Your Crap

    Yay, it’s Friday! Time to head home and relax after a week of hard work. 1. Enter the front door of your home. Toss off your shoes. Notice, lying beneath, a pair of boots you have worn only once. Shrug. 2. Turn on the television and sit on your Ikea couch. Attempt to relax. Awaken […]

  • Two Ways to Make Better Decisions

    Our world is complex, and it needs heuristics for us to be effective. One heuristic that works when we’re young is “listen to your parents,” because otherwise, we might die. Another adult heuristic might be “find an expert, and do what they say,” although that’s getting more and more complex these days. The other day […]

  • A Weekend Phone

    I’m toying with this idea of having a different phone on the weekend. I would eliminate from my weekday phone (iPhone) the following features: Email access Twitter Facebook RSS reader Pretty much anything. You probably already have a weekend phone. I know I have a few just sitting around all over the place in my […]

  • Your happiness is not your own

    So I took the advice of this book last week and made a To-Stop-Doing list. The idea is to notice what activities are sucking your energy, wasting your time, and making you feel horrible– the opposite of a to-do list. Anyway, social media activities, in their various forms, made the top 5. Interesting right? Blogging I […]