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  • Free to Cheap to Expensive

    “It’s all chips.” Chris and I once used this phrase when keynoting at Affiliate Summit last year– it represented the idea that you need to buy-in to every game (like poker) with winnings from another table. As you move from one table to another, the competition gets tougher but you can also win big. What […]

  • The Importance of the Physical

    If you do yoga, your body is relaxed, so your mind is relaxed too. If you push yourself through long, tough endurance races, you know that pushing past your mental barriers is just as essential as training through your physical ones. In a lot of ways, the body and the mind are connected; just not […]

  • The Perfect Watchtower

    It occurred to me this morning that checking email often may be a feature, not a bug, of information culture. Productivity people talk all the time about how you have to stop checking email, you have to stop checking Twitter, in order to start doing real work. I’m not sure checking email is the problem. […]