Category: technical

  • Stray feed

    It appears that an old feed from this blog has been left orphaned– this one: Anyone know how to get it to update properly? Right now, it’s pointing at Feedburner, but Google Reader doesn’t seem to be able to update it.

  • Up to WordPress 2.0.7

    The Librivox blog was hacked this week, along with a number of other well known SEO sites. All of them were using old versions of WordPress, so I’ve updated to the newest version– it should have all the holes plugged up. Let me know if you see anything weird.

  • WordPress and my .htaccess file

    I need some serious help from someone with some technical knowledge. WordPress 2.0.3 (at least I assume it’s WordPress) seems to be regularly rewriting my .htaccess file. I do not want it to do this – I have custom stuff in there, and it has overwritten it numerous times. My question is why. Or at […]