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  • Tent

    Your opinion is totally irrelevant to reality. Reality isn’t aware of the fact that you don’t like Twitter. Reality does not care whether you understand the new technology that’s coming out. Technology– and life, for that matter– has a trajectory. Things are happening whether you like them or not. That’s why it’s best for you to […]

  • Tornado

    Problems, when far away, look terrifying. They look like they are going to destroy you, your business, your relationships, and everything else. No matter how often you encounter them, they will always provoke the same reaction. The same pattern you lived over the years before, that is the pattern you will live now. It’s human […]

  • Chase Jarvis LIVE

    T-minus two hours and I will be on my friend Chase Jarvis‘ great show, Chase Jarvis LIVE, along with My Goodness, talking about creativity, drive, and of course, not giving a fuck. Chase is a great host and always frank and cool with guests. Previous ones have included my doppelgänger Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferriss, and […]

  • Untitled Essay

    I know who I want to be. Do you? An important part of discovering / creating your own future is to find out, or plan, who you are going to become. This sounds kind of obvious– doesn’t everyone think about this?– but in reality, it isn’t often done. That’s because exerting your will on the […]

  • Missing the Subway

    People always talk about “missing the boat,” but I think differently. I think of opportunity as a series of subways, running through a station, one after the other. What station you are in doesn’t matter. You could be near or far, but that’s irrelevant. Where you start is just a matter of chance, and isn’t […]

  • Don’t Look Down

    (Submitted by Markus Almond, who sent me this cool book a while back and runs this thing.) Every successful person does something that absolutely terrifies them. Whether it’s public speaking or giving your boss a resignation letter, no one has ever made it to the other side without taking a stumbling leap of faith. But […]

  • All Subtlety is Lost

    I made this for the guys at KoPoint. It’s nice to be making this kind of content again occasionally. 🙂 “Louder is not the answer. More is not the answer. The important moments in life happen with your friends and by yourself. Nothing important won an Academy Award. If everything in life is getting louder, […]

  • Be the Hero of Your Own Story

    My friend Rog Law is a personal trainer who’s always giving good advice on his Facebook page. Here’s one from today I thought was great. Be the hero of your own story. Whatever mistakes you’ve made up until now are off the table – the only thing that matters from this point on is how […]

  • Wasted Opportunity

    Everyone knows something important, but getting it out of them is difficult. I’ve come across a bunch of people recently who are having professional or personal problems that others around them could solve. Yet, they don’t know how to ask those people. They don’t even know who to ask. Hell, I am one of those […]

  • What to do while you’re waiting on hold

    If you’re anything like me, you probably hate waiting on hold. Hell, if you’re really like me, you probably hate being on the phone altogether. This is particularly true when you’re dealing with customer service. So I’ve made it into a game, and that helps. Everybody knows that one of the best indicators of success is […]