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  • An Amazing Day

    Thank you. In the first day of release, The Impact Equation has received over 100 reviews, almost all of which are 5 stars. Thank you for your support, your attention, and your help in making a book like this succeed. Chris and I could not have done it without you. Beyond anything else, it really goes to […]

  • Why You Should Pre-Order the Impact Equation

    Ok, this post may be a mistake… but I’m going to publish it anyway. After 3 years of building, selling, writing, and editing, October 25th is the date when our next book, The Impact Equation, will be released. It was a behemoth endeavour as well as a labour of love, and now, with your permission, […]

  • Book

    The process of book writing is way different with a co-writer. First of all, it would be impossible without Google Docs. We simultaneously write into a document and edit each others’ work all the time. Some sections stay recognizable; others, not so much. Sentence structure changes. Jokes are added. Sections are moved. At the end, […]

  • What is the real price of free?

    The reality of publishing is extremely strange to me. Sometimes I’ll walk into a bookstore and consider whether I’ll want to buy something. I’ll sit there, and consider it for a while. What do the blurbs say? Does it look like it’s an easy read? Is it a bestseller? All these questions enter your head. […]

  • Trust Agents in Amazon’s 10 Best Business Books of 2009

    It’s so interesting. I try to discount the many reviews of the book Chris and I wrote (both positive and negative) because I think hype can really mess up your head. It’s always better not to read your own press; I do read it, I just try not to believe it. But this was an […]

  • Bring Trust Agents and Six Pix to You

    Chris, Mitch and I have been thinking about how we can bring our books to more audiences. We considered doing a tour– New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc, but those were cities we visited all the time anyway. We also remembered that a lot of you had asked if we could come see you locally, […]

  • The Big Secret

    So I have this problem with a few people in my life. (You don’t know them, and anyway, that’s beside the point.) I wrote about it in the book but I’ll reiterate it here, because it’s worth it. Reliability: It’s the big secret. I’ve made the joke before that, before looking for people to work […]

  • How To Get a Book Deal

    I was asked to do a last minute speech for my local Toastmasters group this week since there was a slot open. What I decided to tell them about in 5-7 minutes, was how to get a book deal. Here are the steps I outlined. They’re vague, but I think they nail it pretty well. […]

  • The Big Push

    So today is when it all begins. I’m sitting in the same breakfast place I sat in for the past year, writing the book, practically every day. Now, it’s finally available. It’s by far the longest single project we’ve worked on. To me, this is not a social media book. It’s a book about success, […]

  • 5 Books To Read Before Trust Agents

    So I was over at my family’s house yesterday, and decided to pass along the book we wrote to my dad. He was thinking about building a site and wanted my advice, so I figured we’d start there and see how it went. Over supper we started discussing a bunch of stuff and I started […]