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  • How to Reprogram Your Brain: 4 Paths to More Willpower in 2011

    What if there was blueprint to help you break bad habits? How would more willpower change you? What would you become capable of? Over the past few months, I’ve been talking with Todd Becker, who claims that willpower, eyesight, body weight, and more can be improved through hormesis– a normal biological reaction the body has to short, […]

  • How To Test Your Strength

    You may think you are strong, or that you have willpower. But do you, really? A few years back, I remember watching a bunch of old Survivor episodes. I would download them off iTunes, eventually watching all the old seasons. I remember thinking, like many viewers probably, “I could totally do that.” During this time, […]

  • We Are Soft

    I learned something at TEDxMcGill yesterday. Most of us do not go to Nicaragua and talk to people whose cities are run by gangs. Nor do we get on the Mississippi River in a raft and allow ourselves to drift for over 3 months in order to learn about what’s happening there. We do feel […]

  • How To Lose Weight, Quit Coffee, and Stop Wearing Glasses (Part 2)

    Part 2 of an interview with Todd Becker, of Getting Stronger. Don’t know what this is? Read Part 1 here. (Hint: It’s awesome.) Julien: Todd, welcome back! Since the last section of the interview we published, I’ve gotten comments from Twitter and on the blog where people have said “I’ve been doing exercises for a […]

  • The Sitcom Cringe

    Past glory may be uplifting, but failure is what makes you grow. I’m really proud of a talk I did in Victoria BC at Social Media Camp a few weeks ago. Re-watching the video is weird– there are good parts where I feel I was doing well, and bad parts where I was slower. Being […]

  • How To Lose Weight, Quit Coffee, and Stop Wearing Glasses (Part 1)

    Anyone that reads this website knows that I don’t do interviews. I like to keep this blog my own and, for the most part, I’m very selective about who I’ll give a forum to in this place. When I first was introduced to Getting Stronger, a great blog about hormesis, I knew an interview was […]

  • 3 tips to get past your blocks

    Do, or do not– you know how it goes. Right now, it’s 9am. I just finished my Crossfit workout for the day. A few months ago, I did not work out at 9 in the morning. Not a chance. But today I was diligently up at 6:45 because my New York trip prevents me from […]