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  • No One Cares If You Succeed or Fail: Why I Walked 500 Miles… Barefoot

    There are some lessons you can learn from the comfort of your couch— maybe watching a great video on Youtube or chatting with friends. But there are other lessons that come hard. Here is one of them. But first, some background. My girlfriend and I just walked 800 kilometers (500 miles) along the Camino de Santiago […]

  • Thinking about Cuba

    I just came back from a beautiful vacation in Havana, Cuba. Awesome city. Have you ever been to the developing world? It’s amazing how you can revert to a simpler time, technologically, and be totally fine within a few days. Your lifestyle adjusts. You can actually relax, if you let yourself. By the end of […]

  • Bring Trust Agents and Six Pix to You

    Chris, Mitch and I have been thinking about how we can bring our books to more audiences. We considered doing a tour– New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc, but those were cities we visited all the time anyway. We also remembered that a lot of you had asked if we could come see you locally, […]

  • Studying Zen

    So I was in Japan for a month. In a Zen temple, doing a lot of sitting meditation, and meeting a lot of people. My first real break from the internet, except for occasional email, in the past 10 years. The world didn’t collapse. It’s hard to discuss “what I got out of it” in […]

  • Soniat House

    My girlfriend and I have been staying at Soniat House, a small, 200-year-old hotel that’s featured in Patricia Schultz’ 1000 Places to See Before You Die. It’s expensive, but very nice. This morning, as we were leaving, I took a little video of the entrance. Take a look.

  • Going to New Orleans tomorrow

    Photo by Clayton Cubitt. Check out his great set of Katrina photographs.

  • Podcamp NYC: Change of plans

    Just booked a flight to NYC for the weekend. 950 people have signed up. I have to see it. Here’s a picture in case you’re looking for me this weekend:

  • 150 Episodes: Holy Crap

    How to subscribe. My 150th show, done from the balcony of a hotel room during SXSW 2007. The state and future of the web and of media personalities, my position within the structure, and where I hope to be. It all came out. This was a great show to do. [audio:] Direct download link

  • Finally, a break

    [audio:] Direct download link Done with South by South West for the day, I think– or at least long enough to take some downtime. In this brief audioblog I discuss Galacticast, Jet Set Show, Steve Garfield, and some other stuff I really don’t remember. I wish I could say that the first day has been […]

  • Three Lessons from Podcamp

    So I’m in San Francisco right now, chilling in a house we rented with Patrick and a certain girl. The next few days involve recording a podcast and general vacationing, getting together with some Podshow peeps and listeners to the show. Yesterday was Flickr’s 3rd anniversary party, which was super fun. The Podcamp Toronto thing […]