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  • A Quick Thought About Anti-Social Douchebags

    You’ll often notice guys in airports, washrooms, cafés, etc., talking loud on their phones, disrupting conversations everywhere. You’ll also often notice that these are often powerful-looking guys: business-types, tall maybe, expensive phones, etc. In fact, you might even have a situation in mind. I know I can think of a few. Sometimes, these scenes go […]

  • Do You Make These Mistakes at Social Events?

    Let’s start with a provocative statement: If you can meet anyone, you can be anyone. It’s no secret: Everything I’ve ever had, career-wise, I’ve gotten from the web. I started podcasting and quit 9-to-5 because of it, I wrote a book because of it, and I fly all over the world, too. It’s pretty amazing. […]

  • Everyone will judge you (but no one cares)

    “No one is really judging you; they’re too busy wondering if you’re judging them.” I was very easily embarrassed as a child, so this is the kind of thing my mother used to say often. When she talked to strangers, I pretended I didn’t know her, and she’d remind me again not to be so […]

  • Follower Hyperinflation

    All things digital are inherently vulnerable to inflation. Spam takes advantage of the limits of digital interaction to create scale from the (previously) unscalable, then profit from it. We normally apply this to email, but it could apply to Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube views. It could apply to pageviews to your website or anything else where […]

  • Subverting Social Roles

    Next time I’m on a plane with a child yelling behind me, I’m just going to start yelling too. Whenever this kind of thing happens I’m always thinking “Hey kid, you’ll have plenty of time to complain as an adult. Right now, this is quiet time. So shush.” Thing is, we all have social roles. […]