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  • 19 Thoughts About Finding Your Purpose

    Those who win are producers, not consumers. The first thing you do each morning should be active, not passive– no Facebook, no email. Whatever you choose should put you in a state of mind for the rest of the day. Choose carefully. The goals others set for you are usually wrong. The people who give […]

  • 20 Things I Should Have Known at 20

    1. The world is trying to keep you stupid. From bank fees to interest rates to miracle diets, people who are not educated are easier to get money from and easier to lead. Educate yourself as much as possible for wealth, independence, and happiness. 2. Do not have faith in institutions to educate you. By […]

  • 100 Tips About Life, People, and Happiness

    1. True wisdom and insight is always free. 2. Give your power over to no one. 3. Going into the unknown is how you expand what is known. 4. Get a library card. 5. Spend more time around people that both challenge and respect you. 6. Remain skeptical forever. 7. Fight for what matters. 8. […]

  • Guts

    My entire life– my whole existence–this is probably the thing I have been searching for. Guts are composed of two parts: GUTS and GUT. Both are equally important to the whole. GUT is where you should start. Gut requires you to have instinct, and listen to it. When you need to know what to do, […]

  • The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck

    Ok, I have a confession to make. I have spent almost my whole life– 31 years–  caring far too much about offending people, worrying if I’m cool enough for them, or asking myself if they are judging me. I can’t take it anymore. It’s stupid, and it’s not good for my well being. It has made me […]

  • The Short and Sweet Guide to Being Fucking Awesome

    People will tell you that there are all kinds of yardsticks to measure progress. What they don’t say is that most of them are worthless. Money, career, fame… whatever. That’s all fine and good, but the bottom line is that there is one thing– just one– that really matters. Being fucking awesome. You can be […]

  • How to triple your Twitter traffic in 7 days

    This is an actual traffic graph for my website last week. Traffic in general increased by 439%. Traffic from Twitter increased by 10 times. I know it sounds like a line straight out of Cash4Gold, but it’s true. I used no special tricks. I did not pull any favours. I did the same amount of […]

  • Do Not Apologize

    You have no choice but to be yourself– so you can do it reluctantly, or proudly. Either apologize as you do it, or do it with all your heart and every faith in yourself you can muster. That’s the choice. In learning to do this, you might transition from being awkward and uncomfortable to strong […]

  • Protip: Your inactive blog makes you irrelevant

    If you aren’t current, you may as well not exist. This is my conclusion after reading Sylvain Carle recent post (in French, sorry) that tells me who inspires him in Montreal, the city I call my home. The gist is the following: Carle lists 21 people that inspire him, and I like him a lot, […]

  • How To Price Your Services

    What is your price point? We used to have very few options: work a job, start a company, be unemployed. Now there are a million options in between, especially on the web. Choosing where to price yourself will show people what you’re worth. I just bought Ev Bogue‘s The Art of Being Minimalist for $17. […]