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  • Shadows of Stories Unwritten

    This is a guest post by Chris Brogan of []. (Julien will be back tomorrow.) You have a finite amount of time on this planet. You have multitudes of ways to spend it. It’s up to you. Think about all the decisions you have to make. After you wake, you pee and wash up. It’s […]

  • The Hero’s Journey; or, Waiting To Be Saved

    When I was young I utterly worshipped Midnight Oil. They were a highly political, environmentally-conscious Australian band who wrote an 80s hit, Beds Are Burning, but who had done a lot of other records they aren’t as well known for. I learned about them around 1992 from my cousin, bought all their records, and listened […]

  • Making Yourself Unemployable

    I was at the bank today, dealing with a young, freshly-hired teller. It got me thinking about how my life could have been with just a few different turns. I used to find big, comfy jobs very seductive. I remember getting hired at Fido in 2002 and thinking “This is a big brand, a well-paying […]

  • You need tension

    If you want to change, create tension. Some people join the army to do this. I don’t know if it works for them. Thankfully there are other options. Place limits on yourself, even though you don’t need to. Break up your unhappy relationship, even if it’s comfortable. Stop talking, stop going out, or change your […]

  • I don’t wanna… I’m not used to it

    This really got me thinking. I was telling an acquaintance of mine who wanted to lose weight about how a bunch of us had made a lifestyle change, eating paleo and working out using Crossfit and MovNat principles. They were interested in it but their response struck me as odd. I realized that I’ve heard […]

  • Raise Your Hurdles

    Two things came together this weekend to get me thinking about direction. I’ll tell you the story, maybe it’ll work for you too. Last week, my friend Justin and I suggested we trade books for a month, so that I could get him thinking with mine and he could get me thinking with what he […]

  • Your Happiness Area Code

    There are three measures of success. If you follow them, you should have everything you want. The first of the three is direction. If you don’t know what your end goal is, no amount of grit or dedication will get you there. There is some guesswork involved in all of our lives, but if we […]

  • Hunting the Lion

    Hunt your prey until they collapse. This is the one true way. When you start on this quest you will be hungry and your opponents will be far. You’ll see them in the distance but they will seem untouchable. Don’t believe it. They will get comfortable and they will rest, but you will keep running. […]