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  • The Most Important Connections I’ve Ever Made – and How I Made Them

    I’m a lucky guy. I know this. I’ve been fortunate, over the years, to have many mentors, friends, and collaborators that care about me and my work. The people I’ve met, without question, are what helped me get where I am today. I’m sure everyone that’s “made it” feels like they’ve done it themselves. But […]

  • Making a Million Bucks vs. Reaching a Million People

    “Thank you my friend I have never met. […] I found your blog post “fuck the internet” on a day I was in a bad way. […] You know what the best part is? You didn’t even charge me a dime. Thank you so much. I could never have heard what you had to say if […]

  • The Complete Guide to Learning from Criminals

    Whenever I’m in doubt and I don’t know where to turn, I turn to my idols, who never let me down: Brainiac, Two-Face, and Spongebob Squarepants. Ok, just kidding about Squarepants. The rest is real though. You know, until recently, if I were asked about my idols, I might have said someone like Marshall McLuhan, […]

  • How to Survive the Social Crash

    I have to leave the house right now so I’m going to publish this post early. It is not polished, but I think the ideas are strong. If that means it gets ignored, whatever. I am not a real investor— just a writer who wants to survive from one bubble to the next. But today, […]

  • Build your own classroom with these 23 books

    This post endeavours to help you learn more quickly– about any subject. If you just want to see the list, see below, but before we start, try this thought experiment. Let’s assume that you would be automatically successful at any project you took part in. You could make a startup into a billion-dollar company, become […]

  • How to Reprogram Your Brain: 4 Paths to More Willpower in 2011

    What if there was blueprint to help you break bad habits? How would more willpower change you? What would you become capable of? Over the past few months, I’ve been talking with Todd Becker, who claims that willpower, eyesight, body weight, and more can be improved through hormesis– a normal biological reaction the body has to short, […]

  • Take It All In

    There is no piece of knowledge, anywhere, that is useless. Everytime you read a book, a blog post, or have an insightful conversation, you learn more than. Each piece of knowledge is applicable in certain circumstances, but also leads towards a broader understanding of the world, showing patterns in human behaviour, systems or more if […]

  • Leaving Money on the Table

    Spam is a hell of a way to make money– or so says my neighbour. “I have a friend who sells Viagra online– makes over a million dollars a year,” he said to me a while ago, as I nodded in acknowledgement. “You could get into this business if you wanted to.” This was true, […]

  • About Being Cheap

    There’s always someone who will do your job for cheaper than you will. In fact, you can bet on it. That’s because there’s always someone who’s more desperate, who wants the sale more, or who is doing it for something other than money. So how do you know if you should discount your services? Of […]

  • How to get paid for what you do for free

    Bartenders make $500 a night in tips. Baristas make $20. Their drinks are equally complex. They serve similar numbers of clients. They perform the same job, but during different hours and in different settings. Why do bartenders make so much more? It isn’t performance. Some bartenders are sloppy, and some baristas are excellent, but their compensation […]