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  • Successful Social Tools

    This morning, I did six– count em– SIX radio interviews for the book. Here’s some stuff I kept reiterating, that I’ll say now for you, except I’ll expand on it, because you already get a lot of it. Humans don’t change. Only tools change. We’ve always trusted and liked the same kind of people + […]

  • Thanks For Telling Me (but I already knew)

    Is it just me, or are newspapers becoming kind of quaint? I was on the bus this morning looking over at the headline on one of those free dailies they hand out in subways. It said “Coup in Honduras!” I was like, well no shit. I found out about this while it was actually happening. […]

  • Apple flushing podcasting?

    I know this may seem like a conspiracy theory to you guys, but the other day we realized something at the office. The iTunes Store on the iPod Touch… well, it has no podcasting section. Anyway, after a bit of discussion, we kind of began wondering– is Apple flushing podcasting? I mean, they definitely don’t […]

  • Information R/evolution

    You see brilliance, I see a bottleneck. Mitch shows us this Information R/evolution video, from the people who made The Machine is Us/ing Us. He says it’s a “drop everything” video– but me, I see a loss of control. With increasing amounts of information, only larger infrastructures can handle indexing it– with where you’re being […]

  • Attention is Power

    If you’re irritated about the way influencers seem to be jumping from one web app to another, you aren’t alone. Dave Slusher just renounced ‘the search for the newer and shinier,’ and I suspect many others will follow after Facebook becomes passé. What Dave doesn’t realize is that it is in the nature of early […]

  • Podcasters are still slaves

    We may talk like revolutionaries, but we still worship our old masters at the end of the day. Prove this to yourself– next time you meet a podcaster, tell them your show is on the radio, and watch their stance on your work change dramatically. Being syndicated on Sirius changed my life, but not in […]

  • Facebook is shit

    Everybody’s sending me Facebook invites. I’m going straight to

  • 150 Episodes: Holy Crap

    How to subscribe. My 150th show, done from the balcony of a hotel room during SXSW 2007. The state and future of the web and of media personalities, my position within the structure, and where I hope to be. It all came out. This was a great show to do. [audio:] Direct download link

  • Twitter, yesterday,

    Twitter, yesterday, was the 653rd most visited site on the internet. Think about it. (Source: Alexa.)

  • If MySpace were a country (and other interesting facts)

    I recently had a shift in thinking, previous to which I would refuse to blog anything ‘big’– this, on the principle that my readers would previously find it elsewhere. No longer though. That said, here’s this awesome video I came across a second ago. By the time you rea this, it may be across 5-10 […]