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  • Holding Something Real

    Chris, Hugh and I were at Book Expo America over the weekend. While we were there, we saw the first copies of our book in actual real life. It was pretty awesome. There’s something incredible about working really hard for a really long time on a project, with little or no reward, and then finally […]

  • More on Trust Agents

    So, Trust Agents. Since Chris came out earlier today to write about what our book would be called, I figured I would add some of my comments. I won’t speak for Chris here, since he’ll probably go into detail on his own, but here’s what the phrase means to me. 1. Trust agents deal in […]

  • Funnels and Mr Brogan

    One of the interesting things about co-writing a book is that you look into someone else’s experiences, as well as your own. So I’ve been thinking about Chris Brogan a lot. (It’s weird, I know.) Anyway, remember the funnel? A long time ago, Seth Godin figured out that turning strangers into friends, then into customers, […]