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  • How To See the Invisible

    Many generations ago, long before Blackberries and Starbucks, there was a time when we could only interact with other people while they were still alive. Things now are not so simple. First, writing was invented; then television, and now the web. The whole environment has changed, but our brains have not. We are still made […]

  • NEWSFLASH: This isn’t my little fucking pony

    Tweeting is not a business model. Rainbows and unicorns will not cut it. The universe doesn’t care about you. Its natural state is to want to wipe you off the planet. You are temporary. In fact, for a large portion of the planet, you are food. Is social media is the new real estate? Everyone’s […]

  • Imagine a Giant iPhone with Everything On It

    The world is a lot like a giant iPhone. On the iPhone, like in the world, everything is media that passes through the screen. Some apps on the iPhone are like television and professionally produced. Others are kind of ghetto but deeply interesting to a few people. Both are successful in their own way. On […]

  • 5 Effective Ways to Use Twitter to… ahhh fuck it

    So unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, you’ve probably heard at least one success story some idiot journalist wrote about how Twitter can do amazing things for some moron’s business or whatever. Well it’s all true, and even better, if you follow these instructions, this moron could be YOU. Now I know this stuff […]

  • How to Survive the Social Crash

    I have to leave the house right now so I’m going to publish this post early. It is not polished, but I think the ideas are strong. If that means it gets ignored, whatever. I am not a real investor— just a writer who wants to survive from one bubble to the next. But today, […]

  • The Future of Blogs is Paid Access

    Update: Aaron Wall left an epic comment here which adds significantly to the discussion. Click here to see it (it’s #55). Pay attention. This will be on the test. I remember having a conversation with Chris, sitting in Café Méliès in Montreal one time, talking about business. We had an idea for a private forum. […]

  • How to triple your Twitter traffic in 7 days

    This is an actual traffic graph for my website last week. Traffic in general increased by 439%. Traffic from Twitter increased by 10 times. I know it sounds like a line straight out of Cash4Gold, but it’s true. I used no special tricks. I did not pull any favours. I did the same amount of […]

  • All social media experts “are actually the same person,” Wikileaks documents reveal

    Candid documents released by Wikileaks on Tuesday have revealed all social media experts to actually be “the exact same individual,” the Guardian reported. “Paul from Miami,” as he is identified in Wikileaks documents, appears to be the source of an entire industry of Twitter experts who seemingly give the same advice and yet somehow all […]

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    There will always be people that don’t like you. On the web, they just do it more publicly. If you have never encountered someone who hates on you for what you’ve put on your blog, Twitter, or elsewhere on the internet– trust me, that time will come. It will not be long before someone comes […]

  • Running on Empty

    When you are building up an asset, you’re either spending time or cash. Renovating a house requires either your handiwork or someone else’s. Getting a charity off the ground requires legwork or funding. Often a combination of both is required. Sometimes you have more of one than the other, or you have no choice which […]